Galarraga designated for assignment

The Rangers have designated pitcher Armando Galarraga for assignment to make room for Jason Jennings on the 40-man roster. Galarraga was one of three players acquired from the Washington Nationals in a trade for Alfonso Soriano two years ago. He pitched in three games for the Rangers last September with a 6.23 ERA and was 11-8 with a 4.14 ERA in 27 games for Double A Frisco and Triple A Oklahoma.

The Rangers have ten days to trade him or put him on outright waivers to get him to Triple A Oklahoma. The Rangers may work out a trade and there is a danger that he could get claimed. But they have already been able to get pitcher Bill White and Chris Shelton through waivers this winter.

Still, this move is a little bit of a surprise.


Is it just me or should the Rangers be designating young pitchers for assignment? Over a pair of outfielders who have underwhelmed us to death (Botts and Cruz). Depth is the key to rebuilding and in this traditionally pitching poor team I can’t understand why this move was made.

Hey matthewbschultz, I heartily agree that Mr. Botts is totally underwhelming. At least Nelson Cruz actually went down to the minors last season, came back with a different stance, and hit two homeruns against KC one night. There seemed a glimmer of hope. I’d love to see Cruz retained, and play everyday, sink or swim, in right field. I know he can run, field, throw and has shown hints of power. Mr. Botts cannot run, field, throw or hit, so I vote him off the island. I’d love to keep Nelson Cruz and put Milton Bradley (if we HAVE to keep him) at DH.

Seeing that this is logical, is probably why JD won’t do it.

I personally haven’t followed the AA and AAA minors as thoroughly as some of the numbers crunchers on this blog, but my gut feeling is that we shouldn’t let guys like Gallaraga be exposed to waivers or release them, seeing our dearth of pitching historically.

Oh well, I, too, matthew, am at a loss. This team’s direction leaves me for a loss. “Flipping” players or whatever the sexy term is for signing some retread with absolutely NO redeeming qualities (as far as playing more than 2 or 3 months), is STUPID, a waste of time and money. Signing Gagne last year was I suppose an example, and it DID land us Murphy, Andrus, and Gabbard, I believe….and it was a coup. We should never DEPEND on this strategy for success, because there are the Dave Dombrowskis, John Scheurholzs, Pat Gillicks in this world that won’t let JD take advantage of this “flipping.” To me, this is a lousy strategy in building a team. Start re-hiring a Sandy Johnson, for example, and give him the resources to let him build it from bottom up. . . .Personally, I see no direction to committing to “youth” while signing Milton Bradley, Jason Jennings and Eddie Guardardo. Flipping them? Get real. This isn’t how you rely on building a team. JD may very occasionally be like a blind hog that may luck onto finding an acorn on the ground, but for him to rely on “flipping” is not a stategy that holds water. Give Sandy Johnson the tools, resources, and title, and he’ll build it. This being said is way too shrewd, which means the Texas Rangers would never consider it. Sadly.

To me, the crystal ball says: *** CONSTANT REBUILD MODE ***

Galarraga was pretty good at the end of last year at Texas… what’s the likelihood JD’s already traded him and just needs the roster spot before he can get all the T’s dotted and the I’s crossed?

Now just who is it that we have left for trading Soriano? Oh lets talk Baseball, Rangers start 7th straight year with 7 different starting outfielder. You got to love the continuity of it. Oh wait should i be using that word here? Don’t you at least have to keep Galarraga around to justify that deal? If you want to say that is a deal. I think that is what is going on here “Lets make a deal” with Monty Hall. JD is Monty Hall, do you want to trade me what you have for what is behind curtain #3? Way too often their has been nothing behind curtain #3. I wish i had a job where i could be taken the way JD has and still keep it. If i failed to produce then i would be out of a job. Is the major leagues really where you should be learning the ropes. Isn’t that what the minor leagues are for, or lower level postions within the major league franchise. JD is best at dealing veteran talent for prospects. Of course no one knows if those prospects will pan out. So in essence he is trading proven commodities for….time. As in lets wait and see, within 3 to 5 years we will know if i made a good deal. We all know that the cinco wanted to rebuild. This isn’t a rebuilding job. It is patchwork. Except for adding Hamilton, all of the other guys are older. Thirties. We need long term younger solutions, like Hamilton, even if i don’t trust him. Players of his age and ability are what is going to turn it around. Bradley, Cat, Padilla, Millwood, Broussard aren’t long term answers. They merely exist to appease the corporate sponsors.


First off, Botts is traditionally a slow starter and has not been given the consistent playing to enable him to learn and improve at the big league level.

