Light trade winds

Now comes the time of year when trade talks pick up. Nothing major but…

The Reds, Brewers, Devil Rays and Padres have all called the Rangers and asked about catcher Gerald Laird. Problem is they look at him as a potential backup and the Rangers see him as their Opening Day catcher. The Rangers still think Jarrod Saltalamacchia needs to finish off his catching skills at Triple A and have Adam Melhuse – who has looked good this spring – be the backup.

The Mariners and the Devil Rays have at least inquired about outfielder Nelson Cruz, who doesn’t appear likely to make the team. Seems like the Mets could use some outfield help as well. The Rangers seem to be internally debating the question of Kevin Mench vs. Jason Botts for the final spot on the roster.

The Botts vs. Mench debate is especially fierce. This is going to be an interesting decision because either way will not be unanimous.

The Marlon Byrd/Cubs rumor continues to persist. But the Cubs won’t give up the young pitching that the Rangers initially demanded. The Rangers also aren’t inclined to give up some of their outfield depth because of health uncertainties involving Milton Bradley and Josh Hamilton.

Some Japanese clubs have asked about some of the Rangers excess relievers.


TRADE SALTY? IS SOMEONE KIDDING? This is the single most stupid thing considered since getting Brad Wilkerson for Alfonso Soriano. STUPID!

Salty was the shining light of the Braves farm system, and we got the most highly-touted player in their farm system for heavy-hitting, slick-fielding Mark Texiera. In NO WAY, should we trade Salty! You hear the fans’ voices JD? You hear it Liverpool Tom?

The problem is, Salty should be getting fielding tutelage at first base by a Steve Smith-like gifted coach, and, like Tex, make Salty into a superlative fielder to go with his tremendous upside on offense. He switch hits, hits for power, and last year he displayed power and is poised to be a true stud. PROBLEM IS: Our “illustrious” manager, the same one who told Gerald Laird to “not worry about his hitting” last year, should leave Gerald alone at Catcher, and move Salty to first base—-NO EXCEPTIONS. Salty is not going to play catcher, with Teagarden ready in a short while. PLEASE JD, WASH, and LIVERPOOL, listen to reason.

Book this: We will rue the day we trade Salty. He should be manning first base for years and years to come, or until Liverpool Tom refuses to pay him what he’s worth.

Trading Salty is STUPID! I hope others agree, and if some in the front office manages to read this, you might reconsider this notion. It’s stupid.

Oops, forgot to comment on the Mench-Botts debate.

Trade Botts.

Keep Mench.

One is proven in the Major Leagues and can field, one hits from October through March. I hope we wouldn’t rue the day we traded Botts, but I’m willing to take that chance in order to have a competent Major League hitter and fielder, in an outfield needing healthy (and proven productive) fielders.

If we can find some GM we can hoodwink, much like Jon Daniels early on with Soriano-Wilkerson, maybe we could get some competent pitcher for Botts.

If the concern is the health of our outfielders, we certainly don’t need to trade Marlon Byrd OR Kevin Mench.

The only scenario where I’d be for trading Saltalamacchia is if it were for a young, frontline starter. Then we could make do with Laird until Teagarden is ready. There was a Salty for Ian Snell rumor out there for a while, but that’s probably dead since Snell just got extended. Maybe somebody like Homer Bailey, although Bailey’s walk rates scare the Bejesus out of me.

Hopefully they can get something for Cruz. I don’t see how he could have much value when the entire free world knows that he’s not going to make this team and is out of options.

I like Botts, hope he makes the club and becomes a solid major leaguer here, but I’m doubting it more and more.

First timer here. Go Rangers! Bingo, there wasn’t mention about trading Salty, but, rather, the Rangers refusal to trade Laird, their starting catcher for the upcoming season. Salty will go to OKC to refine his skills at catcher. We might rue the day we didn’t put Salty at first, but that remains to be seen. We’ll see how he and Teagarden progresses. May they both not lose trade value and the best player win out.

Not to nitpick, TR… but based on your last post, you like to be correct, so: there’s no “Devil” in the Tampa Bay Rays anymore. It’s just plain “Rays” these days.

As to more serious issues… I wish the Rangers would trade Gerald Laird now. Intrest is going to go way down once the season starts, and he has to face right-handed pitching again… the guy is nothing more than a backup player, who should play primarily against LHP. Every other team in the league knows this… whay won’t the Rangers admit it to themselves?

Just like the Marlon Byrd/Cubs situation, the Rangers have a habit of vastly overrating their players when it comes to the trade market. I wish it would stop, so we could get on with the rebuilding.

“The Rangers have a habit of vastly overrating their players when it comes to the trade market.” Jon, Jon, Jon. Yeah we can tell that by the players we have received in return for Soriano, Cordero, Young, Gonzales, and Texiera. I wish we would stop trading our players because of financial decisions. Michael Young will be yelling at the top of his lungs, screaming to exit here soon enough as the losses mount. Saltalamacchia should be first baseman and Chris Davis should be outfielder. We doth not have any outfielders. Teagarden is future catcher here if he doesn’t get hurt he ain’t that far off. Playing Salt at catcher is not necessary. I want Laird and Cat dealt off this team. Cat is going because of his money deal and doesn’t really fit.

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