Ryan Confirms Rangers Are Interested In Randy Johnson

Nolan Ryan confirmed Wednesday morning that the Rangers are interested in free agent pitcher Randy Johnson.   He said that Johnson and Ben Sheets are the two free agent pitchers in which the Rangers are willing to invest

Ryan says they like the possibility of a short term contract with Johnson in order to have him on the staff mentoring the Rangers younger starting pitchers.


Worst winter ever

The Sheffield rumor is scarier…

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this on a one-year deal for the reasons stated at the end of the post, and because the team needs more arms. Though if he is going to cost $12-15M, I’m less sure it makes sense.

This would be a far better risk than JJennings last year (though quite a bit more expensive), and Johnson still gives his team innings. Also, if he does well and the team wants to move him at the ASB for a prospect, that’s fine too.

It will be interesting to see if the Rangers will make an offer to Sheets before they move one of Millwood/Padilla. Surely Sheets signs somewhere before Millwood could be traded.


A Hall of Famer can and will get a no-trade clause. No flipping for prospects here.

I don’t hink I am opposed to this either, especially since it would be Mr. Hicks money and maybe Randy has a Nolan Ryan discount.

Lets evaluate the depth of pitching experience and lore that could be available to younger pitchers…

Nolan Ryan…’nuff Said
Randy Johnson…Retirement + 5yrs to get the speech ready
Mike Maddux…A grinder and a gamer who had to fight his whole career.
Greg Maddux… Already working on the speech. he is by extension I know, but even if he is just hanging with his brother some dialogue is bound to occur. Especially since it has already been mentioned he might be around in Surprise…

In summation: Duh! What young pitcher would not kill for the ooportunity to be around 1 hall of famer, 2 more that should be first ballot elections and a guy who has been in the trenches and is a respected coach by all accounts?

Methinks someone DEFINTIELY has his thinking cap on.

“Damn the dollars and full speed ahead…”

We are only going to get Johnson and Sheets if we can get rid of Millwood. Which begs the question, why do they not like that guy. Do they think he is lazy and not motiviated? It has been mentioned that he has lost 15 pounds and is working out so it may benefit the Rangers if they wait til the ASB to deal him to a contender. With our history of going through starting pitchers as often as we change our underwear, then i think we keep everyone around that may have a chance to help us win. It is called DEPTH and is often associated with winning teams. How much is Millwood’s salary? Seems kind of funny and unusually ironic that all of the players being mentioned in trades or talked about are leading the team in salary: Young, Padilla, Millwood, and Catalanotto. Cat doesn’t fit here and i say deal Young he wants to win and isn’t getting any Younger, but only if we get what we want. Which begs this question, What is it that the “organization” want? A dump salary or win a championship? Now i am not saying that investing money unwisely garners you that championship, but you don’t just make moves because of money. Which we have done and continue to do…..I think they call it “financial flexibility”. The lower the cost to the owner and the higher the cost to the fan equals profit, which i am not against. I too am a capitalist, but when the pursuit of profit above all interferes with us winning or retaining players that have done well here then it ANGERS me.

What is sad is if Johnson signs here, then he is the ACE. A 45 year old pitcher with a history of back problems. There in lies are problems. How do you correct it? Don’t trade your freaking #1 pitching prospects, no matter how much of a feel good story it is….. Which leads to this, are the Rangers talking to Josh about an extension?????

If the team does sign Johnson, it won’t be to take us to the promised land. I’ll also bet that it will not be dependent on moving Padilla or Millwood’s contracts. Millwood will be pitching for his next contract this year.

He’d be here to pitch to get to some of his milestones and to show younger pitchers how it is done. An on-field coach.

Here is betting that The Big Unit is only using us to get the money that he wants from Arizona. Used again. When are we going to get people who want to come here to play? Answer put some skins on the wall, win a division, start competing for a title, then we will get what we want.

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