Second, you are correct that the Gagne trade was a win for the Rangers, however, it was Gabbard (potential fifth starter for ’08), Murphy (good 4th outfielder type), and most importantly Engel Beltre who is considered one of Texas top prospects.

Third, Andrus was acquired as one of five decent to great prospects that JD was able to get from one John Schuerholz.

JD was also able to “flip” “retread” Kenny Lofton for another top catching prospect in Max Ramirez.

Flipping may not work all the time but JD has shown to be pretty decent at it recently.

Botts and Cruz both have a signicantly better chance of helping the big league team this year.

If we hadn’t signed Milton Bradley, who would you have replace him?

Maybe if you did follow the minors a little more closely, you would see what is on the horizon in AA and below. Granted it may take a few years, but JD has brought the farm system from 28th in the league to top 5 in one year. Be patient.

I would like this team a lot better if Cruz were in Right Field everyday, Murphy was in Left Field and Bradley was the DH. Catalanotto and his 11 million would be gone and Botts would get a lot of playing time at 1B. That makes this a younger team and something that i could live with and is closer to a true rebuild. Give Cruz 1 year to see if he can play, the same goes for Botts, if they fail then you can rid yourself. Again we aren’t competing for a title. Predictions anyone: Angels, Red Sox, Tigers and Indians or Yankees next year. Anyone else think that those teams aren’t the ones? So start playing for the future. Looking more and more like 2010. Any one else disagree?

sundaydrivee: I did misspeak when i said andrus–i meant beltre. My mistake.

And the reason I haven’t dwelt on knowing all of the components in the farm system, was and is: (drum roll……Management trades them before they actually pan out.) I’ve followed the team very closely since 1973, and I can state pretty authoritatively, that only during the farm supervision of Sandy Johnson were the guys like Ruben Sierra, Pudge Rodgiguez, Juan Gonzalez, real Ranger finds, signings and studs. I can’t think of an era in our history that was so productive.

Therefore, getting to know intimately all of the players in OUR minor league teams, makes it easy to just shrug and acknowledge that management will probably give them away at some point, so why bother? I still feel that way, although, like you said, the farm system is now on the march. IT FAILED miserably since Sandy Johnson left for greener pastures. We never have developed many pitchers, except for say Edwin Correa, Juan Guzman, etc. So, based on this futility, I can’t spend many waking hours crunching numbers in the good ol’ Texas Rangers farm system.

Wow… just wow… Armando Galarraga just went from 5th starter candidate to DFA fodder… this does not make sense to me. There’s too many guys on the roster that actually stink, and have a better chance of making it through waivers (i.e., Scott Feldman, Robinson Tejeda, even Nelson Cruz) to DFA him. Unless, like eglooney says, JD has already lined up a trade for him – maybe he’s the add-on in a Marlon Byrd/Matt Murton swap?

Maybe so, but alls I know is what it looks like right now: we just DFA’d a fairly good pitcher with potential to become at least a decent bullpen arm over a crappy releiver, a flamed out starter, and a AAAA right fielder. So unless something changes, this makes no sense to me.

With the glut of relievers that have no chance of making this team that have all spared us to death why didn’t he DFA one of them? Feldman, Littleton, Tejada, Francisco. Guys like that are a dime a dozen. I don’t want to bash on JD. He has made one absolutely awful trade. And we all know what that one is. But lets say Mr. Young is still here, is Galaragga getting DFA’ed even a big deal? You basically have Millwood, Young, Padilla, McCarthy, and Gabbard. And Jennings probably isn’t even signed….

I don’t have a problem with any of the signings this offseason Bradley, Guardado, Broussard, and I absolutely love the trade for Hamilton. The Rangers have serious offensive problems and I hope those guys are more of a stop-gap to the guys in the minors as opposed to players to be “flipped.”

Let’s all be realistic if the Rangers finish anywhere near .500 this season was a success. You’re counting on a guy who is 33 coming off his worst year ever as our ace. And at best in this park he is going to have an ERA that says he gave up a run every other inning and win 15 and lose a dozen. Number two is a head case, that knows very little english, has gotten two DWIs (at least), hits opposing batters at will, and refuses to speak to the media. Number three is unproven, but highly thought off, too bad blisters and a separated shoulder shut him down much of the year. Number 4 is a Kenny Rogers starter kit with a history of shoulder problems. Number 5 had elbow problems last year, went 2-9, and the only time he had a winning record was 6 years ago.

The offense….outside of Michael Young do we know what we’re going to get out of anyone??? Hamilton and Bradley are both mystery players. Saltalamacchia everyday is a mystery. Blalock is coming off injury. Kinsler is very streaky. Gerald Laird is offensively challenged. Catalanotto go-round #2 was a huge mistake. Broussard, is not really a power threat, but has never really gotten a shot, being behind Hafner in Cleveland and Sexson in Seattle.

