Don't expect Sheets

Two weeks ago, free agent pitcher Ben Sheets and his agent, Casey Close, had dinner with the Rangers. Rangers owner Tom Hicks was at the dinner, which suggested things were getting serious.

sheets.jpgTwo weeks later, Sheets remains unsigned.

All signs points to him not being with the Rangers in 2008. It just doesn’t look like it will happen.

Hard evidence? None to offer. Logic? Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Spock and Barney Miller could figure out this one. Patrick Jane even.

There is no doubt that Sheets has physical issues. That part is obvious. How significant is not quite as obvious. But…

1. Some really really smart baseball people have refused to go anywhere near Sheets. Randy Wolf? Jon Garland? Brad Penny? Oliver Perez? Sorry. They aren’t in the same league as Sheets. Derek Lowe, Ryan Dempster and even A.J. Burnett aren’t either. Or Randy Johnson at this point. Yet the same general managers that pursued and signed those guys haven’t even glanced in Sheets directions. The physical part is significant.

2. Did the Rangers look? Yes. Sheets lives here and is from Louisana. He is also a No. 1 starter. That mandates the Rangers consider him. The Rangers also need pitching. That mandates Sheets being interested in them. It’s a perfect match. They had two weeks to get it done. Both have little in the way of alternatives. And it’s still not done.

3. The Rangers can’t afford him? Don’t go there. Budget? Economy? No. The owner of this team has been willing to commit when he feels it’s necessary. Millwood, Padilla, Zito, Kinsler, Young, amateur draft, international signings, ballpark improvement. Times are tough but Hicks would commit to Sheets if he felt the need. It’s obvious he doesn’t.

Something just doesn’t feel right. This just isn’t going to get done.





The medical reports must dictate that he’s not worth the risk of anything that’s not incentive based in the extreme and he and his agent aren’t willing to do that apparently. Probably for good reason. His elbow must not have healed in the offseason.

It seems like too many deals aren’t able to get down this off season. Lots of players could find themselves sitting out during Spring Training. Strange.


Thanks for sending me into a great depression TR

The fact that the Yankees — who’ve been spending like an east coast banker with a bailout money bonus — chose to sign AJ Burnett over Sheets seemed to me like a great big red flag about the extent of Sheets injury issues.

Maybe we could sign him on the condition that he takes a trip to Lourdes?

I thought he might have recovered enough to garner interest for the Rangers. Sometimes the mind wills it, but the body is not ready yet.

Maybe he can do a Freddy Garcia and take a few months and build himself up and find someone before the trade deadline who will need a solid arm with experience.

If not, he might be done for 2009……and beyond.

rays Renegade

Take this with a grain of salt from the person who thought that Adam Eaton could make a comeback, but, why don’t the Rangers try a different strategy. Offer Sheets a 3 year contract, say in the 15 million range with enough incentives possible to bring it to 18 mil. Assume the worst case scenario, that Ben spends 2009 rehabing or recovering from surgery. Then the final two years of the contract will give the Rangers an ace caliber pitcher at a still-reasonable price. If he is healthy, it will be a steal. I don’t think that Rangers fans are ready yet to write off 2009 as a year-long audition for the 2010 staff. Come on Nolan, this is a young guy with a huge upside potential. Speaking of Young…I’m pretty sure that Philly would be happy to trade Eaton for a case of maple bats.

And if his pitching career is over….? 15 million is fine, just as long as $14,900,000 of it is incentive.

I was a little leary of Sheets but if they didn`t get a contract we could live with I`m okay with that to.Lets give Nolan ,Greg & JD our support . I have already ordered my tickets. I look forward to seeing this group from start to finish this year. Roy

Just a little thing…I know you meant to say Sheets won’t be with the Rangers in 2009, but it says 2008 above. Easy slip.

I agree with things EMC and Roy said. Maybe it’s best to just stop wishing and start focusing on the players that ARE ready to put on a Rangers uniform.

– Micah

Ha, ha. The owner has committed when he has felt it was necessary. That is the issue. When he thinks it is necessary and when his fans think it is well are diametrically opposed. Did he feel it was necessary to pay that $400,000 for Zito when we drafted him? Did he feel it was necessary to commit to Pudge, the best overall catcher at the time? Did he feel it was necessary to commit to Doug Melvin. Did he feel it was necessary to trade Gonzalez and Young for nothing? Did he feel it was necessary to give Soriano away? Of course he did he was in favor of that thought it was necessary to commit. Hicks and his financial flexibility is killing us. Well Ok so the guy is hurt and everyone knew it. No one wanted to touch him as is mentioned above. Then why not go out and get Garland when we had the chance? He is a sinkerball pitcher who we have coveted in the past. Now it is too late. Is Rogers lurking? Standing pat with a history of going though 20 to 25 pitchers per year well just isn’t necessary. Who are the 25 that we are going to go through this year. It is all about the pitching and there was alot of it out there and it was affordable on 1 year deals. To not take advantage of that just makes me sick and angry. Almost as bad when i watch our former pitching prospects develop as stars on other teams.

Less than a week ago, d’god, you said that you weren’t going to keep revisiting the past. Any other New Year resolutions gone the way of that one?

Those who fail to re-visit the past are doomed to review it. Shakespeare, i believe.

Those who think dgod is not completely full of *bleep* are fooling themselves. – hefe300. Congratulations for turning over a new leaf for 5 days. It casts a new, hyprocritical light on all your once-a-junky-always-a-junky-but-I’m-glad-Hamilton-is-here-the-Rangers-don’t-care-about-junkies-who-can’t-play-ball rants. Leopards don’t change their spots. Weak leopards, anyway. Good think Josh is a strong strong man.

“Those who fail to learn from (remember) the past are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill (George Santayana).Take your pick which. But definitely not Shakespear.

I know anthony, i was joking. But lets settle this. Here is the my point that maybe i am not conveying. “We need two starters and two relievers.” There words not mine. Well what did they do to acquire those players through trade or free-agency? Scouring the waiver wire as always, looking for bargain deals. Well i am sorry, if my memory serves me correctly the only pitcher that i have seen them hit on doing this was Carlos Almanzar and well they overworked and blew his arm out. So that don’t work out too well historically. In the past two years we have used 45 pitchers, last year we were last in ERA and had probably the worst pitching staff period end of story. I believe Feliz and Holland will be studs, but are probably 2 years away realistically. So what do we do in the mean time? Lose that is what. So we are perpetually looking at a good offensive club, with no pitching staff, no staff ace and no one in the near future to fill that. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen in a couple of years.

” Scouring the waiver wire as always, looking for bargain deals. Well i am sorry, if my memory serves me correctly the only pitcher that i have seen them hit on doing this was Carlos Almanzar” – You should be sorry. Once again you have a very selective memory, biased toward the negative. Almanzar, just like the other NRI’s we’ve signed this offseason, weren’t waiver claims. They were simply free agent reclamation projects and there has been some success with those guys in the past, especailly out of the bullpen.

Guardado (’08)
Ponson (’08)
Gagne (’07)
Wright (’07)
Bauer (’06)
Mahay (’03-07)
Shouse (03-’06)
Wasdin (’05)
Brocail (’04)

It seems to me that we get a solid performance out of 2 or more of these types of guys every season going back 5 years.

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Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end?
I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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