Dombrowki on the trade

Dave Dombrowski on acquiring Gerald Laird: “He’s a proven big league catcher who was on the top of our list to acquire this winter, a good all-around player who fits one of our biggest needs.”

Dombrowki said the Rangers and Tigers focused on Laird rather than Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Taylor Teagarden: “We like those guys but in our conversations with Jon (Daniels), it was his preference to keep the young guys. They like Teagarden and Saltalamacchia. We focused on Laird. We thought where we are, we needed to have a guy who could handle a pitching staff and had some Major League experience. That was our preference.”



It was Jon Daniel’s preference to keep the young guys because Detroit couldn’t give up the pitching required to pry Salty or Teagarden away. Actually, the Tigers didn’t have enough pitching to make that kind of trade.

Another article notes that Detroit had Laird rated higher than Varitek (good luck to him after rejecting arbitration).

Detroit did good.

Detroit should not fall down in the floor laughing about how they took the Rangers pants down since they might be able to steal some more front line players before the meetings are over. Did Daniels really trade a front line catcher, who can throw and has shown he can hit .300 for a Class A ‘maybe’ and a teenager? I am trying to think of a nicer word than stupid, but I can’t.

Umm…please tell me when Laird has hit .300? Look at his stats….those of you who are negative minded seriously need to get your facts straight before you come out here bashing people. Was it a good trade? In my opinion, its always best to move someone who no longer wants to work for you, regardless how talented they are or what you get back. The fact that JD got a couple of arms that at least have a decent chance of making the club in the future when he had 3 other in house options to fill Laird’s spot says quite a bit.

I am glad we got the pitching, however, did we get the best deal or did we again deal too early? Laird is a good catcher and seems to be a nice guy. But it still seems like we wanted to move on and sold a player short. Does Daniels know the word no, or i am sorry but i have to have that guy if you want my guy????

Besides if those two pitchers become pitching prospects aren’t they more likely to be traded to another team that asks and gets what it wants? Do not trade if you don’t get what you want, it is called negotiation, not trade for the mere purpose of trading, dumping 3 million dollars. Does the word multi tasking mean anything to these people or do they have to settle one thing in order to move onto another. Saltalamanchu can’t carry Laird’s jock as a player period end of story.

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