Fukumori down, Blalock on hold

The Rangers have sent down pitcher Kazuo Fukumori to make room for Sidney Ponson. Third baseman Hank Blalock is not in the lineup because of a strained hamstring and will not play in the next two games. But the Rangers haven't put him on the disabled list. They are hoping he'll be ready to go sometime next week. More on the website


Nice job from Saltalamachia in the first three innings tonight…2 strikeouts and a passed balll…sharp!

I have always been behind Washington throughout this miserable stretch of Rangers baseball, including last year’s dreadful start. This year seems to be the same. No doubt, Washington should be on the hot seat but up until now I had hope that he could straighten out the defense and begin making the right decisions.

In tonight’s game versus Minnesota, Sidney Ponson was pitching excellent. His sinker or two-seamer was working great. But the fifth inning brought him undeserved trouble. In Ranger-esck fashion, the defense began to boot the ball around the field while Ponson continued to get ground balls. Instead of substituting Vasquez who had injured himself during the inning attempting to catch a throw from Ponson, Washington substituted Ponson for Jamie Wright. Wright came in with two men on and walked the first batter and later relinquished the Ranger’s lead. Why make that move? Ponson was pitching well and his pitch count seemed low; his previous starts in Oklahoma went seven innings according to Grieve and Lewin. Ponson wasn’t making the errors (excluding the one scored against him in which Vasquez missed the his throw largely because he had rolled his ankle). Instead, Ponson was pitching well. WHY MAKE THAT MOVE? Washington seemed to press the eject button too soon and again the Rangers lost the lead. It’s currently in the 7th while I write this thread but no matter the result of this game, I think us Rangers fans deserve a change. This from a pro-Wash fan.

Saltalamacchia is now 1 for 3 with a walk. Maybe not sharp but definitely not bad. Salty just came up. Give him a chance that lasts longer than three innings and longer than half a season sharing time with Laird.

Now that Ron seems to be on his way out.. Which he should be because Rangers games are getting hard to watch. I mean I was really sick to my stomach watching the defense tonight. Who would be a list of coaches that we would look at if and when Ron does get let go?

Re: Salty:

He finished the night 1-3 with 2 walks. Not too bad for a guy who had not played for four consecutive days. It looked like he didn’t have his timing quite right in his first AB, but he got it going as the night progressed, and showed a good batting eye.

He needs to play full time though, none of the “splitting time with Laird” crap. Laird is the past – the Rangers need to make peace with the fact that he’s a backup catcher, both in trade value and in value to this team, and let Salty take the reins from here on out.

They called him up, now they need to play him.


Let’s make the Saltalamachia story complete….add 1 runner not caught stealing to the passed ball….the guy belongs in AAA honing his skills. No one said he was dogmeat but just what we need right now is not a guy who’s not making the plays…we had enough other guys doing that.

Was catching and Laird the real problem with this team? Last time i checked he was hitting around .260 and playing decent defense. Typical Rangers “organizational” move to create excitement. Ha! Star-Telegram writes in Sundays edition, Ryan and Daniels request patience. Patience for what? I personally have seen enough, 8-17, 9 games under .500, .320 winning percentage, 7 games out. Washington should have already been fired. Is he really the guy to manage a young team? Since we are reportedly REBUILDING???? He won’t even play Botts while Broussard continues to stink it up. Daniels would be all for firing Washington if he didn’t have to go himself. Nolan is really proving that he was just brought here to sell tickets. Step up and be a man Nolan. Fire them all. Or is this just a larger part of your plan to let this team implode thereby forcing a beleagured Hicks to sell the team to you? Lets see how patient they are when they are drawing about 7,500 fans or less a game. At this point, and i have already done this, i watch my childrens games. My 12 year old went 4 for 4 yesterday, threw out two would be baserunners and blocked the plate to prevent another run from scoring. His team is also the Rangers but they are 3-2 playing good baseball and have a manager that teaches the fundamentals of the game. If and when they make an error, they are Coached on what they did wrong and they usually make the play the next time. Go Grapevine Bronco Rangers!!!!

For those of you who are scoring at home, winning 3 out of 5 is a .600 winning percentage. Which brings me to this question. What exactly is our philosophy? They say that we are rebuilding, but they trade our top two pitching prospects? They say we are rebuilding, but the only young guys i see playing are Murphy, Ham, Kinsler and now Salt. The holes in this team are at first base and the torch club. Their are more young guys named Botts, Duran, and Davis. They say we are rebuilding, but they play Cat, Broussard, Bradley, Jennings, and Guardado. Broussard should have been cut or traded already, he can’t hit left handers, yet Mr. Washington plays him everday. Is Broussard our firstbaseman if we are rebuilding? Is Wash our manager if we are rebuilding? Patience is a virtue until you have about 7,500 people coming to see you. I won’t pay to see it, and evidently this is going to be the only thing that is going to cause the do something. What do we do wait, until we are 15 games under .500, 20 games out to make a move? What a joke? Washington is what he is and in his limited managerial experience, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING HIS TEAMS DO DIGRESS IN HIS SECOND SEASON. If we keep him for the full year, and i just don’t think you can do that, you are looking at a 71-91 record. What happened to that best record in baseball after the all-star break? How they had turned it around. When the games don’t count, then they play. When the chips are on the line, they cave to the pressure. We stink, and will continue to do so, until we get a whole new coaching staff and a fresh start for some of these players. Are we really this bad? Or is there something else going on?

Courtney where are you? Ham is a player, but Volquez is too. So is Danks. So far we now have Salty on the major league roster for Soriano, Lee, Gonzales, Young, Rodriguez, Texiera, and Danks. Is it any wonder that this team is STRUGGLING. Do something about it. Do it now! I wish Ryan would get Daniels in a head lock and Ventura him and Washington both. Washington just makes moves to be making moves, he is very insecure. It sounded like the vote of confidence from Ryan and Daniels. It isn’t Ron’s fault. He is the manager, he is accountable for his team. It won’t be much longer probably within 2 weeks and that will have been 2 weeks too late.

Fred, what exactly do you expect from Salty? We knew to expect the basestealers, has his throwing is never gonna be anything special. That SB didn’t cost us anything. It amazes me how people like to slam Salty. That’s actually his first passed ball of the entire season, as he had ZERO in OKC.

We know he’s not gonna be anymore than an average defensve catcher, no matter how much he “hones” his skills. We just have to live with it, because Salty’s real asset is his bat – give that some time to materialize.

That’s why he needs to play every day, in the Majors, so his bat can materialize and develop against ML pitching.

I think we learned with Nelson Cruz and Jason Botts you can’t learn how to hit in the majors by hitting in AAA


Back off the youth. Last year after the “big” trade with Atlanta, Salty was introduced to the Rangers as a catcher yet split his time at two positions having to adjust each game. His bat is his asset which the above thread points out. However, he can’t show that asset because he had to constantly focus on two positions at the age of 22–at catcher and first base. Now that he is here again, the organization needs to make a decision on whether or not they see him as their future catcher. And if so, he MUST get the majority of playing time. This would put Laird on the bench and effectively turn him into a trading chip. If they don’t see him as their future catcher he needs to be thought of as a DH. Take Cat out of the DH rotation and insert Satly even if he isn’t your DH of the future. This would give him the best opportunity at getting ABs and as a result, help develop him into a big league hitter for either the Rangers or for another team that the Rangers would trade him to for hopefully top talent. No matter what, Salty was liked in Atlanta for a reason. Atlanta seems to know what they are doing in scouting therefore, Rangers can’t neglect giving him chances. And they seem to be doing that right now. It’s up to the organization to make a decision and the fans to be patient.

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