Merry Christmas from the Elysian Fields


Behold, there came three wise men from the East


Thanks, TR.

God rest ye merry, gentleman


Thanks TR…Merry Christmas to all (Yes even you D’god) (TR…nice effect on the picture…but don’t you think it opens you up to a charge of stretching the truth?)

Good tidings and joy to all. Go Rangers!

Thanks TR! I hope you had a great Christmas!


Where is the best place to stay and visit for spring training in AZ? I was a frequent visitor for Florida baseball but have never been in Arizona.

So much for that friendship between Nolan and Randy Johnson?????? My question is did Randy use us again to drive up the price of his new deal?
Oh well, i never believed he was coming here. Sheets seems more likely all along. I would like that. Is Kenny Rogers a free agent? If so then why not him, he pitches well in Arlington which leads to this question, why haven’t we brought in more left handed starters, they seem to do well here….I still believe we should keep Millwood and Padilla until the ASB, especially if Millwood is really working out and has lost weight. Just think it took how many years in the league before he realized that being in shape would help him pitch. (Is the weight loss from working out or from the stress of his divorce?) I just don’t understand professional athletes that get paid to play a game and don’t want or don’t have the competitive fire to go out there and dominate their opponent. The great ones have that competitiveness. Other than Gabbard and Padilla sometimes, you just don’t see that from any of our starting pitchers. Hopefully Maddox will change that. How about Greg doing a favor for brother Mike and pitching here. Now that is someone i would want my starters to look up to. That guy knows how to pitch.

I like Mike Young but why can’t we do this? Trade him now for some top prospects, pitching ones preferably. Andrus is our future SS, Duran could play 2B and Kinsler could move to 3B. These moves would be moves made for the future for the 3 to 4 year World Series push. Then you would have 3B Kinsler, SS Andrus, 2B Duran, 1B Davis, DH Blalock, LF Murphy, C Teagarden, CF Hamilton, RF Cruz. That is an extremely young team. Blalock could be dealt at ASB. I also would trade Salty over Ramirez any day. And people spare me about how Andrus isn’t going to be rushed. Andrus is going to have something to say about when he comes up here, not the Rangers. $20 bucks says Andrus is here by ASB then what do we do with Young? Move him to third? Young doesn’t hit enough HR’s, have enough power for that position. If you deal him that is millions off the books, money that could be spent on pitching………just a thought.

After suffering through and extremely disappointing Dallas Cowboys’ season, a question comes to mind. There has been a lot of talk about trade this guy, move this guy, sign this guy, and bring up that guy. My question is, who are the core players that will make up a “team”? We’ve had the stars. It wasn’t that long ago when we boasted an infield of Pudge, Teixeira, Young, A-Rod, and Blalock. We were comparing them to the great Dodger infields of the 70’s. However, they were not a team and thus did not succeed. So, lets talk about which guys are going to be “team” guys. That’s what I want to hear from Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels. I want to hear more about team players who know and accept their role on the team more than about someone’s “upside”. Who will get out there and leave it all on the field for their team? I think we got the anwer we didn’t want with A-Fraud and big money Tex. On the other hand, we have also found out good news about Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, and even the unfortunately oft injured Blalock. Those are the guys you want to go to battle with. Who else? I remember when D. Melvin brought in Mark McLemore and I was wondering what the heck he was thinking. Now we know. McLemore was part of the heart and soul of that “team” in the mid 90’s. Average player….great teammate. I want to see more guys like that who want to bleed Ranger red, white, and blue. (Yes Mr. Hicks, the team colors have always been red, white, and blue.)

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