Monday Morning Manager…The 25-Man Roster

So now we know Michael Young will play third base. We know Elvis Andrus is the shortstop but the Rangers feel so strongly about having a backup plan that they want to sign Omar Vizquel.

So here could be the 25-man roster at this point.

Monday_Morning_Manager.jpgC Jarrod Saltalamacchia

1B Chris Davis

2B Ian Kinsler

SS Elvis Andrus

3B Michael Young

LF David Murphy

CF Josh Hamilton

RF Nelson Cruz

Bench: Taylor Teagarden, Omar Vizquel, Marlon Byrd and Frank Catalanotto

Rotation: Kevin Millwood, Vicente Padilla, Matt Harrison, Brandon McCarthy, Scott Feldman

Bullpen: Frank Francisco, C.J. Wilson, Joaquin Benoit, Josh Rupe, Warner Madrigal, Kason Gabbard, Dustin Nippert.


* Still think the Rangers will give Saltalamacchia first crack at the catcher’s spot.

* The Rangers would love to exchange Frank Catalanotto for a right-handed hitter.

* Vizquel forces Joaquin Arias and German Duran to play every day at Triple A. Not a bad thing. Max Ramirez will be there too,

* The Rangers were never interested in Freddy Garcia but still think they will add either Jason Jennings or somebody else for pitching depth.

* Still think Eric Hurley is the pitcher to watch in Spring Training and Kason Gabbard is better suited for the bullpen.

* Still think that the Rangers have to give Brandon McCarthy one more shot. But only one more.

1. Did the Rangers shortstop/third base situation with Michael Young ended up satisfactory for the club or was some damage still done.

2. Is adding Omar Vizquel a good move for the Rangers?

3. Is there anything else the Rangers need to do to their lineup.

4. Do you think the Rangers should go all-out for Ben Sheets?

5. Are you going to the banquet or FanFest?




The Rangers need a LH hitting backup IF/ 5th OF. Cat certainly has no place on this team unless Davis or Blalock gets injured. I would also put Hurley into the rotation, Feldman to the pen and dump Nippert.

1. Leaving too much in the hands of a kid who hasn’t played above AA.
2. No. He’s through. Look at his declinging offensive numbers and defensive range over the last two years.
Where’s the pitching?????
3. Need pitching.
4. He’s injury prone, but could be a medium high reward if only at a reasonable salary and contract length.
5. No.

1. I think the bulk of the remaining damage exists in the interpersonal relationships between Young and the front office. Hopefully that gets sorted out, but even if it doesn’t, I expect Young will still play his heart out. He’s too much of a professional not to.

2. I’m not sure it’s a good move. If you’re telling Young to get out of the way for Andrus, you’d better be ready to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

3. The starting rotation is still a little uncertain. Most of those guys were injured too often last year (or in their first year of starting) to really be solid.

4. I don’t know about going all out, but I think a significant move needs to be made. It sure would be nice to add his veteran arm…for the right price.

5. I wish. If I lived within a short driving distance, I’d be at both, hands down. I attended both three years ago and had a fabulous time. It was a great opportunity to interact with the other players and meet other fans.

– Micah

Freudian slip, T.R?

You forgot Blalock

…whose trade, along with Feldman might land us Liz, and provide $ (along with $ saved trading Padilla and some cash for AZ’s Petit? to sign Sheets)

…and would make room for Max.

I’m all for this year’s rotation being loaded with high-upside guys who have yet to pan out in MLB (like Liz, Petit, Buchholz, Nippert, McCarthy, …) so we know whom we’ve got to join Holland and Feliz by 2010.

Sheets only makes sense if the team can get some vesting options for ’10,.. ’11, maybe even ’12.

This year should be the last year of our all-out development: playing the question marks, to know who’s who.

Could not help but notice Blalock was absent from your roster. That would bring it to 24, so I’m assuming one more infielder would make the squad…..either Metcalf, Duran or Arias (who I think should get the nod to showcase as trade bait). I do think Jennings should be signed to a minor league deal. If they want him to pitch in the minors as insurance, he may just do it if that can happen at Frisco, where he lives. Would be a good influence on the kids there.

1. There may be some damage (Andrus never pans out and/or winning does not happen soon), but winning cures all of that.

2. Would not hurt as long as he is open to backing up 2B as well. If he does not come here, let Arias be the middle IF backup.

