Smoak signs


The Rangers have signed first baseman Justin Smoak… the deal will be announced shortly… No terms yet but it is a Minor League contract…. Yonder Alfonso signed a $4.5 million deal with the Reds and he was taken seventh overall. Smoak was No. 11…


Smoak’s price turns out to be 3.5 mil with that minor league deal… that musta taken some pretty good negotiating by JD. I thought we’d have to go above 4 mil or give him a ML contract myself but much like when we drafted him, this is a pleasant suprise.

Whether Smoak ultimately turns out to be our future first baseman or eventual trade bait, this signing was imperative.

The saga continues, Rangers push same story, switch hitting first baseman of the future…….Davis looks like he has that position sewn up for awhile….. Do we really need a switch hitting first baseman destined to leave for bigger money if he hits it big? We started out having problems signing to begin with? Our pitching stinks and we need starting pitching period end of story. To draft anything besides that is just well RIDICULOUS. We have a 2 to 3 year window to get the pitching right before we start back downward. The bottom line is these young players want to win, and can’t continue to be 10 runs down before they get to hit. RIDICULOUS. At this point I ask again who are we depending on next year Padilla and Millwood, then whom else?

Could the D W I D R E GOD be right again? The Rangers are 61-62 with 39 to play. The dwi predicted a 71-91 finish. We have to go 10-29 the rest of the way is it going to happen? Do i win that refrigerator if it does? Would that be two years in a row that the god got the record right, yet according to some knows nothing about this team. I love Hamilton and never doubted his ability. But even with his possible MVP status who would have had more of an impact Volquez or him? Quick name the last Ranger pitcher to win 20 games in a season? Hint it wasn’t Millwood, McCarthy or Padilla. Are the Rangers gonna get 35 wins from Millwood and Padilla? Is it time for the Rangers to divorce themselves from Millwood? Doesn’t Millwood realize that if he wins a few games pitches halfway decent that he is gonna be on a one way ticket out of Rangerland? What exactly were the Yankees offering for Millwood? What happened to the MARKETING spin on Rangers competing for wildcard that lasted about three days? Those Red Sox sure did point out the fact that it is all about the pitching. How do you score 17 runs and not win? I was wrong about Washington and think he should get next year. But if he does finish 10-29 with 91 losses do he and Daniels both get fired? I have to admit i love squinty eyed Wash and this pitching staff isn’t his fault. Which leads us to this are the Rangers really going to go after Sabathia in the fall? Who decided to get rid of Galarraga? IF we keep him and he does for us what he is doing for the Tigers, is that Wilkerson for Soriano deal better? Absolutely. Is the cut and paste artist reading and ready to blast the god, absolutely…..What and angry hefe he is……

If Smoak makes the major league team in 3 years and hits 30 homers and drives in 100 plus runs will it really help this team win the world series or are we better off drafting college pitchers that are closer to being ready. Is Ross merely the next Rangers young left handed pitcher to be dealt and destined for greatness on another team?

First of all, your not a god. Now that I’ve stated the painfully obvious, you may be right in your prediction. This is the worst pitching I have ever seen and I’ve been a Rangers fan my entire life so I know what bad pitching looks like. Dwid your sinker is probably better than Mendoza’s. . . at least according to”the god” it is. What’s not better coming from a “god”. The supernatural on the Rangers blog. . .wow!

Man, a losing run sure brings d’god back with a vengence. But he is of course quite right when he says we should only draft pitchers, and that by extension we should fill up all 73 places on the 40 man roster with the aforementioned pitchers. Most of them are pretty good all round athletes, so we could use them to play IF and OF while they’re waiting for a turn to pich. They can’t hit, you say? Doesn’t matter. Pitching is everything.

I agree with everything you had to say, Jon. Spot on. The emergence of Chris Davis kind of stacked the deck in the Rangers favor from a bargaining standpoint along with the fact that if Smoak hadn’t signed they’d have received a relatively high pick next June as compensation. He could net the Rangers an impact pitcher soon.

“Could the D W I D R E GOD be right again?” – To be “right again” you’d have had to been right once already. What have you been right about? Kevin Mench opening day right fielder? Jon Daniels and Ron Washington fired by the all star break? .435 winning percentage? Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

I’m sure the Rangers will make a competitive offer to Sabathia, but I can’t see him being interested in pitching in the Texas heat. I bet he gets money whipped by the Yankees or stays in the NL because he likes to hit.

