Boggs has shoulder inflammation

Outfielder Brandon Boggs has some inflamation in his right shoulder. An MRI showed nothing more serious but Boggs did get an injection and will be limited for at least a few days. Boggs had some problems with a sore shoulder at the end of last season.


Did Boggs get a ste-ROD injection for that inflammation? If so, did his cousin import it from the Dominican. Did his cousin inject him? I should have went to college and this wouldn’t have happened. Nah, nothing wild and crazy ever happens in college. Didn’t A-Rod ever see Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds?????

The fact that Byrd is only 75% still and now this with Boggs’ shoulder problem apparently still lingering around somewhat makes me feel a little bit better about signing Andruw

Injection? Did someone say injection? You can’t say injection in baseball. Could we just say his shoulder was enhanced….no can’t say that either….how about treated with an invigorating LEGAL elixir by a licensed honest physician? Hmmmm? Please, no more injections. We’ve had enough visions of steroids and hairy gluteous maximus’ for a lifetime. Oh how I long for the plastic powdery “gum” from my old Topps baseball cards from Motts……..After 30+ years, some of them retain that unforgettable smell.

Guess what, Nostradamus, right again: Rumor has it that the Federal Government is interested in A-Rods confession that his cousin brought him steroids into the country. Reportedly the statement was that they since they were chasing Bonds who was chasing the home run record for Perjury it might look pretty good to get the games current best player for smuggling drugs. I am telling you this is a federal prosecutor’s dream, high profile case that puts them in a federal judge job. Again what was A-Fraud thinking? A-Rod call this phone # for some advice: First thing i tell you When they sit you down and you become the focus of a criminal investigation then remember the name Miranda and assert. For those out of the loop, that means you have the right to remain silent, anything you can and say can be used against you in a court of law. #2 when they get you on the stand, then it is on to the Constitution and remember the #5. This has nothing to do with Joltin Joe Dimaggio, it means, you don’t have to testify against yourself. You would think that someone who has over $400 million dollars would have better sense. Why confess to criminal acts? That’s my story and i am sticking to it….

What Baseball needs to do. Take charge of itself. You do this by retiring, firing or getting rid of “Bud” and hiring a true commissioner. This commissioner, then gets with the union and says you guys screwed the pooch and i want the names of the other 103 who tested positive. I want those names released to the public. Why? Because A-Rod isn’t Jesus and we need to widen this and remove the focus off him. I really don’t care for A-Rod, but it isn’t fair for him to share the full load. Baseball is supposed to be the strongest union, then why aren’t the other 103 coming forward and releasing their information to support their brother. The union should have the other 103 come forward and stand with A-Rod. By volunteering to come forward and saying i too did this, he wasn’t alone. If i am A-Rod i tell the union to stick it, especially since they are letting him twist in the wind…

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