Benoit has shoulder surgery

The Rangers have lost reliever Joaquin Benoit to shoulder surgery. He had a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. He may be back in the second half of the season but it doesn't look good.


How do you think that will impact the team?


Sounds familiar. First Hurley and now Benoit. Who’s next?

Maybe all pitchers that coach Connor came in contact with should be thoroughly checkd out…

Time to bring back Eddie Guardado.

Both Hurley and Benoit had arm injuries last year. Did the rotator cuff become a problem just now or were they trying to rehab it? Seems ridiculous that these guys didn’t have surgery last year during the season or at least after it. These athletes have the best medical care available and they wait. Time for Jamey Wright and others. We do this every year and we don’t learn. Garland just signed for $7 million, surely we could have gotten him for that. 106-89 10th selection overall, there for the taking. Ridiculous. Maybe Sheets signs now. Turnbow better be healthy. “We need two starters and two relievers.” How many do we need now? Can Rogers be had for the right price?

I’m with you dgod, Seems Garland’s upside is better than Jenning’s was last year and we gave hime a similar deal. I wonder if there’s more to the Jamey Wright story? Why wouldn’t we have made this guy an offer? Maybe the Ranger brass figured we had already “Zimmerman’ed” him last year.

Oh well, at least the games will be quicker this year without Benoit and his 45 second pre-delivery period.

WTF! Why isn’t this crap taken care of in OCTOBER!

Much to my chagrin I find myself agreeing with D’god. If you are hurt why not have surgery during the early offseason???? Come on guys…this is very poor planning. If they were hurt after the season what were they doing??? I don’t like this at all and once again I expect more from a Nolan Ryan controlled team.

Maybe in addition to Monday Morning Manager, TR should start an entry called Off-season Orthopedist since that seems to be a consensus of expertise around here. That way all these ameteur surgeons can tell experts like Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Lewis Yocum where they’re going wrong, who requires surgery and who doesn’t etc. I’m not sure how we can get the medical records posted here without violating HIPAA, though. Maybe some of our learned scholars are also authorities on patient privacy.

Thanks for the support, as always the bossman well is the bossman. I think we should just perform rotator cuff surgery on all of our pitchers have them sit out for two years, then in 2011, we will have everybody ready for our title run….. Lets start laying bets on who goes out next before we even start. I will take the over and under on McCarthy. Surely he will get a blister when he grabs a baseball. Maddox has plan for pitchers ????? When is that going into effect? We are worried about Sheets being injured when we don’t take care and manage our injured. It is looking like that “nut” Wilson, the only one that took matters into his own hand and had surgery, against the wishes of the team is going to be ready for this season. Is that what is going on here? You have certain pitchers that are trying to do what the organization wants, pitch through the problem only to go on to further injury??? Hey pitchers you have got to take care of that arm, if it is done, you are done. The Rangers will drop you like a hot potato, if you hurt yourself…. Sheets just may be the most healthy guy on our staff if we sign him before the Brewers get to him. I am going to implode if we don’t get that guy.

I guess the question for hefe is when did we know that he had the torn rotator cuff? We knew there was a problem last season, then why didn’t we find out specifically then? Why wait 4 months? That is 4 months that could have been spent speeding up the healing process. I just noticed the “Built for Fun.” Is that really what this all is entertainment. In my book, and i teach this to my 8 year olds and they even know it. We are here to have fun, but the goal is to win. Winning is Fun. If we don’t win, we deal with the adversity, but the next time we go out there, you play the game to win. Winning=Fun, so if the Rangers mean that then ok we are built for fun. If you mean it in an entertainment sense, a way to bring people out to spend $12.00 to park and $6.50 for beer then i am not on board. Far too often this has been the case. How about this one Built to Win!!!!!! I believe Sheets is a fun guy and is definitely built to win…..

hefe, it’s not that anyone is trying to diagnose injuries. I think the timing is in question here. Hurley was hurt last summer. What has been going on for the past few months? It was only a couple of weeks ago when JD announced Hurley was a legitmate contender for a spot in the rotation this season. Now Benoit, who pitched hurt for most of the year and was shut down early at the end of the season if my memory is correct. Once again, what has been going on the past few months? Maybe there is a reasonable explaination for the timing but we sure haven’t heard it. In my mind, either the Rangers brass knew there were potential problems and hoped they would go away, or they are completely out of touch with the condition of their players. If they knew, it’s even more frustrating that they have been inactive in obtaining some “insurance” in signing a pitcher or two. If they had no idea this was happening, then I think someone in the organization has dropped the ball. The stakes for the organization alone are too high for them to not know everything that is going on that affects their employees’ ability to perform the job they are paid to do. So, is there a reasonable explaination or is this organization still jinxed by its own continued bumbling? Or, maybe they believe the hard core fans will continue to accept mediocrity and Mr. Hicks will continue to make his money regardless of what kind of product takes the field. We needed pitching at the end of last season. According to my scorecard, we have subtracted 3 in Wright, Hurley, and Benoit. We have only added Turnbow. If he is healthy, the Rangers are still at minus 2 in pitching. I guess we can all hope for a surprise in Surprise. I would cross my fingers for that, but I’m afraid my love for the Rangers would only cause me to tear my rotator cuff, bring up a blister, or strain some forearm muscle.