I wish saying Tom Hicks selling the team, another year of shrewd trades by JD, Ron Washington’s optimism would change this thing.

DFA’ing Galarraga just kinda set me over the edge today….

I’d be really surprised if he weren’t traded.

I, too, hefe.

If the deal isn’t done yet, but we still have another 10 days to work it out…

If Galarraga is the one to be included in a 3-way deal,… say, Murton/Gallagher + a non-40(to us from Chicago) for Byrd & Rheinecker to Chicago & Galarraga to Baltimore, plus a boatload from Chicago to Baltimore, all for Bedard and Roberts– I’m all for it.

Every time something has looked crazy this winter (e.g. not offering Otsuka arbitration), it’s proven intelligible and even sensible.

DFA’ing Galarraga instead of Vazquez is unintelligible to me, unless there’s a sensible trade coming up within the next 10 days.

Just a random thought… I kinda doubt we’ll be able to wrangle Sean Gallagher from the Cubs unless we really pull out all the stops. Dispite what that one, obviously misinformed chicago Sportswriter wrote, the Cubs are pretty high on Gallagher – in all likelyhood, they would include him as part of a package for Eric Bedard if they did trade him. Murton, on the other hand, they are trying to dump – best to jump on that deal ASAP. And Byrd+Gallarrga for Murton seems fair, actually.

Hey matthew, since you brought it up, JD has made two horrendous maybe 3 deals. Now he has done better recently as in last year. But Soriano for Wilkerson and Galarraga was RIDICULOUS. It isn’t as bad as giving away GONZALEZ but it is close. I didn’t really care for giving away CORDERO either. If you re-sign LEE, which would have been at least 1 power bat for this lineup, then i wouldn’t have had a problem with that. Oh thats right the draft picks…… Daniels has done better recently, but i still think he has just learned that he can keep his job longer if he brings in prospects. Prospects are a crapshoot. You just never know, their are no guarantees. I will take a proven commodity over a wannabe over anyone. In my world you don’t trade a 27 year old switch hitting stud for prospects, i.e. Tex. Where are you going to get a guy with that name. He should have been the face of your franchise. To let him leave is ridiculous. I know, i know. He was going to leave anyway. Well that is what you should have been working on to begin with. Building a trust with the player, showing him that it was about winning. That you were committed to that. In my opinion that is why he wanted out. It wasn’t just about the money to him. Hicks could have paid him. Look what he gave to A-Rod. Hicks has shown that when he wants to he can pony up. The problem is that too often he hasn’t wanted to. I really don’t know why he owns this baseball team. Rumor has it that he is getting ripped in England. The bottom line is you can’t continue to get rid of the players that have produced for you. It is looking more and more like the deal that never was that is hurting this team is when we failed to deal A-Rod to Boston for Manny Rodriguez.

I hope Hicks is talking to Nolan about purchasing the Rangers. Now that would be something. If it is just about being Team President, doesn’t that mean that we are about to start the whole process over again. As in the team president should hire his GM who should then hire a manager? If so then lets get on with it. Does Nolie really what JD as GM, Washington as Manager? Probably not, so here we go again for what the 40th time. Sell the team to Nolan, Hicks and watch him put things in order. Watch him have a plan, have a clue. See you at Del Friscos Nolan.

Oh i know i am being redundant, but tell me just what do we have for Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez, Alphonso Soriano, Cordero besides some draft picks. If those guys are still with this team how much is it actually costing us? 30 million??? Are those two guys in this starting lineup? Is it a better team? I would have moved Tex to the outfield and given Gonzalez first base. What about this lineup: LF Soriano, RF Texiera, 1B Gonzalez, 3B Blalock, SS Young, 2B Kinsler, CF Hamilton, C Laird. Is that a better team. Thats probably about 75 million dollars tied up in player salaries. That is still a pretty young team. I like that lineup and we could have had it. Don’t you really have to have something for Soriano, Young and Gonzalez, two of the worst deals ever by any one.

If we trade Galarraga and Byrd to the Cubs for Murton then who doesn’t make the roster, Cruz or Botts? Who is the better player of those two? Are Murton and Cruz the same player with Murton having a better batting average. One of those two is going to go whether it be a release or a trade. So who will it be? My bet is that Cruz is gone.

