Nolan Ryan is coming back

Nolan Ryan is returning to the Rangers as club president. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that Ryan will be announced as the new club president today. More on the website


Merry Christmas Ranger fans….

Hopefully, he will be given some control and continue the rebuilding, and not just a figurehead.

Can we submit questions for the press conference this afternoon?

Is he just going to be involved on the business side? Daniels has done a good job building the system and it would be a shame if they changed direction again.

Nolan is going to bring some much needed energy and competitiveness to this organization. I can’t wait to see the results. Welcome back Nolan! We might need you to pitch.

Yeah, someone needs to get the jersey off the wall and get it dry cleaned.

I think this is a great move. Direct results may take a bit to manifest themselves but it is yet another positive step.

As one of the bloggers suggested, “Maybe he’ll put Padilla in a headlock and knock some sense into that thick skull.”

Glad the Rangers were able to get him away from Houston. Not really expecting this to have a huge impact, but it couldn’t hurt.

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Is this a precursor to Nolan running for Govenor and then President? It worked for “W”, so it could work for him. Nolan could probably get elected to any office in Texas, but I’m sure he has better things to do than sling mud and toss around pork, which seems to be all that politicians do these days.

This is a great move by the Rangers. Nolan will be a great PR guy, and he’s not too shabby on the buisiness end of things either.

My only concern is whether or not it would mean the end of JD, but since they’ve given him an extension, this means great things for our club and the rebuilding movement all around. Welcome back, Express – we missed ya.

I’m not aware of the Rangers corporate “flow chart,” but wouldn’t JD have to be relegated to the background now? If the club President is Nolan’s title, I can’t see how Nolan would just handle the “business” side….Nolan is first and foremost a baseball guy. Either Nolan can make his own hire for the General Manager OR Nolan will BE the de facto General Manager. JD best not be too comfortable at this point–even with the extension he received.

I’m ecstatic Nolan is here–I only wish he’d hire Sandy Johnson to restock the farm system and hire Fergie Jenkins as Major League pitching coach/roving organization teacher……but, hey, I best lay low and let Nolan do his thing. Still, I wonder where JD fits in at this point. And by the way, since Ron is JD’s guy, I wonder how long it will be till Mike Hargrove (another TRUE Texan) mans the dugout as Manager.

Very interesting…and as much as I detest giving Tom Hicks any credit, I must give it to him for peeling Nolan away from the ‘Stros. KUDOS Liverpool Tom!

P.S….Please don’t wine and dine “The Rocket”–he’s likely out of fuel, luck, and here’s hoping Clemens won’t pique Liverpool Tom’s interest any longer.

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