Wednesday wrap

Quote from Orioles president Andy MacPhail on their pursuit of Mark Teixeira…

“A lot of it’s going to depend on what’s most important to the player. If winning tomorrow is the most important thing to the player…we’re handicapped.”

Quote from Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski on Gary Sheffield, “”He can still hit. You’ve seen him 95 mph fastballs and turn them around. When he settles in, and I think when he gets his 500th home run and that’s off his mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on and has a quality year. He can still hit. he’s a tough guy at the plate, and he’s very well respected. He knows the strike zone. And I think he’ll go out and put up some good numbers for us. “


The Giants are not trading Jonathan Sanchez, The Red Sox are not trading Clay Buchholz.


Already posted my opinion about Sheffield and this team under the Sheffield file, no thanks.

Yes we have all beat the Salty for Bucholz drum loud and hard but as Sean Connery demonstated, “Never Say Never”

Haven’t been here in ages, but must say something about trading Gerald Laird: Not Wise.

Catching is so vital, being strong up the middle. Gerald can hold his own with his batting average, sporadic power, and, importantly, can bunt, can move runners over to 3rd with good bat control…….and, can steal bases, take the extra base, score from first on doubles (unlike most catchers), AND can throw runners out almost as prolificly as Pudge, he keeps runners close, and just has a solid arm and is a well-above average backstop.

With all the young pitchers on the way up, I’m not so sure I would have traded experience up the middle for that very emphemeral “player of the future”…..who usually don’t pan out statistically. Maybe we found a birds’ nest on the ground–I hope so. It’s just that the “mighty” Texas Rangers are strong up the middle (Hamilton-MY-Ian, and formerly Laird). I, for one, hate to see that broken up, as our need is for MAJOR LEAGUE pitching, and we got NONE. This is getting to be a Jon Daniels special-trading known commodities for unknowns.

It’s true we landed some quality for Kenny Lofton and Eric Gagne, but it’s also true we are the “proud owners” of Brandon “Iron Horse” McCarthy, and are without Chris Young, Jon Danks, Alfonso Soriano, Mark DeRosa, and several others due to JD’s ineptitude-although granted he scored a coup with Hamilton.

Another point: Our payroll is very low, patently ridiculous for a major market like Fort Worth-Arlington-Dallas–and why, I ask, are we not for retaining Milton Bradley, who protected Josh Hamilton, and was clutch? So he’s gimpy sometimes. He’s worth it on the field and in the clubhouse. Are we going to break the bank by giving him 2 or 3 years on his contract? The pinch-penny Rangers don’t know how to spend money, and when they do….we get a potential of a 60 year old Randy Johnson (just kidding, obviously)….but, we are talking about Johnson, when we let loose of a prime-time catcher like Gerald and let Milton Bradley go? This makes no sense—–this is why I’ve avoided blogs and such-like—getting tired of JD, Tom Hicks, and the gang.

Still loyal once the games begin, but we are BACKTRACKING on our talent, especially on offense.

Last point: We’re supposed to be SO good in the Pacific Rim now that Jim Colborn is in our organization. Last year we signed some guy to pitch in our bullpen that whose name sounded like a schoolyard slur, and he threw like some girl on the schoolyard, only the girl threw faster. What’s with our immense Ranger presence in the Pacific Rim? Shouldn’t we be more serious signing some real studs there, rather than grade D personnel?

I pray JD doesn’t act true to form and unload more valuable commodities….he isn’t exactly excellent in making the Rangers good deals that actually benefit the MAJOR LEAGUE team. Great to be stockpiling all this talent in the minors, but are we ever going to let them develop, or are we going to get them to the brink, then unload them for a sack of magic beans (Brad Wilkerson), when he just had to unload Soriano? Oh well, that’s old news. Just like Gerald, Milton, etc……

Here’s hoping Nolan can take JD to the woodshed for a good whupping!

Good luck to Victor at MLB Network … let’s sign up Steve Busby for the vacant radio slot!

I am not against dealing Laird, but to me it looks like the amount of money he would be making (3 million) was more of a concern than his ability to play the game. Do you really need to trade him to Detroit who was so desperate for pitching last year that they came to us for Galarraga? If Daniels keeps Galarraga and he does for us what he did for Detroit then i can stomach the Soriano deal alot better. I believe the only thing that is keeping Daniels in a job is what Hamilton did this year, period end of story, otherwise what hat does he have to show for trading Gonzalez, Young and Soriano? Nothing…. I know this is in the past, but it seems we continue to do the things that we have done in the past, over and over again. We always seem to sell short. Does Daniels, not realize that he is dealing from a position of strength when another team wants our player? I am not saying that we should be unreasonable, but it doesn’t seem that he knows how to negotiate trades. I believe we could have gotten a back of the rotation type of guy for Laird if we traded with the right team. I like the fact that Teagarden is the catcher here, that is the move for the future, but i still believe we could have gotten someone more major league ready. I believe in the future and want to go that route, but all Daniels is doing is delaying his exit, preaching patience, all the while continuing in his job, because we have to wait and see how the 17 year olds turn out in 5 or 6 years. I want to see the plan to win it all in 3 years from now. Michael Young can be dealt because #1 he isn’t the future.

We need pitching, not Sheffield. I take Brad over Sheffield any day. We are always focused on the DH. Ever since Brad Corbett, signed Richie Zisk, DH, DH, DH. Harold Baines, DH, Rusty Staub DH, Lamar Johnson DH, Milton Bradley DH. Just who exactly is it that we would be willing to trade for him? Catalanotto is the only guy, i would deal and that would just be another salary dump and offset. If we are to believe what we have been told, i.e. Blalock has no trade value, then let him and Ramirez DH if Bradley is gone. If Blalock starts hot, stays injury free, then you can deal him at all-star break or keep him which ever. At this point, i am all for us just letting the pitcher hit and doing away with the DH on our team. Is this the only thing that will get us over this obsession with the DH? I only take Sheffield if the Tigers give us Gallaraga back and take Catalanotto. I would spend all of my money on the unit and Sheets and keep Millwood and Padilla until #1 we see where we are at the ASB. If we are out of it and someone needs Millwood and Padilla then trade them for pitching and/or keep them. It really is that simple. That and give Bradley what he wants it is that simple. Is it really that astonishing that a major league baseball player with his statistics whats a multi year deal???? Put in a player conduct clause and write him off in two to three years when he goes nuts again.

I agree with Bingo on the Laird trade. The people that post on this blog have, in general, not favored Laird and been enamored with Jason Botts and Salty. Botts showed nothing and Salty very little. Here’s hoping that Teagarden is the real thing.

Laird can’t hit enough to play everyday + Laird isn’t happy sharing time + Teagarden is better defensively + Salty is better offensively + a viable 3rd option in Ramirez + Laird was due to make more money than all 3 combined + Laird was due for free agency after 2010 = Laird traded for young pitching.

When you take all the facts into consideration, moving Laird was an easy decision. I’d have like for them to have gotten a pitcher who could immediately step in and help in the big leagues, but that deal obviously wasn’t available. On the other hand, Moscoso could see Arlington ’09 and has fantastic minor league numbers while Melo is a 17 year old who throws in the mid 90’s, so it’s not like Laird was just given away either.

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