3. Like you said, trade Cat for a righty hitter. As long as they work out the SS position in Spring Training, I’m very happy with what we have now lineup wise………Cruz needs to secure his spot in the middle of the order, Salty needs to hit and Byrd/Murphy works in LF with each providing insurance in CF and RF.

4. No, let him come to them. We could use him, but he may just fall in our laps. We need to start planning for young pitchers to claim a spot, and Sheets would take one of those opportunities. That is not all bad since both Millwood and Padilia could exit after this season, but no reason to overpay.

5. Can’t make it……kids. Nuf said.

1. I feel like the media may have made more of an issue out of the ordeal than really existed. Either way, it was probably handled poorly. Lesson learned. Let’s move on.
2. Adding Vizquel is a great move, IMO. He’s a veteran who will help Andrus transition to the bigs. I still wish that Texas could have found a one-year transitory 3B so that Andrus could learn under Young instead of having this pressure placed on him.
3. The Rangers need to trade Cat for a RH utility player. Pitching is still unresolved.
4. I wouldn’t say “all out”. I think that Sheets will continue to become more of a bargain until another team picks him up. I don’t think he’ll fall into the Rangers’ lap. Play him conservatively and throw your youngsters into the fire as your back up plan. You have one more year to trade for AA+ pitching talent. At this point, I’d rather see us lean more on our farm system + rookies than risk a contract with Sheets unless you can work out an incentive-laden contract with club options (which I don’t think will happen).

“Still think that the Rangers have to give Brandon McCarthy one more shot. But only one more.”

This doesn’t make much sense to me. During those infrequent intervals when McCarthy has actually been on the field, he hasn’t pitched badly. Hasn’t pitched great, either, but BMac’s still got just as much potential (if not more) than Matt Harrison or Eric Hurley – and they all have much higher ceilings than Scott Feldman. So if McCarthy’s healthy, why shouldn’t he be given every chance to succeed this year? The guy used to be one of the top pitching prospects in baseball, remember.

As to the questions:

1. If there’s any lasting damage, it was done by the DFW media and their twisting the situation into another excuse to bash the front office.

2. Yes.

3. If this is the team we go into spring training with, I don’t think there would be anything to complain about. It’d be nice to make improvements (such as signing Sheets, or somehow acquiring a RH bat) but if we don’t, it’s not going to be anything to cry over.

4. Define all-out. I’d definitely like to see him here, and I think the Rangers should conserve as much of their financial resources as possible for his pursuit, but we can’t go getting into bidding wars over him, we don’t have the resources. Make him the best incentive-laden offer you can, if he takes it great, if he doesn’t, well then you just roll with the starting rotation you have.

5. Would if I could. Can’t though.

1. Like Ricky Henderson says, “Let Bye-Bye’s be Bye-Bye’s.” It’s in the past I don’t think there will be any damage done. The Rangers did what they had to do with not having another option for 3rd base and Andrus will add a new element of speed to this team. If he can get on base then we may have ourselves a heck of a short stop.

2. It’s a real good move. It makes to much sense not to do. The Rangers need that utility guy and why not go after one of the greatest defensive short stops of all time? The Rangers need to get better on defense and Vizquel would a good addition. However, if it’s just him and Turnbow for the off-season then I would say that our team failed miserably and would deserve an off-season score of a F-

3. The lineup looks great. Trade Cat and get a right handed bat but even if you don’t then the Rangers still have the best lineup in baseball.

4. Yes and YES YES YES YES. Look I hear the arguments about Sheets being injury prone but still if we are even getting him when he pitches 26 games then he’s still worth the $12 million. The guy is an ACE and if you post him and AJ Burnett side by side then you have a difference of maybe a start or two more pitched by AJ and a slightly lower ERA for Sheets. There isn’t a guy out there would do more for this club than Sheets. I would rank him 2nd behind CC as the best pitchers on the market. I check this website and every other baseball website, MLB network, and XM radio a 100 times a day to try and see if there is any updates on us getting Sheets. I call in on XM and talk with Kevin Kennedy and he’s in agreement that he would look really good in our rotation. If the Rangers get Ben Sheets then there isn’t a reason the Rangers can’t win the division this year.

5. I don’t know… I’m as big of a Rangers fan as there comes. I live and breathe Rangers baseball and talk and dream about it 365 days out of the year. This has been by far one of the most frustrating off seasons for me to watch. I hate hearing that the Rangers are going to upgrade their staff and then make no additions what so ever when there was probably the best pitching free agent market that there has been in a long time, and when you have a guy like Sheets sitting out there waiting for us to sign him. If the Rangers signed Sheets than I’d be there in a heartbeat but right now it’s just painful to go and hear all these speeches from our front office making it sound like they are trying to compete this season and not making any efforts to go after Sheets that needs to be a Texas Ranger.