Jon Daniels has to be held accountable for giving Galarraga away, but Connor is kind of the fall guy in this situation. Daniels was acting on the advice of Connor by keeping Mendoza over Galarraga, but the final say so must have been Daniels’.

If (when) they don’t get Sabathia or Sheets I’d rather they go with the young guys as opposed to bringing in some veteran like Paul Byrd or Derek Lowe. Although Jon Garland is interesting, I’m sure he’ll get the massive contract of a top of the rotation guy even though he’s really a durable middle of the rotation type.

You’d have to think at this point that the top 3 would be Padilla, Millwood and Feldman. That would leave McCarthy, Hurley, Harrison, Hunter and whoever is potentially brought in when one of the catchers is dealt to compete for the last 2 spots.

We should know more about McCarthy by the end of the season. Now that Connor is gone and Brandon has lengthened his stride back to where it was when he was in Chicago, he’s generating more power from his lower half and not putting the pressure on his shoulder that the shorter stride brought about. It’s for that reason that I think next season you’ll see a Brandon McCarthy more like ’05 and ’06 (1.25 WHIP, more that 2 K’s for every BB) than the right-handed Justin Thompson that Connor created when he shortened McCarthy’s stride.

“…..What and angry hefe he is……” – Feel free to needle away without adding anything productive or actually bothering to attempt to refute anything I say. Repetitive blather is your strong suite anyway, not logic, right?

“We have a 2 to 3 year window to get the pitching right before we start back downward.” – What are you basing that statement on? I’d love to hear you back that one up, but I’m guessing you won’t. With Hamilton under control for until 2012 (at least), Kinsler, Young, Murphy and Saltalamacchia until 2013, and Chris Davis, Max Ramirez, Taylor Teagarden, Brandon Boggs, and German Duran until at least 2014, there’s a solid offensive nucleus in place for quite some time. Plus there’s Smoak, Andrus, Mayberry, Borbon, Vellejo, Tracy, Lemon, Beltre and Santana at various levels in the minors, some of whom will be impact players in the future. The pitching should improve over the next 2-3 years, but the window is significantly bigger than that.

“If Smoak makes the major league team in 3 years and hits 30 homers and drives in 100 plus runs will it really help this team win the world series or are we better off drafting college pitchers that are closer to being ready.” – What’s preventing them from developing Smoak for 1-2 years in the minors and trading him for pitching? What pitcher did you want to take with the 11th pick that was going to make a quick impact? Crow and Matusz were off the board by that time. I’m betting you don’t have an answer, only more complaints.

Nice post, hefe. Should keep our friend quiet for at least an hour.

hefe don’t expect any rational reply only the usual hot air and noise. I still remember all the noise to fire RW at the first of the year. d(God) only talks negativity, never anything good. Just got back from the game tonite where we won 3-0 over the Rays. d(GOD) isn’t going to say anything about the superb game Harrison pitched or the great catch Hamilton made. I have even heard rumors about some fans in Cinci would like to have a redo on the Hamilton trade. The Rangers have a plan it is just like all business plans sometimes they run a litttle short of cash(pitchers). REMEMBER ONE THING THIS IS A GAME. We are going in the right direction because Nolan Ryan has taken
it personal about winning and if some people don’t think that then watch what is going to happen. Next time d(GOD)
sees Nolan at the steak house ask him.

Harrison’s start tonight was really encouraging. You’re not going to see 8 K’s a night from him often, but he’s got a chance to be a legit #2 or 3 type starter with consitency with can only come from experience. The most impressive part was him coming back out for the 8th after a long bottom of the 7th, going over 100 pitches and continuing to dominate. Hamilton’s catch made it look even better, but he was flat out great tonight. 3 baserunners in 8 innings against a solid offense. Hopefully he can get on a roll.

