Day 4 in the Sonora Desert…The Big Story


Big Story: Marlon Byrd did some sprints for the first time in camp and pronounced himself 75 percent healthy.

“Of course my 75 percent is better than everybody else’s 75 percent,” Byrd joked.

Byrd had microfracture surgery on his left knee in October and is still not at full strength. He still has plenty of time to get there but this is still one of the more intriguing issues early in camp. If Byrd takes longer than expected to recover from surgery, it could alter the Rangers outfield plans.

Lesson of the Day: Rangers hitters spent about 20-30 minutes each hitting off the curveball machine on the Nolan Ryan Field. Andruw Jones got a hold of one pitch and blasted it over the Batter’s Eye Fence in dead center field. It’s 400 feet to dead center on the Ryan Field and the Batter’s Eye is about 50 feet high or more.

First full-squad workout: The Rangers will have their first full-squad workout on Thursday, although Omar Vizquel and Jose Vallejo are the only two players not in camp yet. Vizquel is expected on Thursday for sure. Vallejo remains an unknown. Manager Ron Washington is planning to talk to his team but it won’t be a major speech.

“It will be short and to the point,” Washington said. “You can talk all day long but that’s not going to get it done. You have to get it done on the field.”

He said it:

“Everybody’s at fault. The man at the top says don’t blame me, that’s interesting. There is blame to be shared all around. The only way the game is to move forward is if we stop testing positive. Do that and the game will be clean.”

Shortstop Michael Young on basebal’s steroid problems.


I guess we will just have to wait and see what Jones can do and if Byrd can get his knee under him.

Would that be Rangers third baseman Mike Young? Don’t you think Young should be irked that his position has been given away to a 41 year old man who hasn’t even made it to camp yet? Make no mistake about it if Andrus stumbles then Young is still the third baseman and Vizquel is SS. Young shouldn’t be saying anything about A-Rod. A-Rod made Young a multi-millionaire when he was traded which left a huge hole at SS. If A-Rod is never dealt, then Young is still a second baseman and is probably making half of what he is now, if he is lucky. Wow Jones showed up in shape, not injured and has a chance to fulfill his ability, shocking. Jones is in his early thirties and has something to prove. Almost as shocking as you know who’s hey i stopped doing cocaine and i am fulfilling my God given ability. If they didn’t have the ability they wouldn’t be at this level. Almost as shocking as Millwood arrives in shape and pitches better, what a shocker. At least Byrd had the surgery in October, which leads me to this, if the Rangers knew this why give him $3 million +? Why give Blalock $6 million? That looks to be an overpayment. Boy did they overvalue Blalock. If he is on the open market does he even get $2 million? Hey Ron, your speech should be hey we have got to concentrate on getting off to a good start, or i am gonna be fired. If the Rangers are at least .500 in April and May then we have a chance. He should also say something along the lines of forget about those two starting pitchers and two bullpen pitchers i asked for, they aren’t coming. So hey we did nothing to improve our pitching staff but lets hope to not be last in the league this year. Can we really be any worse? And if we routinely go through 25 pitchers a year, shouldn’t we have more in camp just so we will know who they are when they show up in Arlington as one of the pitchers. Who would have ever thunk that a 25 man roster refers to the amount of pitchers you use?????? Are we just gonna release Cat or is there someone that will at least take 1/2 of his salary? Nippert to AAA as a starter and Madrigal to AAA as a reliever if Turnbow and Donnelly are healthy. Interesting. Will someone give us something for Brandon “blister”, Alfred E. Newman, McCarthy? Rumor has it that he is further along than J. Danks. Anyone else out there willing to trade a #1 draft pick pitcher for McCarthy? Doubtful…..

Bingo, Courtney where are you??????

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