Day Four in the Sonora Desert…Weather Report

A word about the weather…


At the moment it is 48 degrees and sunny, heading for a high of 68. There is not a cloud in the sky. That’s at 9:30 a.m. here in the Mountain time zone, which will soon be Pacific time zone because Arizona doesn’t go with Daylight Savings Time.

Guess they don’t need extra hours in the summer in the desert.

Anyway, no rain in sight for the next ten days. Just sunshine, few clouds and temperatures in the 70’s and maybe an occasional 80. Nine of the next ten days are forecast for zero chance of precipitation. One day – Sunday – has a ten percent chance.

But there’s no drought to worry about. Unlike Central Texas, where it is pretty bad, or Australia, Arizona has had plenty of rain over the winter. Apparently all the reservoirs to the north are full.

There was some snow on the distant peaks when we first arrived but that’s all disappeared.



Please don’t take this the wrong, but here in Massachusetts were we are expected to get more snow overnight, I’m not feeling the “love” for you and your weather right now! :-)


Gee, here on the South China Coast we have high 60’s in Fahrenheit and an air pollution rating of 105. The smog is so thick I might as well smoke

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