Day Three in the Sonora Desert


Moment of the Day: The Alex Rodriguez press conference was on television in the Rangers clubhouse when Eddie Guardado turned it off. Said Guardado, “We don’t need to watch that.”

Arias joins workout: Infielder Joaquin Arias joined the workouts on Tuesday and said he’s able to make the throw from shortstop and third base. If so, he could contend for a utility infield spot. He has spent the past two seasons trying to come back from a shoulder injury and last year his lack of arm strength limited him to second base. He was once a standout defensive shorstop but he has since been passed by Elvis Andrus on the deoth chart.

Roll call: Everybody is in camp except infielders Omar Vizquel and Jose Vallejo. The first full-squad workout is not until Thursday but those are the only two missing. Vizquel is expected on time. Vallejo, coming from the Dominican Republic, was having trouble getting his wife’s travel done but is not expected to be more than a day late.

Lesson of the day: Pitchers worked with their catchers on locating wild pitches and passed balls. If the ball bounces toward the third base dugout, the pitcher yells, “three, three, three.” If it goes toward the first base dugout, the pitcher yells, “one, one, one.” Straight back? The pitcher yels “straight back, straight back.”

Not to difficult except Eddie Guardado yelled “three, three, three” on a ball toward the first base dugout and his catcher went the wrong way.

Said Guardado, “Too much Red Bull.”

He said it:

“Obviously, he was uncomfortable here. He never felt in a rhythm with the organization and what we were doing. Things didn’t start out on the right foot and stayed that way. This was the best result for him, a fresh start. From a fan’s perspective, I’d like to see if he can bounce back to his old form.”
Dodgers outfielder Andre Either on Andruw Jones.


Good for Eddie! Can I just have some of the heat from the Sonora Desert? Please?


Hmmm… If the pitcher yelled, “Two. two, two.” would that mean charge the mound?

Alex Roidriquez, i love it. But if you did listen to the news conference A-Rod was asked all of the questions that were listed in the U.S.A. Today as questions that the public wanted answered. Hopefully he is a reader. Lazy journalists, you gotta love it, they see those questions and go hey those are good questions, i will use them, i think that is kinding cheating . A-Rod admitted that he was young and dumb and should have went to college in Miami? Hey A-Rod the decision to play basebally was a good one you have already made what $400 million plus. Not too many college grads out there making that unless your name is Cuban. I wish this thing with A-Rod would go away but the more he opens his mouth the less i believe him. What he did admit to and i don’t know if he knows or cares, but it is a felony to pay someone to smuggle drugs, a controlled substance including steroids into the country. Ok he didn’t do it “my cousin” did it, i just paid him to. Wow! He justified it by saying in the Dominican Republic you can buy it over the counter without a prescription. Well in Mexico i can buy all of the controlled substances over the counter that i want without a prescription, but when i bring it across the border then that is a no, no. Look for the Feds to look into this people. Another thing he admitted to was using Rip Fuel, with Ephedrine while with Seattle, which has been banned by Baseball and modified by it’s manufacturer. He wasn’t violating the rules when he was taking it but, Ephedrine is a stimulant with chemical structure similar to Amphetamines and yes you guessed it, addictive properties. Which again i ask this question if i am the $400 Million dollar man, can i get a publicist that can help me? Who he is using right now just isn’t working, he stumbled with direct questions, i don’t know if i would have admitted to using if i hadn’t been confronted with the information. Truth: of course i wouldn’t i denied it in the past so what makes you think i would have told that is crazy. He probably could have won this in court and maintained his privacy due to this being medical records, but Baseball and the Yankees wanted him to go public and put it behind him. So i will give him credit for that. But he should be more of a man and say, hey i am a competitor, others were using and i saw what they were doing so i did it. I now realize that i harmed myself, my teammates, my family and my game. I am truly sorry for this and intend to give MR. Hicks that $75 Million back so the Rangers can buy some pitching….. To flaunt MR. Hooton out there and the fact that his son committed suicide is ridiculous.

But seriously, all the pitchers need to practice is fist pumping when they get the third out, and tipping their cap to the crowd to acknowledge applause. The rest follows naturally……

If they are gonna play Salty at catcher maybe they should say : close to where the last one went or 50ft behind you or not again…. The guy has way too many passed balls to be my catcher. Still think that A-Rod is using HGH and if he is so concerned with his image that he should offer to be tested as much as Josh is. When they confronted A-Rod with that he danced all around and failed to answer the question, maybe he should move to Washington D. C.????

Damned if D’god didn’t hit the crux of the whole PED issue in his last post right on the freakin’ head.

If players were subjected to the level of testing for PED’s that Josh endures for Performance DIMINISHING Drugs, the whole HGH and PED thing would be a complete non-issue.

Unfortunately, it ain’t quite that simple. Not only are new drugs continually being discovered (such slightly modified steroids), but delivery regimes can be modified to help evade detection.

As long as there’s a market for PEDs the chemists developing these drugs are going to remain out in front of the testers. You can’t test for a substance until you identify it first. They’re dealing with all sorts of masking agents as well. At this point, saving samples and catching offenders in hindsight appears to be the best recourse.

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