Brandon McCarthy Scratched From Friday's Start

RHP Brandon McCarthy will not pitch in Friday’s Spring Training game against the Royals due to “shoulder soreness”.  The Rangers are hoping it isn’t serious, but they are not saying when he’ll be able to pitch again.  More on the website later.


Maybe we should have had 60 pitchers in camp. So is it Millwood, Padilla, Harrison, Coin Flip A, and Coin Flip B?

Feldman got rocked last time out
Benson is out (back)
McCarthy is out (shoulder) Looks like the slider experiment was ill advised.
Diamond got rocked last time out
Holland, Mathis…

Good thing they have an extra week of ST this year. A lot of work to be done in order to get ready and guys unable to pitch really doesn’t help.

Probably going to have to retract my statement from another post about how we at least have guys on the mound working.

Don’t take it back yet because it’s still early, Sean. Who can blame the Rangers for being cautious with this guy. Though I know it does sound like something we’ve heard before… If he doesn’t pitch next week, I’ll be right there with you on McCarthy.

As for Feldman, I think the Rangers are hoping for innings and something close to replacement-level production. If he can give the team 150 innings, even with the occasional bombing mixed in, I think that will be a successful season for him. Because…

we really need the incumbents and NRIs to provide the bridge (of time) to the young studs. I still have this idealistic notion that guys in the minors should force their way up – not get called up out of desperation to fill slots. I can only hope that this will soon be the norm instead of the exception.

Boy, I second the motion of the guy’s forcing their way in. I’m sure the plan was for the one year guys to contribute so the kids could get some higher level minors experience. Hopefully, it pans out to a respectrable season that sets the tone for 2010 and beyond.

I am always optimistic at this point plus I get to see for myself in a couple of weeks. Today’s pitching apears to have been better.

Forgot about Eyre, I thought we heard he was being held out but he threw a shutout inning today.

“We need two starters and two relievers.” That was before these guys started falling by the wayside. “Brandon McCarthy is farther along than Danks.” The market was down and the pitching was there for the taking. I would have signed Lowe and Garland for what $14 million combined? But hey we got Nolan and Maddux who are turning things around. There has to be some type of curse on pitchers on this team. DVD, DVD, anyone else remember? We kept the one we should have traded. The more the things change the more they stay the same.


Hey maybe Maddux and Ryan will suit up.

Patience….I would rather find out about injuries in Spring Training than to get my hopes up to start the season only to be dashed by the decimation of the staff in the first couple of months. I think we will see a couple of surprises at the end of spring. I am maintaining my optimism for now. D’god….No, none of us remember any of that. I don’t think I’ve have ever heard it mentioned before. What is DVD and who is Danks? And duh……..I thought in this baseball game that teams needed 5 starters and 5-6 relievers.
Now ole’ D’god, if what I wrote sounds incredibly stupid to you, then know how the rest of us feel as we wade through your………stuff.

I’m thinking of “Hoosiers” about now d’god. Remember when the team was being introduced at the pep rally? The crowd was upset because Jimmy Chitwood wasn’t with the team. The coach said “this is your team. I would hope you would support those who are here. They deserve your respect”…..or something like that. Pretty good idea I think. If not, I’m sure the White Sox and the Reds have blogs where you can fill everyone with your adoration of VD…

Cleverly worded, Sullivanian.

Ditto Anthony.
Ditto Sullivanian.

I like this kid we’re starting today (Hunter). While he’s probably not ready (at least based on what he showed us last year) he’s a good looking kid. He also keeps coming after them. Maybe a late season call up.

Hunter has success at 3 different pro levels last year. Pretty impressive regardless of how his first taste of major league action went. He’s not a high ceiling guy, but he’s as close as you’re going to get to a sure thing as far as being a servicable major league pitcher rather it’s as a back end of the rotation guy or a work horse swingman/middle relief type. He seemed to miss high in the zone last year while he was up and that’s not his game. He’s at his best when his fastball is low and he showed flashes of his above average curveball in his brief ML stint. His success will always be contingent on his command. I think Fred is right, though. Some time in the rotation at AAA will help him fine tune his game.

I agree with hefe’s comment on your post, Sullivanian. What the Rangers could use is cheer leaders, not snear leaders.

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