Benson scratched

Kris Benson was supposed to pitch against the Indians on Monday but has been scratched with tightness in his lower back. The Rangers aren’t sure when he’ll pitch again but they don’t expect it to be too long.

Josh Hamilton is not playing Monday. He has a strained achilles tendon but he should be back by Wednesday. He wanted to DH but manager Ron Washington said no. Eddie Guardado was also scratched from Monday’s game because of tightness in his lower back. He is day-to-day.


Ha, ha, ha, ha. Sign guys with history of injury issues and what do you get? Injured pitchers. Kinda sounds like that song, work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers, bony fingers. How many pitchers are we down now? Maybe i wasn’t around but does anyone else remember the Rangers saying that Arias hurt his shoulder when they converted him to center field? I don’t remember that being public knowledge that was how he got hurt. Now two years later we get the rest of the story……Only the Rangers would blow out a top prospects arm and not tell the truth or fail to disclose the full facts. This was before Andrus was acquired so why is he in center field. Now we are blowing out position prospects arms, i thought we reserved that for the pitching staff.

So negative d’god. It’s lower back pain that doesn’t appear to be an “injury”. So they’re being careful because of his past. There is nothing to lose with this signing.
Arias was tried in CF because we had a pretty formidible looking young infield of Blalock 3b, Young SS, Soriano 2b, and Tex 1b at the time. Remember the comparisons to the great 70’s Dodger infields? We had no prospects of a CF’er of the future, so they tried the very athletic Arias. Just because the injury happened during the experiment doesn’t mean the experiment caused the injury.
I’m just as frustrated about some past things as you, but at some point, we have to give them a chance to satisfy. If they don’t, we don’t need to rely on a minor league experiment to vent our frustration.
I like the direction this thing is going and I am ready to enjoy THIS team. If they lose 90-100 games, then off with JD’s head!!! If we see some improvement from last year and continued hope for the near future, give JD and Nolan Ryan their due credit for re-building this franchise.

“I don’t remember that being public knowledge that was how he got hurt. Now two years later we get the rest of the story……” – What a maroon. Your failing memory, inability to recall facts or general ignorance does not equal conspiracy. As far as the Benson thing, it’s just another thing for whiners to whine about. He’s an zero risk NRI. Every club in baseball has guys like him in camp. A few will actually reap benefits from them.

Webster’s defines and spells M O R O N. I was just saying i didn’t recall that about Arias being front and center. So Benson is pitching here free or is he being paid like the rest of us capitalists? I think they referred to Benson as being along the lines of Sidney Ponson. Does that mean he too will be released because he likes to drink beer? I think Ponson is still out there available maybe he has learned his lesson. This too could be another feel good story for the Rangers maybe Josh could help him. Maybe we could get him for $555,000.

Bugs Bunny defines ‘Maroon’ as synonymous with: Nimrod, Nincompoop, Numbskull. Benson is an NRI. His paycheck is inconsequent when put in the context of the big picture. If you have a logical, negative consequence of Benson being in Surprise then, let your fingers do the talking. If not, change the subject or disappear as usual, Elmer Fudd.

“Be vewy, vewy, quiet. We;re hunting Elners…’

–Bugs and Daffy

Whew!!! I thought I was the only one that immediately thought of Bugs Bunny. Thankfully, I’m not alone. Maybe you missed those thrilling days of Slam Bang Theatre and Cartoon Carnival when you were a kid d’god! However, your posts do sometimes have a “Looney Tunes” air about them.
M.O.R.O.N.—Makes Outrageous Rants Outtta Nothing? That might be how we on this blog define and spell it.

The fact that Benson is here and is evidently being talked about as one of the five starters says all that needs to be said……sad. I am just hoping to get on staff over there just in case Mr. Benson decides to cheat on his wife…….

I think i would be treated better by you guys if i was a 7 time relapser and had written a book about overcoming it….The Rangers wouldn’t like me though because i would want my money even Christian organizations like money…… What is it that Carlin said??? “The God that these Christians speak of is omnipotent, omnipresent and omnicient, all powerful, all present, all knowing, he just has problems with cash. He has to have all these so called prosperity doctrine preachers raise funds for him. So he must be a financially destitute God.” Not my words but Carlins, but it seems to be true…. Rhoden where are you? I do remember something along the lines and this is just from memory, “store not for yourselves treasure on earth, store for yourselves treasure in heaven……yet i see alot of these so called prosperity doctrine guys living the high life, yet no one does anything.

