Michael Young

The Rangers are not “quietly shopping” Michael Young at the winter meeting, according to Rangers officials. That was a rumor put out on an internet site but Rangers officials shot it down on Tuesday morning.

Said one club official, “Negative.  Tis the season…  You get asked about all sorts of things at this time of year but that story is inaccurate.”

Said another club official, “We did not come here with any intention of shopping Michael Young.”



I think we all recognize the semantical importance of rephrasing the rumor for the fandom, but the Rangers would have to listen if someone asked. And if a legitimate offer is made, they would have to legitimately consider it. After all, this would be exactly the type of trade JD could have referred to when he said that “in a good baseball trade, some of the players we might receive in return might look (like a payroll-trimming deal).” It’s just part of the overall strategy, getting younger players with higher ceilings for our veterans. Like getting Melo, who I think was the key player in the Laird deal (since ML-ready pitching wasn’t offered up).

And since MY’s trade value would seem to be decreasing annually, if the Mets or LAD or LAA or the Royals (really?) want to make an offer – let’s hear it. The real question to me would be whether any payroll savings from this type of deal would be put back into players or the draft. Or does Hicks use the cash to help other business dealings…

I like Mike Young, but, Andrus is the future SS here. I trade him, IF and only if, i can get top pitching prospects in return. The kind that are ready to step up and produce. A back of the rotation type of guy like Volquez. Do the Mets and the Dodgers have the pitching we need? If so do it, besides the new face of the franchise is Hamilton. Mikes value isn’t ever going to be any higher than it is right now, besides he probably is quietly squawking behind closed doors that he wants to win and play for a contender.

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