As if enough attention hasn’t already been given to dwi’s rant. Let me add this. BALANCE. I don’t think that you can say that you’re only going to draft pitchers. There has to be a balance of talent. You use the strengths to strengthen your weaknesses. And, if anyone is ready to crown Davis as a lock on first base for the future, please allow me to remind you about one Dave Hostetler. It has been nice to have some insurance at catcher and it will be nice to have insurance at first base. That is better known as depth. Dwi earlier in the year called for the development of young players. Many of us agreed and that is exactly what we are seeing. The painful sight of our young pitchers getting pounded right now is going to pay off in the future. We are eyewitnesses to this development. I mourn the loss of some good arms to recent past mistakes, but I still believe the future looks bright. I am perfectly willing to watch Harrison, Feldman, Mendoza, Mathis, McCarthy, Hurley, etc. struggle as they learn this game. Some will make it while others won’t. We have several young pitchers waiting in the wings to step in for their shot. I am equally excited about Andrus, Borbon, Beltre, and now Smoak, etc. on the offensive side of the ball. The Rangers are at the beginning stages of developing a program that may be conducive to long term consistency. I am willing to watch this develop. Once they reach that, then they can think about adding pieces to take us to the next level. We still have a hope that we haven’t had in recent years and it is fun and hard to watch but the ends will justify the means.

By the way, not many breaks go the Rangers’ way when it comes to young players. But, Smoak should’ve been drafted earlier and he slipped right into our hands. Nice break. And, what a great name for the play by play guys to call after he smokes a line drive somewhere. What kind of defense does Chris Davis play at third? His “baseball antichrist” agent is losing his luster so don’t assume we can’t resign him and he is Teixeira. Even if he is like Tex, things worked out well for our Rangers in that one so bring it on!

Davis has decent hands and an above average arm. His move to first base was due to poor lateral range.

If they look at moving him back to third at some point it, his arm strength could allow him to play deeper at third to compensate for his lack of mobility, although I think you’ll see Michael Young make the move over there by 2010 if not sooner. I only saw Davis play third once, but I got the impression that he could handle the ball him right at him, but not much more. I’ve be surprised by how nimble he looks at first base. His arm would play in right field, but you run into the same range isssues that hurt him on the left side of he infield.

He’s scuffling right now, hitting .179 in his last 15 games. He’s going to have to make adjustments based on how pitchers are attacking him.

Been thinking about an earlier post of your’s, hefe. “Repetative blather”. Blather? A word I havn’t heard since I was an unergraduate at Glasgow University. West of Scotland dialect, I believe of old norse etimology. It means to talk foolishly at length. Totally appropriate, of course. Are you revealing your roots……?

Nah, I’m from rural Oklahoma.

Don’t understand D-god ranting about the poor pitching (by the young pitchers). Earlier in the season he was crying about getting rid of the veterans and going to an all youth line-up. Well that is basically what we have.

Also, why does everyone believe Young will move to third? My understanding is he has stated he isn’t interested in moving. If there was to be a move, Young is proven to be a good second baseman. So why not Kinsler at third?

Michael moving to 3rd? Just a hunch with Kinsler under long term control at 2nd and Blalock having 1 year left on his contract at 3rd. I guess it just seems less disruptive.

If Elvis shows the same month by month progression at Oklahoma next year as he’s shown at Frisco this year he’s going to force his way up by September.

OK, hefe, but even Sooners had to come from somewhere….