That’s what I thought. 2 different posts and not a single logical reason as to why bringing Kris Benson to camp as an NRI is a negative. Just more non baseball related screed. What happened to you breaking the case wide open on the “mystery” of Arias’ shoulder? As far as the 7 time relapser bit, you relapse up to 7 times a day on this blog. Steve Howe ain’t got nothin’ on you.

I am no respecter of censorship. It is exactly the kind of thing I have really fought all my life. But for the love of Mike, something has to happen to this guy D’god. Blogging is a juvenile event I admit but I take joy in it and following the Texas Rangers but lately I’ve been avoiding this blog. Couold any sensible person ask why? Anthony Morgan’s best advice has always been to ignore him. Hefe, Sullvanian, Briant (the Stork) and others have taken him on. Truthfully we spent more time disputing D’god’s rants than we have talking about Ranger prospects for a good year. We hear them…the rants…over and over again. Some of them are crass and hurtful. Today’s remark about Anna Benson is a good example. The consistent reference to Ron Washington as “ole wash” is another. Last year’s reference to Hispanics, yet another. Last year’s reference to Padilla one more rude and disgusting remark. Reason has to prevail…really it does. Either someone has to go (which is I suspect something no journalist will agree to) or some limitation has to be placed on posts. Please??

Fred, well put, but he pales in comparison to the free for all’s you can find elsewhere. Just take a look at any comments attached to any Fox article…I’ll read the articles and ignore the comments.

But on a Baseball note, it looks as though the spring is not being nice to starting pitching everywhere. Some big name and big dollars SP’s are gimping around, Santana, Penny, so maybe we should just see what the spring holds, some of our guys got shelled in first outings but at least they are on the mound working.

Harrison looked much better in his second start. I’m very much looking forward to seeing if he can take the next step to becoming a dependable starter. Madrigal is another I’m expecting good things from.

Yeah, Harrison didn’t have anywhere to go but up from that first start. The team needs him (and McCarthy) in a big way if it wants to realistically contend. I hope this isn’t asking too much…

I don’t think this team will contend, but it’s shouldn’t be too much to ask to get decent seasons out of 2 of the 3 younger guys at the back of the rotation. I like Harrison because of the resiliency he showed last season from his first 7 starts where he was a mess (ERA over 7, 1.822 WHIP, opponent batting average .322, more BB than K’s) to actually looking like a solid big leaguer in his last 8 when he got the ERA and WHIP down to respectable levels (4.31 and 1.375) held hitters to a more managable .284 avg and his BB/K rate looked great at 12/35. If he can give this club 180 innings with an ERA around 4.50, he’ll win ballgames. It’s the same sort of resiliency that Mad Dog showed, getting clobbered in one of the worst debuts in recent memory, but he rebounded and had a 3.28 ERA the rest of the way holding opponents to a .237 avg and posting a 1.23 WHIP. If he can post those numbers over a full season he’s a solid middle reliever. If he can improve his consistency he can be a back end of the bullpen guy sooner than later.

Keep avoiding it father fred….. Just what would you have them do to me?

I will limit it to zero father fred. I am done and don’t know how old you are, but you seem older than i am. I was just having fun on here. I grew up on the southside of Ft. Worth in a predominanty black and hispanic neighborhood. At this point, you don’t know me, you don’t know if i am black, white or green, so your inferences above are just ridiculuous. Calling Washington, ole wash means nothing, yet you have made it into something. So i am done here. So you can have your little enjoyment and live a life unencumbered with the reality of the world! The world is a harsh place and if you would venture out there, i think you will find it to be so. Yet you evidently want to give me power over you, by letting me write things that evidently are upsetting to you. So have your fun, i am gone.

And don’t say you aren’t for censorship. Any time someone attempts to control what someone says or writes well that is censorship. I don’t like it so it must be wrong. I am telling mommy…..

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