Brewers-Rangers and The Sheffield file


The Rangers are talking to the Brewers about pitching, The Brewers need a pitcher after losing C.C. Sabathia and they like Kevin Millwood. General manager Doug Melvin has a high regard for him. Vicente Padilla is another possiblity.

The Rangers need a right-handed bat. Would they like Gary Sheffield? Maybe.

Here is what one Rangers official said, “Would consider it if they wanted to give him away. Not going to spend money there.”

Sheffield, 40, makes $14 million in 2009. He hit .225 last season with 19 home runs and 57 RBI



Sorry, I do not think Sheff is a good fit in the Rangers clubhouse, regardless of what he has left offensively. I’d go with Hank at First and Davis at Third with Max Ramirez as the DH before I’d go this route. Maybe I do not know all of the particulars on the guy but he strikes me as a “Me First” guy. Been there. Done That.

If the Rangers are gonna pay Sheffield, then why not just keep Bradley and pay him that money? Bradley is younger, friends with Hamilton and Washington evidently likes him. Sorry Cubs fans, Bradley can’t play the outfield which leads to this question, why hasn’t any other team mentioned moving him to first base? Why are we so worried about third base? I have one name for you Emerson Frostad, that kid is gonna be a player………Didn’t we have luck with the kids last year? So what is the reservation? Can Metcalf or Frostad be any worse that Vazquez? I personally would trade Mike Young for some pitching prospects. If they don’t do that then i would move Young back to second and Kinsler over to third base. You could play Duran at Second base if you dealt Young. Elvis is coming people, believe it? I can’t wait until he hits a home run in the majors and the announcers say, Elvis has left the building. Will his theme song be the one from 2010, Ba, ba, ba, baba.

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