Vizquel signs

The Rangers have agreed to terms with infielder Omar Vizquel. He will come to camp as a candidate to be the utility infielder… More on the website


The Hot Stove gets hotter!


This move has pretty obviuous motiviations, it’s a good deal, virtually no risk and the chance for Andrus to have Mike and Omar on the same team as mentors is worth every penny of those crazy baseball dollars. And the insurance policy side of it ain’t bad either…

So if Andrus struggles in spring training, then Young stays at third, and Vizquel starts? So TR, how can you get on here and defend Young’s range at short? Looks like to me that even his own organization doesn’t believe that he has the range necessary to play the position. The Ranger organization believes a 42 year old has better range than Mike Young does. Ha Ha. It just goes to show you that Gold Glove Awards are meaningless, popularity contests. Does anyone on here really think that Michael Young was the best defensive shortstop in the AL last year? The bottom line is he couldn’t get to a lot of balls and they went down as hits. If he wasn’t positioned perfectly then he didn’t get to the grounder that a lot of other shortstops get to and make plays, outs in other words. I love Mike, think he should play second and Kinsler should play third. I hope that Mike gets dealt to the Dodgers where he will play second. With Kent retiring hopefully they will give us some pitching for him.

Still think the coaches should coach and mentor, not the players. Did they ask Andrus, who is your favorite player and he replied Vizquel. So if Andrus doesn’t make a smooth transition, which i think he will Vizzy starts at short and Young plays third. Ha Ha. This one has Harts fingerprints all over it. Why is he still on the payroll. Seems like Hicks could get rid of Hart and spend that money on some pitching. I saw Hart on MLB.Com the other night representing the Rangers. Still think what he and others did to Fuson was wrong…..

Hey Meluse signs. Does this mean Salty is being dealt somewhere for Greinke or maybe Bucholz? I am all for it.
Still think Teagarden is a better overall catcher than Salty. Still think Ramirez is too. I love tea, but ram is a tough ball player. Still think he is the right handed bat that we are missing. Still think Sheets is the pitcher we need. Still think Garland and Rogers could be too. Beware, beware, Rogers is lurking and don’t be surprised if he signs here.

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