Did forget Hank Blalock. He is the Rangers designated hitter. Include him with the rest of the roster below.


We’ll forgive you!


The Romans would have thought the omission an ill omen for Blalock. Maybe he’s the one who should beware the Ides of March…

Whan that April with its surest sota, the drought of March had pierced to the wrogta, and bathed ever vein in swiss liquer of which engendered is the fleur…. Chaucer or something like that. That is from memory folks! Mrs. Smiths 12th Grade English, 1985 R. L. Paschal High School. This was in the newspaper the other day, as in get ready for some Elvis references. Mike Young was All Shook Up after being told/asked to change positions. Which got me to thinking. How about these? Now and Then Theres a Fool Such as I, a song about Daniels and his trades. You were always on my mind- A song about Jon Danks. Its Now Or Never- Ron Washington and his quest to keep his job. Return To Sender- Brandon McCarthy, a.k.a, Alfred E. Newman. Way Down- Where the franchise has been. Your the Devil In Disguise- Hicks. Heartbreak Hotel- Where the true fans heart resides. Houndog-Millwood. Treat Me Nice-Bradley. Moody Blue- Bradley. Stuck On You-Catalanotta, as in we can’t get rid of him. Are You Lonesome Tonight?-The bullpen closer. Follow That Dream-Hamilton. Suspicious Minds- The relationship between the Fans, Owner, President, and GM, as in you can’t believe what they say. “We need two starting pitchers and two bullpen pitchers. Go get Garland and Sheets, maybe Rogers if he has anything left. Because i am Ready Ready, Ready Ready To Rock N’ Roll. I just do not understand our unwillingness to want to go out there and kick the living ca ca out of our opponents. We need starting pitching to do this. Call it a lack of competitiveness. I always wanted to dominate my opponent, win. There appears to be a lack of commitment to winning from the top on down to the players. I know Al Davis has gone down hill recently, but the guy had the competitiveness, the greatness of the Raiders or something like that….

Is there an Editor over there Sully?????

After he saw your last effort he quit… :-)

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