Hingsight is always 20/20. The Young/Gonzalez trade made sense at the time. A potential closer and a veteran starter for an unproven starter and a spair 1st baseman didn’t sound that bad all the time. Those kind of trades happen all and is a part of what makes baseball fun. I’m sure Braves fans will be complaining about the Tex trade for some time as we all watch Tex play 1st for the Yankees in the very near future. Not resigning Otsuka was a great move…he’s hurt and a cancer to the team. I’m still glad we traded Soriano. I would’ve accepted a carton of smokes in return for a second baseman who couldn’t field and would be gone by now anyway. We do rememmer Cordero could’t pitch at the Ballpark, right? Galarraga at best was a candidate for long relief and we have plenty of those. I’m sure the decision was between him and Feldman. I guess JD went with more experience. I’m sure all of us are hoping both Botts and Cruz have a great spring training and make the team. My guess is management feels Cruz has had enough of a chance to prove himslf and is less likely to make it.

On another note. Oliver Stone plans a film on the rise of power Pres Bush. Here’s hoping the Rangers get some silver screen time as the only success he’s ever had and maybe a scene of him juicing with Canseco.

One question dgod: If we got so fleeced by the Soriano trade what does Washington have to show for it?

The all important draft pick hefe! Soriano was a 40:40 guy for them in left field. So i believe he is what you would call a type A free agent. JUSTIFICATION people! Chris Young wasn’t an unproven pitcher. Gonzalez a spare and i do believe i have it spelled correctly. Gonzalez was the second first baseman to be taken #1 overall in the history of the freaking draft. Everything pointed to him being a player. Everything pointed to Tex going to free agency. So if that is the case, then why not keep that spair as you spell a little longer. You have to wonder when someone asks for one of your players, what do they know that we don’t. GONZALEZ was a top prospect and i my world you don’t deal your top prospects for #1 Adam Eaton, who was coming off of an injury and who also told you up front that he wouldn’t re-sign here. Chris Young has won something like 25 games over in San Diego. You don’t deal starting pitching and you don’t deal top players for a bag of beans. That is what is hurting us. We don’t have a D A M N thing for Soriano, Gonzalez and Young. If you think that is a good thing then you are sadly mistaken. Those are the types of mistakes that take years and money to overcome. Something that Hicks refuses to believe. I know this that if i deal any player for another, i want what i get in return to last longer on my major league team than 18 months. Aki was a cancer because, he advised the Japanese outfielder from signing here. That is pretty ballsy if you ask me. Don’t count the Braves out of re-signing Tex, his wife is from the area, they own land in Georgia and he went to college at Georgia Tech. The Braves won’t let money stand in the way of getting their man. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t go to free-agency. I think what Tex was saying is i don’t want to play for Hicks because he isn’t concerned about winning.

What does this matter? Nothing.

Francisco Tejeda Littleton Botts and Cruz wouldn’t make it through waivers. Feldman should’ve gone I think, but this move really doesn’t matter.

Daniels has made 2 bad trades. It happens. He has significantly improved the farm system to the point that I can’t even count how many legit pitching prospects we have. Main Beaven Kiker Hurley Poveda Harrison Feliz etc etc etc. Lay off Daniels, seriously. How many people can step into a new job at 28 and not make some mistakes? Look at how he played his hand in the Teixeira trade. He played that very well and showed significant improvement in his ability to make trades. This isnt the same GM that moved Young and Soriano. If he were playing he’d be entering the prime of his career…GM’s (and all people) can improve. He has.

The only thing that he has learned is to trade for prospects. Which necessarily isn’t a bad thing. However, it does buy him time. Engel Beltre, Elvis Andrus, how many years off are they from playing in the major leagues? If they do at all? He has bought himself some time. Self protection my boy. Both he and Washington are trying to win now in order to save their jobs. Prospects smashpects. Was Adrian Freaking Gonzalez a PROSPECT? The #1 overall pick in the freaking draft usually is. Did we not steal Chris Young from the Expos? You have just proven my point exactly, this is a training ground for players, managers and general managers. Once you prove you can play and want your money or dollars or whatever, then you are either dealt or traded. The point is Hicks never should have named this guy GM at 28 years of age. It is ridiculous, he proved that he wasn’t ready by those 3 horrendous “trades” which really weren’t trades at all i like to call them fleecings. The bottom line is if you are going to deal at least have something for what you let go within 18 months. We lost a starting pitcher, a closer, our first baseman of the future a all star in Soriano and have nothing to show for it. JUST STOP DOING IT. And i wholeheartedly disagree that he has improved. He got prospects for Texiera, they are talking about sending Salt to AAA to catch. His best deal was Gagne, Murphy may be a player and Gabbard if he can stay healthy is probably our best starting pitcher. Not to worry though if Nolan gets full authority it won’t be long before Washington and Daniels are gone. Thank God!

