Monday Morning Manager…Hey, I Wrote a Book

All right boys and girls, I’m sure you showed up here to give your opinion on all things Rangers related. Instead you are going to read something else.Book_1

I wrote a book.

The book is titled: "Podnuh, Let Me Tell You a Story," and it is about Rangers super-scout Mel Didier, who has been in baseball for 54 years. He and I basically wrote the book together. I did the actual writing, he was the one who told the stories.

Incredible stories.

* Mel was the advance scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers who told Kirk Gibson the night before Game 1 of the 1988 World Series to "watch out for the back door slider" from Oakland reliever Dennis Eckersley. Gibson was waiting for the back-door slider the next day when he came up in the ninth inning against Eckersley.

* Didier was the first scouting director of the Montreal Expos and basically found Andre Dawson at Florida A&M when no other team had any idea of who he was. He also drafted Gary Carter, Ellis Valentine and Steve Rogers and signed Larry Parrish after he went undrafted.

* Didier also drafted Jack Scalia, a pitcher who later became an actor in Hollywood. How Scalia went from baseball to acting is a great story.

* Didier was Al Campanis’ right-hand man with the Dodgers for several years and helped put together the 1988 world championship team.

* Didier was the first farm director for the Arizona Diamondbacks and – along with Buck Showalter, Sandy Johnson and others – had a major role in putting together that world championship team.

* Didier was big in Latin America. He was one of the first scouts to try and penetrate the Cuban market, he helped establish the Mexican Baseball Academy and he recommended the Dodgers sign Fernando Valenzuela.

This is simply a hardcore baseball book full of great baseball stories by a man who has been in baseball for 54 years and is still working full-time for the Rangers. You have to love baseball to buy the book. If you do love baseball, you will love this book.

Two ways to buy it. You can call 1-866-405-1300 or you can click the link below. Again, buy this book only if you love great baseball stories.


Congrats on the completion of the book, TR. Looking forward to reading it.

Interesting article in the Startlegram this weekend about Ian Kinsler not being satisfied with the numbers the Rangers are offereing in a long-term deal. I think this is a MAJOR deal for the club when it comes to figuring out the franchise’s direction (which I still cannot do).

Signing Kinsler requires commitment by both parties – which is NOT a given (from either side). The Rangers will have to commit to a young player, and Kinsler will have to commit to a team that is still somewhat adrift in direction. Sure, the team can just pay him what they want this year, then go to arbitration with him next year – but this isn’t going to endear the parties to each other. It could lead to Kinsler walking as a FA. It could also reinforce the opinion around the league that Texas is not a place one wants to play.

The other interesting item in this situation is the development of German Duran and Elvis Andrus, and finding spots for them (especially if Young and his contract is not moved). Is Kinsler part of the future of this team? Or is he a player who is developed and traded to make room for a younger player?

If Kinsler is not signed, it would indicate to me that the window for legitimate competition in the division has been pushed out further, as we wait on his replacement to establish himself. Surely the tem will commit to Kinsler. Surely?

Anyone else out there got a read on this?

Kids –

I’ve read the book, it’s terrific.

Do yourself a favor, buy it, read it – if it doesn’t put you in the moode for some baseball – nothing will.

Congratulations T.R. – it’s great read.

Hey Kinsler better be a part of their plans. They let Soriano go or traded him because of Kinsler and Soriano’s bad defense. Well in the first year i doth believe that Kinsler had a ton of more errors than Soriano, but that was ok because he was making the league minimum. If Kinsler is listening to Young you can bet he won’t give up his free-agency rights. It is stupid to do so with this organization. He may sign for the remainder of the years that the Rangers have him under control for more cash. That is going to be the holdup for the Rangers they want to do a long term deal eliminating the free agency. Briant you hit in on the head for me. The viscious cycle, now we are hearing about Duran, who i like immensely as the future second baseman. Now the brass is going to deal Kinsler because he has no place on the team. Translation he wants more money and doesn’t want to give up his free agency rights. If he sticks to his guns he will be dealt. Over, and over, and over again we go this route. It is sickening, pathetic and routine. Kinsler took Sorianos place just over 2 years ago, now they are talking about getting rid of him. He is a player. If you are going to say we are going with the younger player, then don’t you have to commit to him longer than 3 years. He really has turned into a good player and has gotten better each year. How much longer before we start hearing Duran is coming, and Kinsler was going to leave here anyway, we had to deal him. Does that sound familiar? Sounds like Texiera and others who have come before him. I would trade Young and move Kinsler to SS, when Arias or Andrus are ready then Kinsler could go to the outfield. It is about the retention of players, not the relinquisment of them. What are all of Kinslers supporters on here going to think? And TR, how about a free copy for your supporters?????

