Monday at the Bellagio

What we are learning about the Rangers at the winter meetings….

* They may try and meet with Ben Sheets and his agent Casry Close while they are at the meetings. This may be just a courtesy meeting for a guy who lives in Dallas.

* The Giants appear to have some interest in Hank Blalock. A couple of Giants officials have confirmed this. But general manager Brian Sabean appears to be reluctant to trade for a guy who is on a one-year contract and can be a free agent after the 2009 season.

* The Braves may have some interest in Kevin Millwood if they don’t sign A.J. Burnett. The Braves are looking for one more starting pitcher. There have been clubs who have shown some interest in Millwood and Padilla if they can’t find a starting pitcher they need in the free agent market.

* The Twins are trying to move Boof Bonser and the Rays are trying to move Edwin Jackson. The Rays also like Nelson Cruz. The Rangers aren’t likely to trade Cruz for Jackson but there may be more talk.

* The Rangers are trying to drum up interest in Frank Catalanotto.

* The Cubs have expressed some serious interest in Milton Bradley. The Rays are also investigating that possibility.




Blalock may get us a pitcher, “a back end of the rotation type of guy.” Sometimes those types turn into Edinson VOLQUEZ….I hear Millwood has lost 15 pounds, not sure if i dump him this year i may wait until the ASB to see if you can get a better deal. Same for Padilla, unless i can get what i want now, i wait til ASB to deal to contenders. The Yankees almost got Millwood last year, surely he will improve next year, can he get worse? Padilla may get worse.

Edwin Jackson for Cruz. Do it. Jackson would be the ace of the staff. Cruz has had one good month and will be 29 in July.

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