Rangers, Sheets deal nixed

Answers are emerging to what’s going on with Ben Sheets:



Basically…The Rangers had a two-year agreement with Sheets as of late last week but it fell apart because he’ll likely have surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow…The Rangers aren’t commenting on Sheets injury but general manager Jon Daniels admitted he is “not optimistic” about the right-hander coming to Texas.



Lots of late “pre-season” injuries & surgeries – like Mark Kotsay for the Red Sox.


Hey if they are going to re-sign Jennings for another 4 million then that is 8 million we have given him over two years, so what is the difference? Jennings i believe has the same type of injury that Sheets has, maybe they can cheer each other up. According to the story, it is no secret that the guy was and is hurt. Nevertheless we pursued an injured pitcher, long enough to where now most of the other good ones have signed elsewhere. Now we are standing pat. Again i say, over the past two years we have gone through 20 and 25 pitchers each year. I would have liked Lowe and/or Garland. Are we getting Kenny Rogers?

Again i say, what is the deal with these pitchers waiting until Spring Training to decide on surgery? Was Ben just hoping that he would get a huge contract? What is this guy thinking? All he had to do was go to Arbitration with the Brewers and he gets a raise, $11 to 12 million. Again, what was he thinking? Now he is a guy without a team, no contract, no money. If he in fact does have surgery, then in two years he might return.

Youth, d’god, youth! Don’t you remember your rants about getting rid of Millwood and Padilla and using only prospects? The mere suggestion of signing anyone to even a one year contract had you screaming that it proved the Rangers were not committed to rebuilding. Now you want to sign anyone and everyone. To you, d’god, the glass is neither half-full or half-empty. It is bone dry, broken, worthless and beyond repair. But I shouldn’t complain; every comedian needs a straight-jacket man. And I’d rather read(well, skim over actually..) your rants than the offerings to be found posted by the spotty adolescents that infest the DMN blog. So keep up the good (?) work!!

I’m glad there’ll be 3 spots open for young pitchers. It sucks that Hurley won’t be one of them, but I want those back 3 spots to go toward getting young pitchers acclimated to the bigs.

Harrison, Feldman, McCarthy. Wow! I like Harrison as a starter, Feldman as a bullpen pitcher and McCarthy back on the White Sox. Then who else? Is Feliz ready? Holland? I want the youth, you are right. I wanted Sheets if he was healthy. IF he wasn’t and evidently everyone knew he wasn’t then why pursue him? I would have taken Garland for 7 million. He isn’t that old and we have wanted him in the past. Let’s be truthful and honest people, who is the best pitcher that we have drafted and developed? Kenny Rogers hands down. Even though he is a nutcase, it would not surprise me if he signs here. I believe Millwood and Padilla will be traded at ASB if we struggle out of the gate. Baseball is a game of statistics. So here goes, Washington struggles out of the gate and is canned! I like Ron, but he has his tendencies.

TR, you definitely called that one. Makes you kind of wonder if Sheets and his agent were really bargaining in good faith.

It really is a shame that he was finally going to get his deal and an injury comes up. It is sad to see someone with so much talent be injured so often. Sheets is one of the best pitchers in baseball when he is healthy, which isn’t very often unfortunately. I really hope he can turn things around and get back on his feet.

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