No matter what anyone else thinks on this blog. It is counterproductive to deal your best players and get nothing in return. That is if you are trying to build a winner, which we obviously are not trying to do. What do you think is going to happen if Hamilton stays clean, turns into the all-star God that everyone seems to believe he is going to? Then we finally have a Center Fielder a commodity that we haven’t had in a long time. I will tell you, he will either be traded or walk via free-agency. Wow another feel good story. Got to go to Church now. Bye….

He may not be the same GM, but he has the same name and is the same person. I stepped into a job at 21 years old where i potentially might have to make a life or death decision. Far more stressful than this fantasy job that Daniels has. We have young men and women serving in the military that make better decisions at a far earlier age. So being 28 is no excuse. Hicks hired the kid because he still owed Hart money and he is saving money, until he is forced to make a change. Daniels won’t last with Ryan. If Ryan wants to have a young GM, then his son Reid and/or Reese will fit in right nicely. That is probably the only reason Ryan is even considering coming on as President of the Rangers.

dgod, if you like gonzalez and young so much, why don’t you just become a padres fan. your constant whining and complaining about a trade that happened 2 years ago is getting annoying. stop living in the past. and i would be suprised if atlanta resigns tex. kinda hard for a team that watches their pennies to compete with the yankess and both LA teams whom all could use the upgrade at 1B.

Would be a red letter day for two reasons if Nolan became president of the Rangers. #1 we would have some one that knows how the game is played. #2 is digod would not have the manager and Gm to kick around anymore. Then the next time he says hello to Nolan at Del Friscos Nolan can put him in a head lock. HaHa.

Good v. bad trades aside, anyone who has followed the Rangers has seen all of this before. Except, Tom Hicks is the first owner who is bold enough to tell/show us that winning is not the bottom line here. He is a businessman and he is only out for profit. He has us and he knows it. We love the game and we love our team and we always come back. So, where is his incentive to win anything? If I was face to face with him, I would get down on my knees and BEG him to sell this team. It is so sickening to watch the same nonsense year after year. The Bush/Rose/Schieffer days seem so far gone, but they were the best of times because those guys loved baseball, they loved the Rangers, and they wanted to put a winning team on the field….and they did. (That was after the apparently juiced teams of the early 90’s). Mr. Hicks, you are so transparently pitiful. Please sell the Rangers and buy the Cubs…or something. D/FW doesn’t want/need you. Can’t you figure out that the easiest way to make money is to win? Ask Mr. Jones who is setting up shop as your new next door neighbor. Hicks showed his ignorance when he changed the team from the red uniforms we all loved to those blue minor league duds they wear now when he said that the Rangers were always a “blue” team. The fact is, the Rangers have always been red-white-blue. The only “blue” team is we the fans. And sadly, the only thing our Rangers have ever been is a losing team. But we always come back. Pitchers and catchers reporting soon. We never left. By the way Mr. Hicks, was it your foolish pride that kept you from taking the ballpark back to “The Ballpark in Arlington” instead of the lame Rangers Ballpark in Arlington? If I am wrong Mr. Hicks….show me.

Having the same name isnt a good argument. People improve at what they’re doing.

Yeah, he is trading for prospects. They should have been in the first place. Hicks wasn’t allowing him to.

If Daniels turned around and dealt Kinsler for Neifi Perez today I wouldnt defend him. Adrian Gonzalez shouldnt enter this argument. He tried to sell high on Chris Young and it back fired hard. The Soriano deal seems to have gone bad from not realizing how badly Wilkerson was hurt and diminshed. Its the past. Let the man move on. If he makes another bad deal then hang him.

Supposedly JD turned down a 1-for-1 swap of Byrd for Murton.

I hope that’s only because he has a bigger trade (eg involing Byrd & Galarraga) in the works.

If the Rangers end up opening a roster spot (via a 2-for1 trade, for example), but DON’T deal Galarraga, could they pull him off the block, back onto the roster as the 40th man?

I read the same thing eight(9). If he can get Gallegher with Murton, I could live with the trade. I would not suport Byrd for Murton straight up.

Many good points above regarding DFAing Galarraga – I too believe it should have been a reliever. However, if AG was out of options like Tejeda, then I suppose it was time to cut bait on one of the two. We may lose both of them this spring, actually.

However, today I feel a rant, so stop reading my post if you’ve seen enough of this aleady. I’m going to join in with bingo, who I think sees things all too clearly in his post.

