Rangers sign Turnbow, Daigle


The Rangers are announcing the signing of pitchers Derrick Turnbow and Casey Daigle to Minor League contracts with an invitation to Spring Training. Daigle pitched in the big leagues with Arizona in 2004 and 2006 and was 1-5 with a 3.78 ERA in 44 games at Triple A Rochester last year. Turnbow was an All-Star closer for the Brewers in 2006 but had to deal with shoulder issues last year. The Rangers are also bringing Elizardo Ramirez back.


Nice to see some deals getting done on New Years Day! They must want to make sure that they get a mention on MLB Network today!

Happy New Year!


Hey TR, did the Rangers say they were going to focus on playing their young players? Because if they did then let me be the first to say thank God. Now hopefully we can get them to admit that this includes not trading away our #1 or top pitching prospects. No one else does this and i mean no one! If they truly are committed to playing the youngsters then lets deal Mike Young who is 32 and isn’t a long term solution here that is 3 to 5 year plan. I believe if they listened to anyone or were concerned with what the fans thought then they would realize that this is the only way for this “organization” to go. Within 2 to 3 years or maybe sooner these young pitching prospects will start maturing and then we are going to have something here. I would trade Young if i could get some young prospects for him. All else being equal, i also would trade Saltalamacchia out of the three catchers we have. Teagarden if he stays healthy is ready now, he showed it last year with his defense and hitting. Ramirez, well just hits better and played better defense than Salty. So deal Salty for a prospect or two. Trade Catalanotto or release him whichever. Getting rid of Young and Cat also cuts the payroll. I just don’t understand why Salty insisted on playing catcher. Can he play third? If not then trade him before he totally devalues himself. Harrison, Andrus and Feliz is more than enough for Tex, especially if we can get a pitching prospect for him.

Again the 2009 lineup: 3B Kinsler, LF Murphy, CF Hamilton, RF Cruz, 1B Davis, C Teagarden, DH Blalock, 2B Duran, SS Andrus: Reserves, Ramirez C/DH/1B, OF Boggs, OF Byrd, Utility Infielder Andrus. Now that would show a true committment to the youth in 2009. Starting Pitchers: Millwood, Padilla, Harrison, Feldman,????? Relievers: Rupe, Gabbard, Madrigal, Benoit, Wilson, Francisco. We need 1 starting pitcher out of Nippert, Hurley, McCarthy, Mendoza, Diamond, Feliz, Holland, Hunter and one reliever preferrably a left handed one. Is it really true that we are going to spring training with pretty much 10 spots set on the pitching staff if no one gets hurt? I personally believe we are not that far off from turning the corner with the pitching staff. When this happens well we are gonna be unstoppable. So what are we afraid of, last year pretty much every young player we brought up delivered, so lets get on with it. The above lineup is the future of the team. Depending on what happens at the first of the year we can wait until the ASB and deal Millwood or Padilla if thats what we think is the best for the team…..

Remember the Cowboys turned a franchise around a lot sooner by trading their most valuable commodity Herschel Walker when they acquired all of the picks. Trading the face of the franchise now while he still has value could knock off a year or two on the rise to the World Series…. Do it, bite the bullet turn it around be aggressive….

Turbow is a good low risk, potentially high yield, signing. The only way this could turn out bad is if they add him to the major league roster, even though he’s not healthy, to avoid losing him. Hopefully they learned a lesson from Jason Jennings in that regard.

Seems that “nobody” trades top pitching prospects until dwidregod makes them an offer.

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