Guardado signs

The Rangers have announced the signing of Eddie Guardado. They are also bringing in right-handed reliever Bryan Corey to Minor League camp.


T.R. – I have read a lot of blogs around the blogosphere recently that have been bashing the Rangers. What do you think their chances are for this upcoming season?


Good to have Eddie back on board! Nice if he were joined by a healthy Sheets, but there’s the rub. Sign him by all means, but not if the contract isn’t very, very incentive laden. All those now clamoring for him will be among those demanding JD’s head if he’s signed and promptly goes on the DL. (And julia, if you take any notice of the blogosphere, then more fool you. Take note only of what I say…. look deeply into my eyes…you are feeling sleepy… the Rangers will win the pennant this year…. Snap!!)

Reportedly Eddie got a deal with a limit on where he can be traded. Evidently he did not like getting sent back to Minnesota. Maybe next time we trade him we can get something better than ground beef, i mean Hamburger. If we really are concerned about Sheets medical history, then why didn’t we sign Garland instead? Translation, we are concerned about him at this price. If we can get him at this price then we aren’t that concerned. It is looking like Sheets may have to settle for a one year deal. We gave Jennings 4 million last year. If i were Sheets, i would sign an incentive laden deal with the Brewers for 1 year, then go out pitch my rear off, stay healthy and go for the big contract next year. At what price do the Brewers get back into the picture? Just what is the acceptable level of money that we want to pay and think we can deal with, $4 million? If we gave Jennings $4 million last year and he bombed then why can’t we put another 5 millon with that and sign Sheets? What is the hold up two year deal, money or both?

Fair enough comment,d’god, but don’t forget that “Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.” If you discount the Yankees, who are throwing money around like they are printing the stuff, this a very, very slow free-agent market. And with good reason. Boras is clearly trying to keep free agent money at its present levels, but too many owners/GMs are worried that income will fall over the next few years. I know the Rangers forked out 4 million for Jennings last year (and wished they hadn’t!) but to say “why can’t we put another 5 million with that and sign Sheets?” ignores not only the Sheet’s medical conundrum, but also the fact that this year is financially a whole new ballgame. (To coin a phrase…)

Congrats on being #5 on the latest Pro-Blogger Leader’s List!


I am glad to see Eddie back. With him,frank & CJ we have pretty good late inning guys. I still like Vince,Kevin,Harrison , McCarthy & Feldman if they dont sign Sheets. If you have to fill some innings Nippert ,Gabbart , Diamond or Rupe. Thanks again for info Roy Mercer

Anthony…you crack me up. Do you sharpen your rapier wit by teaching Shakespere to young minds or by eating backcountry roo? Keep up the good posts!

And I echo “Welcome back Eddie”

It would be great if his old shoulder held up for another season. I’m sure not throwing anything harder than 88 mph will help that. If they got him to agree to mostly incentive based money then that would be awesome. Eddie’s a great competitor and awesome mentor to the young guys in addition to being a valuable, late inning lefty.

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