JD I beg you. Stick a crowbar in Hicks’ wallet and pry out some of the $21M that we got from the Arod opt-out. Pay all of Cat’s 2008 salary and trade him, along with 4 or 5 relievers for prospects who are ready to at least start at AAA. Use cash to add to trades to increase our return. Make moves to accelerate the REBUILDING that needs to be done. Then commit to youth. Please. Now.

Hicks, act like you actually own this team. Demand something more than mediocrity. After all, it reflects on you. Noone cares about hockey. Most of England hates your guts. I suppose you’re getting richer off each of these teams, but haven’t you learned by now that more money isn’t going to make you happy? There’s just no reward in it – riches get boring after a while (so I’ve heard).

Cuban is loved by fans, because he is COMMITTED to WINNING. Jones is respected because he is COMMITTED to WINNING.

Hicks is despised because he is COMMITTED to NOTHING but his empire. He likely makes a profit on the Rangers through MLB licensing and revenue sharing before the team sells a single ticket, given the payroll that will be trotted out there this year. Good thing, because it looks like half the team will be available in trades at the ASB – can’t say it would be a good investment for fans to purchase any jerseys with names on the back this season.

It’s a long time until 2012. Any timetable for competing before then simply neuters the definition of the word ‘competitive’. I’m still supporting the team because I am a fan, but I sure need to see more than I am seeing from this franchise in order to get excited about what looks to be a long 2008. Best be interviewing for extra trainers to take care of all the players we’ll have on IR.

A team committed to something (like youth) wouldn’t have these problems. It wouldn’t be putting a ‘give-up’ team on the field.

Let the suffering of Rangers fans continue. 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

I don’t blame Daniels for Soriano, that was a salary dump brought upon us by none other than Tommy Boy. So i have to wait for the next bad deal before i can hang Daniels. I won’t have to wait. If Nolan is brought on board, you can bet your sweet ***** that Daniels and Washington are goners. Can’t wait. And if i see Nolan at Del Friscos, he may be coming back just for the restaurant, i will buy him lunch. Here is betting that he won’t take the deal unless he gets a percentage of ownership with the option of purchasing the team in the future. Remember Nostradamus isn’t wrong. And Pitchers and Catchers report when. Or should we say arms, not pitchers. Or throwers report. Not many starting pitchers in that group. Again depending on Millstone and DWILLA for 30 wins is “fools gold”. So keep believeing TR and get a new suit.

And people why believe anything will be different in the future with this owner. People don’t change after they reach a certain age, Hicks is in his late 50’s, is rich and isn’t going to change. He isn’t going to listen to anyone, he doesn’t have to. Its his team and he will do as he pleases. It shows in his record.

Would someone please go out and get Mike Hardgrove as our manager. Please. He says it must be the right opportunity. Texas is that opportunity. Hart knows him well. Go get Grover. He is Texas, and Texan thru and thru. Go get the human rain delay and the only rookie of the year winner that we have ever had. GROVER, GROVER, GROVER, GROVER.

Briant, why do you think Byrd for Murton straight up isn’t a good deal? Byrd was good for us last year, but he slumped bigtime in the second half – if it weren’t for the two months right after he got called up where he hit .350, he wouldn’t have hit over .300, and he wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the cleanup spot to accumilate those 70 RBI’s. Based on Byrd’s career stats, 2007 was a mirage in the desert – a career year that will likely never be duplicated again. In fact, I’d be stunned to see him hit over .270 this year, or post an OPS over 700.

Murton, on the other hand, is just 26, would have been under club control for longer, and is already a more patient, more refined hitter than Byrd. He probably would have hit for a better average this year than Byrd, and if nothing else, would have consistently posted better OBP than Marlon. In my opinion, the Cubs would have been getting the short end of the deal on a 1-1 swap between those two – asking them to add one of their top pitching prospects like Gallagher to the deal is like driving your ’68 Beetle down to the Chevy dealership, and demanding that they give you an Corvette in return for it. It’s just flat out preposterous.

I know Ranger fans like Byrd (I like him too) but you can’t overestimate his value like that, which is excaclty where JD screwed up on this one. In fact, Byrd’s value may never be higher than it is right now – if he cannot duplicate the same numbers he put up last year in the first half (which is extremely unlikely), good luck trying to find a deal as good as what the Cubs where offering at the trade deadline this year. We should have been glad to upgrade to a younger, more promising player like Murton, but instead, JD looked a gift horse in the mouth and tried to squeeze the Cubs. It didn’t work, and now we’ve stuck with Byrd, which, for this year at least, may not be all that bad a situation, but come 2009 or 10, the Rangers are going to wish they had made this trade for Murton. You can bet on it.

I hate to make Back-to-back posts (like Dwidregod does) but I thought this was worth mentioning:

It looks like the Mariners are on the verge of completing a trade for Eric Bedard.