I like that still think deal… here goes.
Still think Teagarden is a better defensive and offensive catcher, hey he is a #1 pick.
Still think Kinsler should be at third.
Still think Duran should be at second.
Still think Young should be dealt for pitching prospects.
Still think Salty should be traded for Greinke in KC.
Still think that we should not keep Ramirez.
Still think Jon Danks was better and is better than McCarthy will ever be. Eventhough we were told that McCarthy was further along.
Still think Mark Derosa was a better fit here than Cat.
Still think if Ron starts slow he gets fired.
Still think if we struggle early, Padilla, Millwood, Young and Blalock could be dealt by ASB and it wouldn’t hurt us.
Still think that we are 3 years away from competing since we still haven’t hit on any pitchers.
Still think Andrus is a stud and was the key to Tex deal.
1) No damage most folks think Young should fulfill his personal services contract. If he doesn’t he is in breach of contract and the Rangers could void it. The Rangers hold all the cards which is dangerous for Mike, because lets face it they haven’t played their cards well.
2) No, let Arias or Duran play there. Didn’t we just hire an infield coach? Let him coach not Vizquel.
3) Get 2 good starting pitchers period end of story. Trade Cat and Young, use that money saved to pay for pitching.
4) Yes.
5) No i might get beat up.

WE should keep Max Ramirez. I like him the guy can play and definitely is a better catcher than Salt is right now. Deal Salt for a pitcher if you can get one. Rumor KC is interested. Surely we could get Greinke for him…..

You can sign Jennings only if he gets a low ball incentive based deal. He made plenty of money last year off us. Forget Jennings and use that money on Sheets and Garland or Rogers. Hey i thought Nolan and Randy Johnson were friends and he was coming here to pitch. Ha Ha. What a joke…..Geez i wish we could develop a stud pitcher like the Giants Lincecum. Why???????? Kevin Brown is the best we have had around here……end of story…..

1. “As tyme hem hurt, a tyme doth hem cure” – Chaucer
2. I think it’s a great move. It allows Michael to transition to third base in the spring rather than in mid season if Elvis isn’t ready to go. It allows Elvis to have some AAA time to start the season, which should allow the Rangers to maintain control of him for an extra season in his prime and Omar, a fellow Venezuelan and one of the best ever to play the postion, should serve as an outstanding mentor for the shortstop of the future. I love this move.
3. It’s too left-handed in the middle/bottom, but it’s a line up that will score runs. I’m looking forward to seeing what Cruz does this season.
4. Only if they move Millwood. I want to see young arms getting major league starts.
5. No. I’ll make it to fanfest one of these years.

Hey Jon Page in California. We don’t need the media here as an excuse to bash the Rangers. They provide enough material for the bashing, i.e. trading our top pitching prospects, dumping players for monetary reasons, on and on must i go? The repetitive cycle over and over again. I will stick this last time, but when Andrus becomes a stud, i want him paid and retained. If Feliz becomes what we think he will become, i want him paid and retained. Same thing for Hamilton, Teagarden and any other of the players that we acquire and develop. IT IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TO LET THEM LEAVE AFTER WE EXPERIENCE THE GROWTH AND ADVANCEMENT. Sadly thoughout our history we have never learned it is about pitching depth…..end of story. Hopefully we will learn that and stop looking for the quick fix. Here is my home run call for Andrus. “Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has left the building.” Batting music the theme from 2010. Elvis’s motto was TCB, for taking care of business. Hopefully the Rangers are close to doing such. No go get Garland we wanted him in the past, so do it. Get Sheets too, then i will re-up for season tickets….

Still think that Max Ramirez is that right handed bat that we need. Can he be any worse than Cat?

1. The damage should be minimal because MY seems to be a class act in the club house. He always plays hard, plays everyday, and gets result, and that should not change.

2. No. He’s done. If you are going to give the job to someone who had never played above AA, the odds are fairly high that it is not going to work out (HOPE IT DOES). If Andrus can’t hit his weight, which often happens to AA players who go directly to the big show, Rangers can always move MY back to shortstop. Lots of options at 3rd, including Kinsler (Duran to 2nd) or Blaylock. Ramirez or Teagarden probably could DH.