Did anyone else see where the Rangers are talking to Mench’s representatives about a return to Rangerland? Who is better Mench or Cruz? Who has done more in their careers? Looks like Botts and Cruz are goners. Is Ponson coming? The bottom line is Mench was and still is a popular player with the fans, he sells jerseys and hit 25 homers twice in his career here, hear? Cruz won’t be given the chance to do that, so i guess that makes Mench better. Afterall he was who we really hated to give up in that previous deal. Right? Besides we need a right handed power bat.

$24.99 wow, are you expecting a pulitzer prize? Is the book in the bookstore? How much does the writer get out of that? If you sell a million copies that is $24,990,000. Looks like, what Hicks might call, financial flexibility. Ha Ha. With money like that who needs the MLB.Com?????

I just looked at the new ticket prices. Correct me if i am wrong, but isn’t the average increase about $65 for the premium seats? As Wacker used to say, Unbeelievable! Guess i will be staying at home this year. Which leads me to this question, you PUT THAT PRODUCT OUT THERE, 3 straight last place finishes and you increase ticket prices. What a joke!

T.R. – I ordered a copy of the book this morning. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks in advance.

“Did Daniels get a steal for Texiera?” What? A perennial All-Star 27 year old switch hitting firstbaseman. All Daniels did is buy himself some time and distance. Prospectssmoshpects, all 5 i am sure are going to play in the major leagues. All are going to the Hall of Fame. That is what we heard about Arias when we got him from New York, looks like we should have taken Cano. When you trade a proven commodity for prospects who the h e l l knows what these young players are going to do. So here is betting that none of them turn out to be 1/2 as good as Tex. That is a fact. Until they do it on the Major League Level it is all peepeecaca.

Congratulations, TR, on your new book. I’m sure it will be very intriguing with alot of good baseball stories, from behind the scenes. I’ll pick up a copy. Good luck on it!

Kinsler should be “locked up”, not like Michael Vick, but like Michael Young was, to a long-term, or LIFETIME contract. It flies in the face of what I’ve seen of the Rangers since Liverpool Tom arrived on the scene. I HOPE that after George W. leaves office, and the talk is him returning to the Metroplex, then, maybe he, Tom Schieffer, Nolan Ryan, et al, can team up again and make the Rangers a team to be proud of again.

I want to be positive, so I say Liverpool Tom: You have a duty to the future of the Texas Rangers to make Ian Kinsler, the “Face of the Franchise,” and ante up. Ian seems the last person to be a greedy type, and I’m sure his demands aren’t steep. I’ve read he loves the Fort Worth-Arlington area, as a smaller-town guy, and is a perfect fit for this team…plus, he’s a player on the RISE. Sign him Liverpool.

Secondly, If Tex leaves Atlanta for greener pastures, I think we did get the best of the deal, because I feel Salty has a terrificly high ceiling, and once his position becomes solidified, he will definitely be a force in this league, ON THIS TEAM, I’m hoping. The man can hit (unlike the 28-yr.old “rookie” Botts), and can actually field a position.

Next, I would love Nelson Cruz to be penciled into right field EVERY game this season…..sink or swim. If he can make adjustments, like when he returned from the minors, and hit two homers versus the Royals (after changing his stance), then that shows he is willing to adjust. I believe in him. Mench, I like, but his ceiling is 4 feet, and Cruz’s is 8 ft. I’d take Cruz. If he doesn’t cut it this year, then we can explore other options later. We ain’t gonna win anyway this year, so why not see if the “Star” of the Milwaukee farm system is a keeper, or not.

Lastly, I just read an article on Josh Hamilton (an old article in ESPN magazine from last year I believe), and I say that I believe in him. I know DWIregod doesn’t necessarily agree, but after reading this account, I believe his newfound faith in Jesus Christ necessarily gives him the best shot to turn his life around. He acknowledged his problem, is dealing with it daily, has a family to give him more responsibility, and so for these reasons, I’m going to cut him some slack, not lambaste him. I learned alot about the man Josh Hamilton, and am rooting wholeheartedly for him.

Go Rangers, and please George W., Tom Schieffer, Nolan, etc…please re-take the reigns of this team. I recognize the farm system is much improved, but I don’t sense a direction. “Flipping” players by signing “middling, mediocre” players and trading them in 4 months is NOT a recipe for success.

Otherwise, I’m fully on the Bandwagon. Are you all?

Boy… things really are slow in the baseball world… TR can’t even think of any questions today! Nah, just kidding. Congrats on the book TR – I’m sure it must have been a great experience to write down all the stories of a guy like Mel Didler.