The centerpeice of the deal is the Mariners highly touted OF prospect Adam Jones, who would take over CF for the O’s. According to the article above, the Mariners are also going to have to part with releiver George Sherrill, and another top prospect or two.

While this deal, if it does become official, nixes our shot at finishing 2nd in the ALW this year, it seems to me that this is a short-sighted deal on the Mariners part: Bedard only has 2 years of serivice time left, whereas Adam Jones would have had 6. And on a team with an offense as horrid as theirs, trading a good offensive player for a pitcher, even one as good as Bedard, might come back to haunt them, IMO.

Ditto, Lonestar.

Even if Byrd outhits & outfields Murton for the next 2 years, the question for our new, Billy-Beanified outlook should be: who’s going to help us most over the 4 years AFTER THAT?

Byrd is one of our resurrected stepping stones to the future. If we spend the next 2 years reveling in his resurrection (rather than trading him for his next 2 valuable years), we stay stuck in the mediocre present.

We probably need to take any single report like that with a grain of salt, though. It might all be more complicated than a yes-or-no, now-or-never, 1-for-1 swap. JD might have already been offered a more complicated, more desirous scenario that can’t yet be completed.

How about, in the Cubs’ pursuit of Bedard and Roberts, we send Galarraga and Laird to Baltimore (as they want youth and need a catcher), and (since they need a lefty, and we have 2+)we send Rheinecker and Byrd to the Cubs… Then Pie, plus a less developed 2B and others go from Chicago to Baltimore (Fill me in), and we get Murton, Gallagher, and one sure-fire AA 1B prospect from Chicago or Baltimore, depending on what the Cubs give Baltimore.

So we give up Laird, Byrd, Galarraga and Rheinecker for Murton, Gallagher and our future 1B.


Not everybody despises Hicks.

I don’t.

He went whole -hog by putting A-Rod in our infield back when he had a chance.

He did his best to improve our pitching the next year, and got burned.

He’was gun-shy after that, for 3 years or so, but has aggressively pursued anyone who has made sense ever since.

When Young’s signing wasn’t enough to convince Tex to stay, he rightly approved a rebuilding approach. Our approach has to be different from a rebuilding team whose prospects are ready. Most of our best are still in A-ball.

What I like about JD is he never got gun-shy even after getting burned on his first big trade. He’s been winning trades ever since.

How’s 3-in-a-row?

Sorry, Lonestar,

My “ditto” was regarding the 1st of your 2 posts: Byrd for Murton straight-up. Ditto.

This Bedard-to-Seattle trade sure nixes my 3-way proposal as such, but doesn’t necessarily kill the Byrd-for-Murton deal, as the Cubs may still deal Pie (and Gallagher?!) for Roberts. They even want Byrd as back-up for Pie if they deal a different outfielder.

So opportunity still knocks!

Opportunities like this (more than blowing zillions on FA busts such as Soriano and Zito) will determine whether we really have what it takes (not money, but patience and guts) to try and take 1st place (in 2011 or 2012, after 3rd in ’08 & ’09, and 2nd in ’10) rather than a chance for 2nd place every year, just to fill seats.

The verdict is still out on Mr. Hicks’ patience and courage.

Actually, if the Mariners do deal Adam Jones, he will take over as the O’s full-time CF. That was his position in the Minors, and the only reason the M’s bumped him to RF was becuase they have Ichiro camped out in CF already (which is really why they are willing to give up Jones in the first place). So if the Bedard/M’s deal is true, Pie won’t be dealt for Roberts – they won’t need him.

I agree though, it’s opportunities like this one (Byrd) that will make or break our rebuilding effort, and sadly, JD has seemingly let this one slip away. From what I’ve read/heard, his overvaluing Byrd has seemingly killed the Cubs interest for now – they’re just not willing to deal two players for a backup OF (and rightfully so). So unfortunately, unless there’s a major change between now and opening day, like Pie getting hurt or the Cubs finding another suitor for him, I doubt things will change. Perhaps we can find another deal for Byrd, but even if we do, I kind of doubt we’ll ever find a team as genuinely interested as the Cubs where.

lonestar and eight(9) –

JD HAS overvalued players this offseason. See Laird, Gerald for evidence. This time I’m not sure it is JD overvaluing Byrd as much as he is undervaluing Murton (as I am wont to do).

You may both be right on Byrd – he may have peaked. However, I kind of favor bingo’s point about constant rebuilding in this case. There will always be someone younger, and that will be under team control for longer. The question is whether the younger option is an upgrade significant enough to sacrifice the short term for the long term benefit.