Most Sooners at least on the Football team come from??????????Well….Texas. At least 80 percent of their players come from the great State of Texas, often referred to as Native Texans. Yet all we hear is we beat Texas, we beat Texas. Well if you are paying Texas players with a $50,000 scholarship and you beat Texas who is really winning. And people i want to develop our young pitchers, i believe it is the only way we will ever get that Ace that we will need. What i have consistently said and continue to say is lets not repeat the mistakes of the past. Lets not think that two veteran pitchers will put us over the top, ala Eaton and Otsuka for Gonzalez , and Young and Danks and Massett for Alfred E. Newman….It isn’t an either or postion, “we will keep Mendoza instead of Galarraga” That is the same type of lack of MENTALITY that got Young traded, a belief that he and Loe were the same player. We all saw what that got us. Especially with these young pitchers what are they making $300,000+. What would the harm have been to keep Galarraga and Tejada? For the past 2 to 3 years the Rangers have gone through at least 13 or more starting pitchers per year. Could we, should we have known that we might need some depth to draw from? This is what irks me. Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. If this organization would just remember that and adopt it this team would be better off. I want to keep Wash and Dan, but Nolan may just pull the plug who knows. I was wrong on Wash, the guy has spunk and is resilient. Daniels i think, well it is better not to think of him, but who replaces him and what is the learning curve. The biggest thing that i don’t want us to do is to trade a pitching prospect for some Eaton type of pitcher. It is just too damn risky. So stockpile the minors with some pitchers, draft one that wants a ton of money, like a Porcello, pay the piper and it just may pay us………The bottom line is pitchiing wins championships it will be the common denominator of all the 8 playoff teams. The teams with the best pitching will win it all. And remember the god, told you up front, “it is fools gold” to count on 35 wins from Padilla and Millstone for 35 wins. Padilla wasn’t the culprit this year but Millstone, well is just Millstone, the ace of the staff, ha ha. If we are depending on Millstone and Padilla again next year for 35 wins, well it is scary. I personally thought Nippert might do well and has pitched well in relief. But let the young guys take their lumps. At this point Harrison has got to be in there. But i get tired of us every year going through 15 to 20 different starters? Does anyone else see this as a problem???

And people i am just having fun, venting. I am not a bad person as some on here seem to believe. I like this team, i am the charter member of the Cinco. Remember the five that wanted a total rebuild job. Maybe next year, Millwood and Padilla could win 28 games each, both put it together in the same season. But, i would definitely trade Cat he doth not fit, Salty if i could get a pitcher for him and well i hate to say it i trade Blalock to someone who wants to pick up his option. Then i would move Young to third, bring up Andrus and re-sign Bradley as DH. I would like to see Sheets here as free agent only if it isn’t god awful money. What would this team look like if we had gotten Beckett from the Marlins?

“It isn’t an either or postion, “we will keep Mendoza instead of Galarraga”” – Actually, it kind of is. There is not an unlimited amount of roster space. You have 40 spots. We’d have been better off dumping Kam Loe or Wes Littleton in hindsight, but it’s just that: hindsight. Loe and Littleton were getting ready to come to Spring training to compete for bullpen spots and Galarraga had been mediocre in the Texas League.

Kam Loe and Chris Young are the same pitcher? Anyone who’s watched these 2 knows that Loe is and extreme groundballer while Young is an extreme flyballer. No wonder you can’t find a link or a quote from anyone in the organization saying they were the same pitcher. None such quote exists. You made it up.

Porcello? He demanded a major league contract meaning that he goes on the 40 man roster right out of high school and in 3 years his options are burned and he has to be on the active big league 25 man roster ready or not. The roster spot issue (again it’s not unlimited) and the uncertain nature of projecting what an 18 year old is going to be like in 3 years are why you have the best prep pitcher in the draft getting taken 27th overall, not money. Your clear misunderstanding of the situation (and many others) is why you get ripped so much around here. You clearly don’t get it. The reason the Tigers are able to use a spot on the 40 for Porcello is because thier minor league system stinks. They don’t have the amount of players to protect that we do. Those, as you are fond of saying, are the facts.

Tigerplan inded. I’m glad you aren’t running this franchise if Tigerplan is having one of the worst minor league systems in baseball, a bloated major league payroll and mediocre results.

“So stockpile the minors with some pitchers” – Where the hell have you been? What you’re suggesting should happen has been happening and for some reason you refuse to acknowledge it. Baseball America said “No team has more high-ceiling young pitching than the Rangers.” in April and now here you are months later with your radical philosophy of amassing pitching talent in the minors. Brilliant.

As far as the football stuff; thank you. I thank you, Bob Stoops thanks you and Sooner Nation thanks you. I’ve been to Austin. It’s really nice. Great night life that should attract the best in state recruits from one of the top 3 recruiting grounds in the country and yet so many top young talents choose to take I-35 to come to Norman, OK. I don’t know why, I just know I enjoy it.

“OK, hefe, but even Sooners had to come from somewhere….” England, Germany and pre-Columbian Mississippi.

It was said of Lord Byron that he was “….mad, bad and dangerous to know.” – Caroline Lamb. No one here suggests you’re bad, d’god, and I doubt that you’re dangerous, even though you are a “rough man”.

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