Hurley out for season

Eric Hurley underwent surgery on Wednesday to repair his right rotator cuff. He will be out for the season. Hurley missed the second half of last season with a shoulder injury and it never recovered. Surgery was recommended and performed on Wednesday by Dr. Keith Meister.


I hope he is well soon and will be ready to play next year.


I am starting to believe that there is a curse on the Rangers.



Double ouch. I kinda thought like TR that he was set to have a break out season. Best of luck Mr. Hurley.

Need we say anymore??? Every freaking year we break records on the # of pitchers that we use in a season. What was it last year 25? What was it the year before? 20 to 25. There is no need to panic, but the fact still remain injuries happen and we never have enough pitching. The goal was to add two starters and two relievers, there statements not mine. With the way the market is right now, there is no excuse not to go get Garland and Sheets, maybe Rogers. I am tired of Hicks penny pinching bite the bullet and pay for some pitchers. If you don’t Ron is going to be the one who pays for it with his job. IF you get the pitching and then you struggle then you trade Millwood and Padilla at ASB. Ridiculous. Hurley should have been evaluated last year, had surgery and then he would be 4 months ahead of schedule. Sadly this puts McCarthy in the rotation, unless he gets hurt. Danks seems to be doing fine up in White Sox land. It just makes me sick and angry everytime i see him pitch. DVD, DVD, DVD. Anyone else remember? Who the h e l l trades their # 1 pitchers as we do? No one, thats who. Does everyone else see how hard it is for us to get Bucholz from Boston? He is a top prospect. Thats why they compete for titles they are smart and we well just haven’t been…..

Thanks for info. Contrary to poster who bash everything in sight I for one look forward to your column & upcoming Season. I don`t know why our Rangers would won`t to play for a bunch of whiners If we can`t get behind this team and direction it is going I don`t blame Hicks for not throwing Money at them.

Hey silas, no one is bashing anyone. I like a lot of others on here want some pitching. Stating the facts about something, the way things are, well i like to call it the TRUTH. The TRUTH hurts. So do something about it. I am not saying break the bank. What i am saying is this: The Ranger “organization” stated and i doth quote, “We need two starters and two relievers.” Asking them to fulfill what they themselves stated needed to be addressed is that too much to ask for? What they really meant is this we need this, but if we can’t afford it then we will do without, or so it seems. I am all for getting what they themselves said they wanted. The sad truth is that their is going to have to be a price paid to get it. You don’t get something for free. I personally would deal Young and Salty for some pitching prospects if i could. The reality is it is easier for everyday players to make the adjustment than a young pitcher to. Both will struggle when called up. So this leaves free-agency. Sheets is out there for the taking, it is called negotiation. What is wrong with giving a guy a fair contract? In this market other than Sabathia, the contracts have not been that bad as they have in the past. IF we do not address the stated pitching concerns then we are doomed to fail. We will have a good team, but as in the past the pitching is going to kill us, because we failed to address the team concerns. IT is ridiculous.

I hate to jump on the negative wagon, but here we go again. I do remember when DVD was our next big thing. We traded a D and a V and are left with a broken D. Here’s hoping Diamond recovers and becomes something but the last scouting report I saw projected him as a reliever. We gave up a D for what we were told was a McCarthy with more upside. He comes here and now he’s broken. Then we heard that it was okay because Hurley was leading the next wave. Didn’t he get hurt last August. Why are they just now finding out he needs surgery. Oh yes, JD hoped it would go away with rehab. Maybe we need to rehab our medical staff. Okay folks, relax. We have Feliz and Holland coming soon, maybe 2010, and another wave behind them. Does anyone trust this organization to be able to develop a prospect? Maybe they did Danks and Volquez a favor by getting them out of here. D’god, why are you calling for us to trade for prospects? We may have the number one farm system but it seems we don’t know what to do with it. Rsilasm, what exactly do we have to look forward to this season? All of the good teams that come to town perhaps? Anyone who has followed this team since its inception knows that annual feeling of hoping the team can be a surprise this season. This is soooooooooooooo frustrating!!!! Get well soon Eric Hurley.

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