It comes back to scouting, and what one believes to be the ceiling on players – in this case, how much better is Murton going to be than Byrd? I conceed you have JN on your side – whose scouting skills I should probably trust more in this case, but IMO Murton is not a significant upgrade over Byrd – he is more of a lateral move. He is a 4th OF just like Byrd. In fact, we may already have Murton on the team – his jersey says ‘Murphy’ on it. It’s another guy we have to find time for in the crowded OF so we can see what we got.

Maybe I am overestimating Byrd’s potential. I do like him. You all are very much correct in stating that we can’t be afraid to move popular players in order to improve. I guess I’d just like to see a move that was a more significant upgrade than this one – one that requires us to throw in a reliever or two and some cash, because we are obviously getting a better player. Something like moving Byrd and relievers and cash in a deal to get a Gomez or Martinez from the Mets.

Eight, I am trying to appreciate your defense of Mr. Hicks. But I just need some more answers. How was the addition of A-Rod “whole hog”? Whole hog in my book is the addition of every available piece to create a contender. A-Rod was only half hog and that was meant to put butts in the ballpark seats. He wanted a marquee player and he got one.

How did he do “his” best to add pitching the next year? Chan Ho? If he would’ve looked at Chan Ho’s stats away from the pitcher friendly Dodger stadium, he would’ve seen what became obvious to all of us who sat through that. We got burned, not Hicks. He should’ve seen that coming. Once again, a big name was signed after a bad season to put butts in the seats.

Here’s my opinion. If you want to be a “good” and successful owner, you hire good baseball people throughout the organization and you let them do their jobs. You get everyone in the organization on the same page and you stick to a plan. The only ownership group that has ever done that here is the Bush/Rose/Schieffer group that hired Doug Melvin who built a minor league system while also putting a competetive team on the field. The players they acquired were brought here to be Rangers. The only positive Rangers we have now are leftovers from that time. Everything else has been the empty promises of the “future”. We all talk positive about the prospects in the minors right now. But, remember just a few years ago when we all anticipated the arrival of DVD? Danks is in Chicago, Volquez is in Cincy, and Diamond is hoping to recover from Tommy John surgery and will maybe become a reliever some day. That sure was a promising rotation. I’m tired of always having to pin my hopes on some future season that keeps getting moved back. It wasn’t long ago when 2009 was the year. Now we’re talking 2012….then, 2015, etc. That’s what losing organizations do. If the best players are always in A and AA ball, we had better start driving to Frisco and hope the Rangers make the Ft. Worth Cats a class A affiliate so we can always see the best that the Texas Rangers have to offer. Thank you Mr. Hicks for giving us those options. You are a fantastic owner. If we could only get Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones would follow your lead and keep their teams from contention. You’re right eight, no one should despise Mr. Hicks and his winning ways.

P.S.-you don’t “win” a trade unless you have Major League starters to show for it. So, the jury is still out on JD’s “winning” trades. I like them, but right now they mean nothing.

We all would like some more answers I think, rnb.

I’m not sure eight(9) is attempting to fully defend Hicks so much as he is chiding me for my use of the term ‘despised’ (talking of Hicks), when ‘criticized’ would have been a better choice. And I would have to conceed that point.

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall during the organizational meetings between JD and Hicks. So many questions could be answered.

Without a consistent and clear strategy, we will be left to guess what really goes on, I suppose.

Ah DVD, what a marketing campaign that went awry. Who is next up to be highly touted and dealt? Hurley? My belief is you never deal young pitching or pitchers. We have been burned way too many times by doing it. We never learn. Is Diamond really the best of those three? Here is betting that Danks took a huge step last year and all we have is Alfred E. Newman. Aren’t right handed pitchers a dime a dozen? Isn’t a left handed starter a commodity? The White Sox seem to think so, so do i. Here we go again, Righetti, Darling, Nen, Terrell, Young, Brown, and Henke who wasn’t protected by Grieve a guy who also was learning to be a GM then. Here we are 20 years later and we have a young GM learning to be a GM who likes to deal starting young pitching. The more things change the more they stay the same. Is Daniels to be a broadcaster in the near future. Lets hope so Hopefully if Nolan comes on board, he will put a stop to this non-sense. Daniels for player personnel director and some new GM who hires a new Manager. Let the rebuilding begin at the all-star break. Say goodbye to Young, Cat, Millstone, DWIAGAINA, Broussard and thats about it. Go Young and go often. It is time for DDT: Duran Davis and Teagarden, i hear they are infectious. Ha Ha. Get a life Courtney! Hijacked again TR, get a new suit and are you still carrying that Pyrite in your pocket???

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