3. I remain unconvinced that Salty can either catch or hit at this level. Potential is obviously there, so I would like to be proven wrong.

4. If all-out means lots of money and more than 2 years, no. Can you say Carl Pavano?

5. I live 350 miles away, would love to come, and I am totally bored in the off season, I can usually convince the wife and kids to go to Arizona on vacation, but can’t push my luck any further

1. Did the Rangers shortstop/third base situation with Michael Young ended up satisfactory for the club or was some damage still done. It worked out like it needed to work out. We all knew Young’s move to third was coming. But if you truly believe you can contend in 2010, get Andrus a year of on the job training. M Young is the most professional baseball player of today. He will embrace this move.

2. Is adding Omar Vizquel a good move for the Rangers? This would be a perfect move. Infield utility and insurance for Andrus. No way would I move Young back to short if Elvis struggles. Once the move is made, Young is our third baseman and I don’t see him being traded anytime soon.

3. Is there anything else the Rangers need to do to their lineup. Trade Salty. Even though I like this guy, if he stays, he is going to force us to trade Tea or Max. I would try to move Salty and Blalock and start Tea at catcher with Max as the righty power bat DH and backup first baseman.

4. Do you think the Rangers should go all-out for Ben Sheets? I really really do. Skyranch said this perfectly. I would keep Milwood and Padillia at least until the ASB and see where we are at. If we are contending, keep rolling but if we’re not we could move one or both at the break.

5. Are you going to the banquet or FanFest? I live out in Chris Davis country but I may just go to Fanfest this year.

1. I think moving MY to third was the right move, and MY doesn’t have to be best buds with JD.

2. If the Rangers are going to bring up Elvis now, I think it makes a lot of sense to have Omar here as well.

3. I see a lot that still needs to be done to the roster.

First, cut Frank Catalanotto and eat his salary. Contrary to what has been posted above, there is no team that will trade anything of value for the Cat, and there’s likely not a team out there who would make a deal if the Rangers ate half his salary. He is a sunk cost. Let’s move on from a terrible signing (that cost us a first round draft pick too).

Next to the starting rotation. This group looks a lot like the group that failed miserably in 2008 by even Texas Ranger pitching standards (though I suppose Harrison has to be an upgrade over what JJennings gave us). I would be most disappointed to see the team start 2009 without making any other upgrades. At this point it looks like a trade is the way to get this done. Keith is the only other poster so far to note that the Rangers still need to trade Salty for pitching (hopefully getting Buchholz).

I’d support trading Millwood to clear a spot, but if the right deal isn’t out there for Millwood, give the new pitcher the chance to earn a spot by beating out Feldman.

I might also support signing Jon Garland if the team thought he could keep the ball in the yard. I know his numbers don’t exactly scream front-of-the-rotation-guy, but if he can be had on a reasonable deal, the guy will give the team 200 innings. I feel confident in saying this because the guy gives his team 200 innings every year.

Finally, if the team gets a taker for Blalock and trades him, I’d ask Adam Dunn’s agent if he’d like to come mash here on a $8-10M one-year deal as DH (go get your big multi-year contract next season when the economy hopefully improves). Yes, he’s left handed, but so is Hank. And when he leaves, the team will almost certainly get Type A FA compensation for losing him. Give me those 2 draft picks!

4. I hope the Rangers do not sign Sheets. The guy is definitely talented, but I can’t help but believe that the team that signs him won’t get many starts out of him because the guy is always hurt.

5. I will be at FanFest. Were it not for a family conflict, I’d be at the banquet as well.

It is starting to heat up. How many freaking free agent pitchers are still out there? If we don’t watch out Milwaukee is gonna get Sheets back. Who knows Sheets better than Maddux? I personally would have gotten Lowe, but know i would get Sheets and Garland if i am picking only two. If i can get Rogers then i take him back, he has done well here. If we can get two starters, then i think we will be ok. What is the big fear in spending some money? I see alot of cheap deals being signed out there.

I am going to go crazee if the Rangers give Salty the catching job over Teagarden. If Salty wins the job that will last less than a month and there will be how many passed balls????? We are going to devalue this kid before we are able to get something for him. He has already been exposed at catcher. He ain’t a catcher. Bobby Cox, sold us a bill of goods on this one. Salty should play first base elsewhere. Greinke for Salty i would do in a heartbeat. Maybe Red Sox get desperate, but they are too good of an organization to trade a highly regarded pitching prospect. They aren’t the Rangers…

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