Spring Training… Day 2

From the second day workout

Moment of the Day: Josh Hamilton was walking across left field toward the clubhouse when he took a line drive off the hip from Travis Metcalf. Hamilton flopped to the ground in mock pain and agony but was actually all right.

“My belt took the brunt of it,” Hamilton said. “Weak liner. He was supposed to go the opposite way.”

Pride is back: Country/Western legend Charley Pride is back in camp. Pride, who turns 71 in March, worked out with the Rangers for the first time on Monday. He’s been coming to Rangers camp now for something like 37 years.

“My legs are a little slow under me,” Pride said. “They aren’t what they used to be. It takes me a little longer to get where I was last year and the year before. But I’m still trucking along.”

Lesson of the Day: Rangers pitchers worked on rundowns between third and home. The idea was having a runner on third, infield in with less than two outs and getting a runner tagged out with just two throws.

“If you run it right, close the gap with the runner and give up the ball at the right time, you should be able to do it in two throws,” Washington said.

Roll call: Only eight position players have not yet worked out: infielders Michael Young, Omar Vizquel, Jose Vallejo and Joaquin Arias and outfielders Andruw Jones, Nelson Cruz, Frank Catalanotto and Julio Borbon.

He said it:

I realize this is not the beginning of the season or the All-Star break but yesterday was one of the most impressive displays of pitching I’ve seen in a long time.”

Former Rangers catcher Jim Sundberg


That’s kind of neat that Charley Pride comes to camp. And how many coaches/management types almost had a heart attack when Hamilton got hit?


We are going to get some pitcher injured with this non-sense of rundowns. Do you really want your pitcher involved in a rundown? Answer: No, too much risk of injury. In my humble opinion, the only thing the pitcher should be working on is covering first base and throwing strikes. If Guardado, Turnbow and Donnelly make the bullpen is this really a strength? We get three guys for our bullpen off minor league signings……I only go for that if Nippert goes to AAA and starts. I am like hefe, i want Madrigal in the bullpen unless Donnelly and Turnbow are healthy. Hey Jules, Pride wanted to go to the Red Sox back in the day, 37 years ago, but those things just weren’t done back then. But hey you guys opened it up a few years ago when you got that Black third Base coach, Demarlo Hale. I still would like to have Terry Francona back though, another Ranger coach. You seem to be un- informed. Pride was a minor league ball player who became a country music legend. He loves baseball though and was evidently a pretty good outfielder.

C’mon d’god! What do you want, pitchers who wear panties? They’re men. They’re baseball players. ALL of the fundamentals of the game are important for sound defense which, by the way, decreases a pitcher’s ERA. We have a couple of generations of sissies who run around afraid to get hurt. Usually, if one is afraid to get hurt, they are either ineffective because they don’t go full throttle, or they get themselves hurt. I want this team sharp on their fundamentals. I want to see a team where EVERYONE leaves it on the field each time they have the opportunity to step out there. That breeds a winning attitude and isn’t that what we all want to see? We’ve seen that with Michael Young and you want to trade him. Think man….think!
And, I believe Mr. Pride wanted to be an Angel until Gene Autrey suggested he make his career in music. Well followed advice. His music career has been much longer and he still gets to play baseball.
Keep talking Sunny. That’s just what I need to hear about our pitching! Sounds like a fire is burning in Surprise.

Um, did someone here not play baseball as a kid? Aren’t rundowns a basic drill regardless of position? So much of a basic drill they created a whole game for it, it’s called Pickle. I suppose Pepper should be banned for infielders since we don’t want any hand injuries. Fudamentals are called that for a reason.

Charlie Pride in camp is a tradtion and a very low impact distraction that has nothing to do with baseball dramas real, percieved or otherwise. I hope he is there every year he is able to come.

Josh is a ballplayer.

a better question would be who will we have to get through waivers if all three of these “minor league contract” guys make the team??

And a spot will likely need to be made for Vizquel and possibly A. Jones too.

Man it feels like we are about to get our pocket picked!!!

If anyone has insight on this please advise!!

I think the Ranger pitchers do wear panties. Nolan is trying to instill in them that going more than 5 innings is something they should strive for….. When is the last time we had a pitcher pitch a shutout or go nine innings. Maybe that is what they should be told you are a bunch of panty wastes. Have you people seen the type of collisions that happen at homeplate? There is a reason that the catcher wears all of that gear. Besides most of the time someone hits a ball it goes over the fence. How many rundowns is the pitcher really involved in? I played Baseball since i was 7 years old throughout High School and some college ball, so i know a little about it. I believe we should be working on covering first base and home plate when the ball gets past the catcher and there is a runner on third. These are the two most likely things that are gonna happen. So work on probabilities and situations. The Rangers never hit a cutoff man with a throw and don’t play fundamental baseball. When they start doing the little things like suicide squeezing, bunting and sacrificing runners then maybe i will believe we have turned the corner.

Hey, d’god, remember that old Monty Python sketch, “swanning around by numbers”? THAT’S what the Rangers should be practicing. Have a little FUN on the field!

Hey d’god. We agree on no more “5 and dives” but I think if you go back and look at last year we had more complete games thrown by a starter than in the previous 3 or 4. However, the starters still have some goals to reach in that area. Plus I think the number of outfield assists we had was better than the league average so we are hitting the cutoff a bit. And please cut the guys a break, they do play in the AL and the manufacured runs only get you so far in this league.

The reason catchers wear all of that gear is because some guy is fouling off fastballs at you. You know, the same reason the home plate umpire is wearing the same stuff… protection against collision isn’t exactly the primary reason. I’ve got scars from home plate collisions to show for where that tools of ignorance didn’t exactly help much.

Covering first is PIP, backing up home is part of that as well. The probablity of an opposing runner having a brainfart and overunnning third are signiificant so I’d say the boss is expecting the expected and training for it. Or at least using it as a productive diversion early in camp. Or at least a fundamentla somoneone is trying to reinforce…

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