Rangers-Marlins and Ben Sheets

The Rangers and the Marlins have had some discussions about Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The Marlins aren’t giving up pitching but are interested in trading outfielder Jeremy Hermida, who is 24 and hit .249 with 17 home runs and 61 RBI last year.

That could give the Rangers some outfield depth to trade for pitching. The Rays are looking for a right fielder and are trying to trade pitcher Edwin Jackson.

Also, a Major League source said Ben Sheets is looking for a two-year deal. That might be of interest to the Rangers.



Why cave to what someone else wants? I don’t believe Salty fits here, but he needs to be traded for pitching, period end of story! Looks like Teagarden is the catcher which is fine by me. I also like Ramirez and his catching skills and his toughness are far more advanced than advertised. I would like Sheets, Johnson and Guardado. I am not sure about dealing Millwood now though, especially if he really is in shape…I would trade Young in a heartbeat if i can get pitching that is close to helping us.

Sure looks like Nolan is running the show. Sorry Danny boy….

Are the Red Sox in the hunt for Salty?


Hmm…sounds like the Rays, Rangers and Marlins need to work something out.

Can’t we do better than a back-end guy with Salty on the table? Am I over-valuing him?

I like Salty as a player. That said, Salty just needs regular playing time but I still do not see him as an everyday catcher, he is just too big and takes too long to uncoil on the defensive side. He needs a position change but the current lineup here can’t afford it unless he can play third. He is having a good winter ball tour offensively but is still having trouble throwing runners out. So, Teagraden is higher on the chart as a catcher than Salty in my book.

So after all of that, The only way we trade Salty is for good young pitching. I owuld think you don’t trade him for position guys unless it is part of a multi-team deal that brings good young arms back. Jeez, Boston has been calling aboout him all winter, why do something like this with the Marlins? Folks would get over it a lot easier if we sent him to Boston for Bucholz or that young texan Mr Ryan favors even if we had to send another top prosepct as part of the deal. Besides, other than catcher, outfield was already another position of depth for this team.

Left out a bit on Sheets. I like the idea but why is his stock not as hot as Burnett or Lowe right now??? Is there something lurking the other teams are interpreting different than the Rangers?

Injury issues evidently.

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