Just a little sarcasm, sullvanian, and that, unlike rotator cuff tears, never hurt anybody. I don’t know a lot about this process and I’m not going to pretend to, but the “completely out of touch with the condition of the players” theory goes against common sense considering how much time/money the club has invested in these guys as well as how pitching starved the franchise is.

My best guess is that for orthopedists like Yokum and Andrews, a conservative approach at the outset of shoulder trouble is the standard, prefering rest/rehab to surgery in order to alleviate symptoms. There doesn’t seem to be a high rate of success with this approach, but shoulder surgery for a pitcher is extremely risky. An MRI can only tell you so much. If a month (or two) of not throwing fixes the problem, then great, but if you opperate on the shoulder you’re looking at 6 months as the bare minimum but more likely a year before return to action and months or even another full year before that pitcher ever returns to full strength IF that ever happens. Tommy John (elbow) surgery has a realtively high rate of success with an 12-24 month recovery time. Rotator cuff/labrum surgery is much, much more of a gamble.

I’d put Benoit’s timetable for return like this: six months would be a best case scenario to the extreme. Look at Mark Mulder, who the Rangers and others were interested in after he had shoulder surgery toward the end of the ’06 season. He got a 2 year 13 million dollar deal from St. Louis (and comparable offers from Texas and Cleveland) on the hopes he’d be ready for the second half of ’07 and all of ’08. Three teams were comfortable making him a large multi year offer based on his post surgery medical reprots. He threw less than 15 innings in those 2 years combined. So, looking at Benoit’s situation and saying that if he’d had surgery at the end of last season that he’d be ready to go for this season is highly speculative to say the least.

The Hurley situation just sucks. He looked like a good, homegrown kid ready to contribute, but it’s hard to say that the rest/rehab approach wasn’t at least worth a shot before you subject him to surgery that’s going to keep him out at least an entire season. The good news is he’s only 23 and could be back as soon as 2010.

Nolan Ryan’s comments about our young pitchers learning to “pitch through pain” make me cringe, though. I hope this doesn’t keep happening to our top guys.

Conservative approach?????? Maybe from the doctors not the brass, the admin…..David Clyde, Len Barker, Jerry Don Gleaton, Bobby Witt among others. We have always rushed the pitching prospects. I want us to get Sheets, and let Feliz and Holland sizzle for awhile in AA to AAA. If they dominate there then bring them up to the big league club. Watch them struggle, help them through it then hopefully they come out on the other side, well like Danks did last year, or Volquez did, of Galarraga. The biggest mistake we make is a lack of patience with our young pitchers. If we would have been patient with Danks, Volquez and Gallarraga where would this team be? Where would we be sitting? I know, i know, we have heard it before. Danks is an ace, Volquez is pretty darn close to being one. If Hamilton falls off the face of the earth and Volquez wins 18 more games this year is it still a good deal? The way i look at it is Cincinnati has two pitchers that used to be our property and would fit pretty well on this staff: Volquez and Cordero, you never ever, never ever trade young pitchers even if it turns out to be a feel good story……

Way to add to the discussion at hand, d. You are truly the master of the repetative, rambling non sequitor.

What does Cincinnati have to do with anything? We got value for one player, who the NL caught up to in the latter 2/3 of the season and the other signed a free agent deal. It was smart to dump Cordero when we did. He couldn’t pitch here anyway.

You’ve got to let that old stuff go at some point, cheif. The current front office had nothing to do with that and it has no bearing on the current club unless it’s one of your many delusions that Clyde would still be here contributing in his mid 50’s if only JD and rushed him to the big leagues. Pathetic.

dgod let me put it this way with the volquez trade would you rather have somebody that plays everyday or every five days and in that case i’ll take hamilton. we also needed a centerfielder the reason for the trade.

