Andruw Jones is in the Sonora Desert

Andruw Jones is in the building. And looking slimmer than perhaps he did with the Dodgers last year.

Jones said he has lost 20 pounds. He said he understands that he has to prove himself and make the team. He loves Rudy Jaramillo.

Nelson Cruz is also here. And David Murphy. One thing…Marlon Byrd’s knee may be a bigger factor than people let on. This surgery was not just the ordinary cleanup.

But the story of this camp could end up being Andruw Jones, just like it was with Sammy Sosa.

Oh yes. Michael Young is in camp. He is playing third base today for the first time. The transition begins…

Now, back to Andruw Jones.



With Byrd’s knee worse than it was originally thought, that would make Jones the 4th outfielder (or the starting center fielder). Do you think that he can come in and produce some where near the numbers that Bradley did last year and be able to give Hamilton some protection in the lineup? Man, if that could happen, with Blalock hopefully getting hot and staying healthy, this could be an incredible lineup 1-8! I’m trying not to expect too much out of Andrus with the bat to start off.

Hey juice, who cares about the offense if we lose 9 to 8. It has and always will be about the pitching, something that the Rangers never have figured out. Josh is the messiah to Daniels because if it weren’t for Josh, Daniels would have been fired last year. In other words if Josh comes over and hits .220 and Volquez wins 17 games then boy Daniels is gone. Would this team be better off with Young, Danks, Volquez and Gonzalez? In my opinion yes, so who dealt those people? How much better would the farm system be?

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