Cruz going to World Baseball Classic

Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz is going to the World Baseball Classic. He is expected to play right field for the Dominican Republic. He will leave March 1 and join the team in Florida for training camp.


At least Cruz is Dominican. A-Rod is born in the United States and should be playing for the U.S.A. Team. It is one thing for a Dominican to play for the team and another for a U.S. Citizen to play for a Dominican team. But hey as A-Rod says, he can get Steroids over the counter in the Dominican Republic. Same thing for Cat who is playing for Italy. Go live there if you love it so much, go play over there for Italian money. Go play in the Dominican League A-Rod where i am sure they will pay you 25 million plus to play baseball. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Good luck to Cruz and all the players for all the countries in the WBC.


D’god…I saw you wonder the other day where other blogers were and why they weren’t posting. Here’s some stats for you. On posts over the last 3 days….that would be 10 posts 5 were by you and 5 by other people.

Of 82 text lines written in those 10 posts, 66 were written by you….over the same subjects…over and over…ad ad naseum. Did it ever occur to you that if you were a little quieter perhaps others might have something to say about the CURRENT Rangers ?

Cruz and Catalanotto in the WBC, and Byrd/Boggs dealing with injuries = a lot of spring playing time for Julio Borbon.

I would sure like to see Cruz playing all spring with the Rangers proving that the month he spent on the big team at the end of last year was not a fluke. I guess he has the comfort of already being named a starting outfielder after one month of success in the majors. I dont want to see him displace guys who have taken advantage of their opportunities like Murphy and Byrd loose out to a guy like him who has had numerous shots and failed.

Fred, he’s not posting in the same way as others do, but excorcising his demons, with the rest of us cast in the role of the gadarine swine. Unfortunately, the aforementioned demons don’t go away, so perhaps he’s only excercing them. Mind you, as I’m not talking about baseball it could be said that I’m attempting to excorcise mine…..As hefe said, it’s cheaper than therapy!

Hey freddy, are you including my e-mails to TR and my stuff on the Yankee web site? What is the point? To me it is fruitless to sign in and write one sentence. A-Rod isn’t going to prison, but he is gonna be prosecuted. Hey let me try A-Rod’s defense, i was young and naive to believe in the well first amendment. Hey i remember that you were a retired college professor. IF that is the case and my experiences in college were that most of those professors were liberal in nature and espoused free thought. What happened to you? And the last time i checked i hadn’t paid anyone to break any federal laws, yet it appears you have a high opinion of the accidental, i didn’t know what i was taking and i was young and naive. When i was 25 i wasn’t that young and i darn sure wasn’t that naive. Neither was he. In my opinion he made himself out to be a fool and compounded his problems by admitting to drug trafficing or conspiracy to fund it. Yet he seems to be your hero. Lets get this straight so you will get it straight. You aren’t my father, i can do what i want, i haven’t broken any laws other than have an opinion. Here we go again, if you don’t like what i say then don’t come here. I don’t like what you say, don’t care if you attack me. Would it surprise you if i were possibly a plant and alter ego of TR?????????

Hey freddy, i think i might be OCD. Do you think that A-Rod’s cousin could get me what i need? Was that a short enough of a post and should i wait 3 to 5 days for my next one?????

d-god, I think you are getting a little sensitive here….have you been taking some of A-Rod’s stuff. I’ve heard that kind of stuff makes you a little cranky! :)

I am sure the guys that are getting to play for their home countries are honored but let’s hope thay all come back healthy. Be a shame to ruin a season for a two week show.

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