Why so angry hefe? I believe Daniels has learned, but it was a hard lesson, Young, Danks, Volquez and Gallarraga. All of those are at his feet and those are just the pitching ones. Why didn’t he just study our history and learn from what our other previous knucklehead GM and Owners have done? Those who fail to study the past are doomed to repeat it or something like that. Now custom10, I love Josh and know he is “christlike” in so many ways. If you study the life of Christ you will see that even he didn’t get the type of treatment Josh is receiving, but that is another story. Firstoff, i think that probably within the next year or so, that Josh won’t be playing CF, he will probably be moved to RF to make way for Borbon or Gholson or someone else. There is alot of ground to cover out there in CF and the primary reason he wore down. The only reason Daniels still has a job is the acquisiton of Hamilton and his feel good story. Josh gives us hope, that if he can turn his life around maybe the rest of us wretched souls can do the same. The truth is those people that possess skills, abilities and gifts that the average person just don’t, have always been afforded those second, third, fourth, and fifth chances that the rest of us just will not get. How many chances did Josh get, Steve Howe, Pacman, Irvin, Ray Lewis, Mickey Rourke on and on i go and why? Because they had a chance to help a team win games, act, paint, or perform at a level that you or i couldn’t. I am not saying that is bad and i hope everyone turns their lives around and become productive citizens. The bottom line is the Rangers will milk this and support Josh for as long as he is productive and puts butts in the seats. However, you don’t see them down at the night shelter or Cenikor raising funds or helping people get off drugs. Why? Because they don’t think their are any ballplayers down there, they don’t get anything out of it. So if they are so bent on this “feelgood story” then why not go down there and help someone else get off drugs? Is it only a “feelgood story” because the guy fullfilled his talent set?

hefe wasn’t displaying anger, d’god. Just frustration at your irrational boneheadedness. (Not sure if that’s a word, but it sure fits…) ” The biggest mistake we make is lack of patience with our young pitchers”. Is this the same d’god that all of last year was screaming for an entire rotation of prospects? Every so often your brain seems to take a left turn or something. I’m not sure that you even realise that your opinions – sorry, absolute certainties – take a totally different direction every so often. Quo vadis, d’god?

Anthony, anthony, my anthony, my boy. The patience i am referring to is not the patience of not letting them play, but having the patience to not TRADE them. Most all young pitchers struggle probably more so than the everyday players do. I want those guys out there on the mound, but who is up next Feliz and Holland? Feliz has electric stuff, but when he comes up and struggles don’t shuttle him up and down and then trade him. Danks struggled, Volquez struggled the first time he was up, the last time he was up he looked like something clicked for him. What did they say about him, he is a back of the rotation type of guy. Well he looks like the front of the rotation type of guy to me, because the Reds exercised patience. Of course i could say use the other form of patience as in the Rangers pitching staff looks like a bunch of Patients to me as in medical ones, blown rotator cuffs, elbow strains, blisters and this before the start of spring training. “We need two starting pitchers and two relievers.” There words not mine. Just what have we done to address that? Do we think that McCarthy is someone we can count on? We traded three pitchers for him? What a joke. Oh i forgot, McCarthy was further along than Danks. Ha Ha Ha. I will get over it one day hefe. Maybe that is the problem over there they don’t remember, they forget. All they had to do was remember these names, Righetti, Darling, Nen, Henke, but know we have a new generation Davis, Young, Danks, Duchsherer, Demptster, Volquez, Gallarraga, maybe i have tried to forget but i keep hearing on the tv, a former ranger pitcher wins 18 games, he is a former top prospect for the rangers, formerly ranger property on an on. I got to stop watching MLB…….I used to be a straight thinker but i burned my mind up wishing for the Rangers to care about winning but it just hasn’t happened.

Anthony’s right. I’m not angry at at all. I just find it odd (maybe I shouldn’t after all these years) that here’s an intelligent disussion going on about how this club decides when a pitcher will have surgery vs. rehab, a converastion you yourself started, then here you come back with all the same, repetitious takes you’ve been spouting for years now over and over that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

You never add anything original, save the foolish predictions, just the same old rants ad nauseum. So, you didn’t have anything to add to the surgery topic. Did you think someone forgot the Danks/McCarthy trade because you hadn’t lamented it in a few hours?

The only explanation is that you’re a troll looking to elicit some response to satisfy a need not met in your real life. Good luck with that. You’re a real winner. Tell us some more about Dave Righetti. Tell us some more about how we need to trade the veterans, go with young talent, but not rush the young talent………and sing Ben Sheets a veteran. Or, the devestating Cordero trade, another of your gems.

Again, not angry, just sort of sickly amused.

“I used to be a straight thinker…”. ’nuff said.

“…..not the patience of not letting them play….” Bulldust, d’god. You even named an all prospect rotation,(when pressed to do so) with the caviat that you wouldn’t let any of them lose more than 20 games. Are you aware of what you post, or are you in a trance, with your fingers working autonomously?

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