From the Sonora Desert…Rotation likely set with Millwood in the lead

As far as Rangers manager Ron Washington is concerned, the rotation is pretty much set.

Kevin Millwod, Vicente Padilla, Scott Feldman, Matt Harrison and Brandon McCarthy.

Not necessarily in that order but Washington is leaning toward Millwood as his Opening Day starter.

Health obviously could change any of that. There is also no doubt that McCarthy is the least secure of those five after two years of injuries. But that’s Washington’s feelings as of today in the desert.


I’m still cautiously optimistic about McCarthy. I’m unguardedly optimistic about Harrison. I think he’s a long term winner.

Hey, i like Millwood and it appears that he is in pretty good physical shape. However, Padilla is the better pitcher and has earned the season opener start with his 14 wins last year that are um 5 more than Mr. Millwood. I believe Millwood is the kind of guy who does better when he is the 4th or 5th wheel in the rotation. That way he isn’t under a lot of pressure. Besides we have McCarthy who Daniels said was further along than Danks was when we acquired him? So if McCarthy stays healthy then accordingly he should have 14 + wins this year, “because he is further along than Danks.” This is the best staff we have had in years around here. Is Nippert going to AAA as a starter or is he making it as a reliever on MLB staff? If Donnelly and Turnbow appear to be ready who gets pushed off? I liked the way Gabbard pitched as a starter why not him is he too injury prone? If he is why are they putting him in the bullpen? Seems to me that is what has went wrong with this staff the failure of its starting pitchers to do there job pitch into the 7th inning thereby overusing the bullpen before the end of April. I like this team offensively but, again we are going to go as far as our starting pitching. The only way we can win those 90 games that Ham has said is if Millwood and Padilla both put two good seasons together 28 + wins combined. Do your job Millwood, get some mental toughness…..

I think that talk like this is way premature. Wash should have let camp play out a bit. Hopefully this is just a bit of a motivational gimmick to get the younger guys that are in the big league camp to try and take somebody’s spot.

How can they take a spot that isn’t open for competition? Millwood, Padilla and Harrison are assured. Harrison won 9 games second among starters. Feldman won his spot last year when he got the opportunity. McCarthy has to get one of the spots merely because of the fact that they want to show that they got something for Danks, which they didn’t. So i don’t see how you can say it is premature. If those 5 stay healthy then they are the starting 5. It isn’t McCarthy’s fault that he hasn’t stayed healthy, but he must show something this year. I for one am not for dealing him and watching him go and fullfill his ability somewhere else, that would just compound the problem. I want him to pitch well here and hopefully he will. But the fact still remains and i said it then and i say it again. You don’t trade your left handed #1 pitching prospect. No one and i mean no one else has or does such things they just aren’t that stupid. I fire Daniels for that deal and then trying to verbally justify it “McCarthy is further along than Danks.” DVD, DVD, DVD. Now we don’t even hear about Diamond and when you do it is he needs a third pitch and is better suited as a reliever…… Does anyone else use a first round pick on a reliever? No….. Just how old do you have to be to pitch in the major leagues for the Rangers? It sure seems that they have a lot of 26 to 28 year old pitchers in the minors. Just how much seasoning do you need before they are eligible for retirement? We are about to give a 20 year old the most important defensive position on the field and we can’t let our young pitchers pitch up here? I am not against Andrus, in fact i predicted it, but come on does a pitcher have to be 30 years old to pitch up here? Most of the thirty year olds that we sign have already pitched in the big leagues for years and have already blown their arms out….. IF you are listening Daniels, now is the time to re-visit the Dominican Felons issue. Mr. Obama will be a little more inclined to let them in, bet on it…..

D’God, are you agreeing with me or ??? It seems that at the end of your post you are articulating what I was alluding to. The young guys need to know that when somerone says it is a competition for a spot, it is just that, a competition. Beyond MIllwood and Padilla, this one should be wide open. let the best man win ( and the first two are only exempt based on contracts but there is the old saying about fishing or cutting bait.) Although, I believe the 2 guys at the front will have their best years as a Ranger this year.

I don’t think they can get Nippert back to AAA without losing him. Unless he has a good spring and makes the bullpen he’s likely done in Texas.

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