Briant: I share your concern on the Ian Kinsler contract hangup. I realize there’s no rush to get him signed tomorrow (he has 4 years of service time left) but the way this is dragging out is not good. I’m hoping that this won’t cause a rift between Kinsler and the team. We may not know the specifics, but it sounds like either Kinsler wants too much money, or Hicks and the Rangers are trying to lowball him. And based on how long this has dragged out (this issue goes all the way back to spring training last year) and the horrid track record Tom Hicks has in player relations, I’m more inclined to beleive the latter. And if that is the case, I can’t imagine the situation is helping increase Ian’s opinion of this team.

A lot of fans tend to just kiss this issue off since Ian is 4 years away from the free agent market, but this is indeed a most disheartening situation – as you said, Briant, only 2 years ago did Kinsler arrive, and we’re already refusing to commit to him? That is not a good sign for the rebuilding process – in fact it shows shades of the “Tom Hicks cycle”: draft ’em, develop ’em, play ’em, and then trade ’em as soon as they ask for a reasonable contract.

….he was acquired by Texas in a 4 player trade with Washington on 12/12/05. I love revisionist history. Whoever wrote that didn’t have the guts to say the Soriano deal, which really wasn’t a deal at all it was more like a fleecing. Would anyone on here trade Alphonso Soriano for OF Michael Hernandez? What a deal! Which leads me to this, even if the guy was going to free agency, don’t you have to make a better deal? If that is the best you can get don’t you just keep Soriano and get the Type A draft pick. He was and is a type A right? Regardless of how bad all of you say he is. Lets say it together SALARY DUMP. Didn’t want to pay $$$$ for a 40:40 guy. And i say that to say this, that was just a little over 2 years ago. You have to love the return on that trade. Which deal is worse? that one or San Diego, its a toss up to me. What a great GM you are Daniels keep trading for prospects you are way better at it and the sheep love to hope. We will see in 4 to 5 years after those players don’t pan out what a great deal you made.

Hey TR, ask Mel if any other organization that he has been involved with has made as many boneheaded decisions as we have? It is very doubtful, you don’t see the Dodgers, Diamondbacks or Expos of his day trading players because they didn’t want to pay them.

Don’t ask Mel… buy the book

I’m laughing my head off!!! Great answer TR!!! :D

Just killing time til we are out of it. But how about these numbers for a washed up catcher who wouldn’t catch another 2 years. 673 Games as catcher, 772 hits, 2591 AB’s, 73 HR’s, 353 RBI’s, 160 2B’s and a .297 Batting Average over the last 6 years. That washed up players name Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, who got his World Series ring and has since played in another one. That doesn’t even account for the number of basestealers he has thrown out trying to steal. Lets see just who were our catchers during the last 6 years? Ha Ha, What a joke. When you have the best of something you don’t let it walk out the door for a draft pick. Just who did we pick with that pick, where is he? What a joke. Another fine deal, and a great example. Here is hoping that Pudge goes into the Hall of Fame wearing the baseball cap of the Tigers or the Marlins and not the beloved Rangers. He is by far one of the greatest catchers of all time including Johnny Bench.

There is more than one joke around here.

TR congrats on the book, looking forward to reading it….

Hey no that Bobby Knight is out of a job could we hire him as a motivational speaker?

“When my time on this earth is up, I want that they bury me upside down so all my critics can kiss my @&%”

…doesn’t get much better than that

Want me to redesign the cover?

Yeah, Bobby Knight could tell all the fellows on what it is like to act like an ***** and get away with it. Here are a few of his lecture topics:
1. Choking- To him it means to grab a player by his throat to make a point. For the Rangers it means what happens during a pressure situation.

2. Chair Throwing- Pretty self explanatory and co-instructed by Frank Francisco

3. Assault- To unlawfully touch someone without their consent, such as a police officer, wait that happened.

Oh well, never liked Knight, didn’t like the way he conducted himself, he always seemed to be struggling with himself and was always agitated. He is a good coach 900 wins. But someone said a long time ago, and maybe someone on here can tell me who but it goes like this. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it is how you play the game. I didn’t like the way he played the game and someone should have knocked him on his rear many years ago. He ain’t done, rumor has it Wisconsin Badgers want him, so he is entrenching his son, confirming that deal so he can get out of Lubbock. I am sure their is more to this story than meets the eye.

Is Texas Tech a State Run School? If so, then aren’t their civil service rules in place about NEPOTISM? Since when do the head coaches son’s have his job bequeathed to them. It is a joke. Here are some previous unsuccesful endeavors, The Meyers at De Paul, The Suttons at Oklahoma State. I am sure their are more. What has more nepotism involved broadcasters or college basketball coaches?

Bob Knights son has got to be in his mid 40’s with no other head coaching offers and he gets his fathers job. His father ain’t too well liked out there, so is this in the contract?

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