Opening Day lineup vs. Erik Bedard

Manager Ron Washington has set his Opening Day lineup. Here is what Erik Bedard will be facing

2B Ian KinslerAagy109_8x102006fieldingactionhankblaloc_2

SS Michael Young

CF Josh Hamilton

3B Hank Blalock

DH Milton Bradley

LF David Murphy

RF Marlon Byrd

C Gerald Laird

1B Ben Broussard

Yes, Washington is going with Blalock at cleanup hitter. He said Bradley is not ready for the role and Blalock has convinced him that he can bat cleanup. Frank Catalanotto will be on the bench for Opening Day but will still be out there plenty against right-handed pitchers. Broussard will bat last.

Hamilton was at DH on Thursday but will be in center on Opening Day. Bradley is close but not ready for the outfield.

Released from the Minor Leagues: Chris Stewart, Jason Davis and Edgardo Alfonzo.


glad to see that murphy is in the lineup only because milton bradley is the dh

Hey Botts makes the team and sits against Bedard? What is the purpose of having a right handed hitting first baseman if he doesn’t hit against the tough lefty? Everyone and i believe everyone knows that Broussard doesn’t hit left handed pitching so why does he start over Botts? The mere fact that Broussard is batting 9th is an admission by Washington that Broussard can’t hit left handers well. Blalock is a bad idea as clean up hitter against a left handed pitcher. Maybe i am wrong. Regardless, i won’t be staying up late to watch any west coast games with 9;30 P.M. start times.

Folks, While I don’t consider myself a memeber of the Washington bandwagon, Go back thru the last 10 days or so of box scores. You shuold come to the conclusion this can be a dangerous line up at best for any opposing pitcher especially 1-4. 1-4 is .400 plus for the spring so we can take a bit off that for real pitching but these guys are looking like monsters out of the gate. The rest look like they want to knock on the door of 300. Did JD solve the offense problem? This team looks like they can put up some runs in the early returns.

I am excited about Hamilton. We have had strong offensive teams in the past. In fact, last year was one of the years when we didn’t. The bottom line is the starting pitching is going to dictate what this team does. IF Millwood and Padilla can stay healthy return to 2006 stats then this very well could be a dangerous team. I still think that it is fools gold to depend on 34 wins from those two. But it can happen. So i got the spring fever, until April proves otherwise. If we can just play .500 ball in April and not be 20 games out by May then there is some hope.

:o Did dwidregod just make a pseudo positive comment on the current rangers? Unbelievable.

I have to say, I’m a little suprised at the release of Chris Stewart. He wasn’t ever gonna be starting material, but I thought he would have made a better backup than Adam Melhuse. Heck, just about anyone would make a better backup than him.

We’ve got a lot of catching depth, but of that depth, only Salty and Laird are playable in the Majors – so I was kind of suprised to see Stewart let go like that.

my prediction for the rangers this year: a record of 92-70
only if the pitching stays healthy i think we can do it

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