Rangers/Ramirez rumors

Just in case you are wondering, the Rangers aren’t pursuing Manny Ramirez. Would they love Ramirez? Yes. Do they need a right-handed hitter? Yes. But Ramirez is way too expensive for a team that needs offense.

General manger Jon Daniels: “We've looked at some right handed options for the lineup but we're not pursuing Manny at this time .”



“At this time” = Never in Rangerspeak.

I disagree with the BS about trading Michael Young. If the replacement SS is ready great. Move Young to second and Kinsler to third. With Davis at first it’s a superior defensive infield and great hitting – even if the SS can’t hit more than .250. The Rangers habit of trading their stars (e.g. Sunberg, Hargrove, Pudge, Gonzalas, Sierra, etc,) is one reason this franchise has a limited legacy.

You don’t really need the drama that Manny would bring either.


This is what drives me “nuts” about this “organization” On the home page their is an article that reads and i “Rangers to lean on young players in 09.” Then they float this non-sense about wanting Ramirez. Well Ramirez is going to want 18 to 20 million plus per year and probably will get it. But i don’t believe this would be a good investment. IF you are going to gripe about spending money then you don’t spend it on a Designated Hitter who no doubt can hit, but would not be the right type of influence on your team. IF you want to spend that kind of money then negotiate with Sheets and Lowe, you are gonna have to overpay but hey everyone overpays for pitching. It is a freaking commodity. Hicks gets on the news and rants and raves about financial flexibility, says he will never overpay for 1 player, then all of the sudden he wants Ramirez??????? Hicks loved the fact that A-Rod opted out of his contract and saved him money, now he wants to go back and make the same mistake???? This “organization” has been enamored with the high priced DH for it’s entire history. The more things change the more they stay the same. Hopefully, this is just Boras, using us again to drive up Manny’s price for the Dodgers or San Fran. It is a joke if we sign this guy, where does he play besides DH???? No Where. Spend your money wisely and go get Sheets and Lowe. Please!!!

If the Rangers are considering paying $18 million to Manny Ramirez, i would like them to explain how that meshes with them playing youngsters in 2009. Manny being Manny isn’t going to help this young team at all. It is all about the pitching and i would like to see that 18 to 22 million spent on a pitcher. Remember the stated goals were 2 starters and 2 relievers. Turnbow may help the bullpen, but i don’t see any starting pitchers. 40 days away from the opening of Spring Training. Bite the bullet and spend that 20 + million on some starting pitching.

“Just in case you are wondering, the Rangers aren’t pursuing Manny Ramirez.” – T.R. Sullivan

Hefe, the MLB Network stated last night on TV, that three teams are in the running for Manny: Dodgers, Giants and you guessed it The T E X A S R A N G E R S. So someone somewhere is misinformed or LYING. You pick. It would not surprise me to see HICKS overpay for Manny. He is a great player and would put some butts in the seats. He is a DH in the American League though. BORAS and Manny want more than a 2 year deal though. So maybe they are using the Rangers to drive up the years. As in the Rangers are offering a 3 or 4 year deal. Which just goes to prove and show that historically the Texas Rangers are over enamored with the DH. Zisk, Johnson, both Cliff and Lamar, Staub, Parrish and on an on must i go, where we stop no body knows. Same old, same old. Where Hart screwed up was taking Soriano for A-Rod and not Manny for him a ways back. Maybe he thinks he can go back. Can’t we get over enamored with keeping our young pitching prospects. Hitting is a part of the game but the bottom line is pitching a defense win championships. We have never had the pitching and well the defense stinks as well.

It is my view that this team doesn’t need offense. It needs pitching. Remember the two stated goals, two starting pitchers and two relievers. Well their are pitchers out there that can help us and probably won’t cost too much. I hated what Rogers did, but he has pitched well here. So let him come back on a 1 or 2 year deal. Then go get Sheets or Lowe whichever. Is that so expensive.

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