Chris Shelton DFA

The Rangers have announced they have designated first baseman Chris Shelton for assignment. The move takes him off the 40-man roster and allows the Rangers to add reliever Kazuo Fukumori. The Rangers will likely try and trade Shelton. More on the website.


Didn’t see that coming.

That is great news! I hope this means the Rangers see Jason Botts overall minor league performance and his tear this year in extended time in the Mexican league as and will give him at least 400 ab’s this season. If we let Botts go he will come back to haunt us like Gonzalez or Hafner. Gonzalez never got an adequate opportunity with the Rangers and now he’s a top 10 first basemen…..I think he would fit in pretty well with this team now……..too bad

A sound move. There was not enough room on the roster for a backup at first, so he or Broussard had to go.

Not sure this means a lot for Botts – he’s still on the bubble going into ST. Maybe one less guy to beat out, though.


Courtney, Botts can hit AAA and the Mexican League, even “tearing it up”, as you stated. That maxes him out. Unlike the other REAL players you mentioned, Botts cannot run, field or throw-based on his outfield play last season. Hitting from either side AT THE MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL has been futile, too. Please get over him, or at least don’t totally rely on Mexican League or AAA statistics: This is “fools-gold.” I’d take Mike Sweeney in a half a heartbeat. He has, and CAN, hit. He can field a position (DH and 1B), and is a terrific human being.

JD: Since you are signing so many “non-rookies” with some miles on them, please sign Mike Sweeney.

Oh well… I liked Shelton, would have like to have seen what he could have done in the spring… but we need the room on the 40 man. It’ll be interesting to see what return we might get if we trade him.

But really, why not cut Nelson “the uber slugger” Cruz, or Scott “walking the walk” Feldman? Both those guys really stink, and have no future ANYWHERE.

Interesting one here. Shelton to AAA doesn’t make much sense unless it is to push Gold. I really feel he was just a convenient plan B and JD will just try to get something in return. This move realy does not end the Botts/Cruz out of options saga anyway. That one won’t be answered until late March I’ll bet.

I didnt see this move coming either. im hoping this move means jd is confident duran is our mr. versatile for this year and everyday guy somewhere in the lineup in the future

“Relief pitcher Kazuo Fukumori is finally with the Rangers but first baseman Chris Shelton is not, a move that could open up a spot for rookie infielder German Duran.”


The only way this paragraph of yours makes sense is if Ramon Vazquez is the next one to go.

By DFA’ing Vazquez (who is on the 40), and planning on Duran, who would not have to be added to the 40 until the end of ST, we can sign Jennings officially and still get a Major League look at others…

e.g. our other back-up 1B, Botts (.333 vs. lefties, last year with the Rangers, no?),

Cruz (especially since Hamilton and Bradley ended the year injured, and the Cubs are rumored to have interest in Byrd, the OF whose trade would be least likely to haunt us), and

Tejeda (the kind of guy we’d be taking a risk on… and trading FOR, if he weren’t already on our side of the fence).

I love the fact that JD had the nerve to DFA our insurance policy before Broussard, even though he just got him. It amounts to DFA’ing Fast Freddy, which would have been inevitable.

Now let’s bite the bullet and DFA Mr. Vazquez, bring up Duran on March 30th, if he looks ready,…

or first resurrect-n-flip Edgardo Alfonzo,

and let the true development continue!


Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more.

Bite the bullet indeed….

Okay, here is my question. Is it possible that if Shelton is outrighted to AAA, that he could be part of a trade package that either includes Botts or Cruz, Rheinecker, and Rupe, for a veteran 3 or 4 starting LHP?

What do we need another veteran 3-4 starting pitcher for? We already have a rotation filled with 3-4 starters. The last thing we need is another one.

If Shelton is traded, it will probably be in a small-time deal for an obscure low-level pitching or OF prospect.

If Shelton were to clear waivers, the Rangers would be better off re-signing him to a Minor league deal and inviting him to ST as a non-roster invite.

It’s not likely that any team would want a package of ALL our guys out of options because other teams have to manage their 40-man roster, too.

Rupe, however, still has one option, so he could substantiate a minor league deal, which Rheinecker and Botts or Cruz could definitely sweeten into a deal for a Major League Pitcher (e.g. one of Milwaukee’s 6).

But all of the above Rangers could more likely help us down the road more than another 3-4 pitcher could.

So what if a 3-4 pitcher could help us win 3 additional games this year?

Some of the above 4 over the next 2 years could likely win us more than 3 additional games.

If we’re going to make a trade, it should be to SACRIFICE one of our many #3-4 pitchers (e.g. Millwood at the ASB plus Rupe, perhaps) for the sake of someone (like Lester) who might be a 1-2 in a couple years.

Similarly, if we SACRIFICE one of our many #3-4 outfielders, e.g. Byrd, whom the Cubs want, and who is not influential enough by age or upside to help us in 2010…

If we package him with someone who might be too raw to help us during our window of opportunity (e.g. Borbon, who is taking up a spot on our 40-man roster), to upgrade to Felix Pie, for example, THEN we are truly rebuilding.

How many different options doth we need????? Our rotation is set with Millstone, Padcant, Goobered, Newman and who else? Jennings? or Hurley or Mendoza? Unless they deal someone like Laird or Cat then this lineup is set with Fuku, White, Rheinecker, Guardado, Francisco, Benoit and Wilson. Thats 12 pitchers folks or at least 12 who say they are pitchers. Then Laird and Salt if he doesn’t go to AAA 1B Broussard, 2B Kinsler, 3B Blalock, SS Saint Young, UT Vazquez LF Murphy CF Hamilton RF Bradley, 4th OF Byrd and DH Catalanotto. That leaves one spot, so who gets that one??? Hopefully Ronald won’t spend the whole spring trying to determine who is the 25’th guy. Hey Ron if you pick the wrong guy, you will have 1/2 of the season to rectify it. So who gets the spot Botts or Cruz? I personally would like to deal both Laird and Catalanotto if we can get value. How much left handed power do we need? I smell a trade or the picking up of a right handed power bat. Lets say it together MANCH, MANCH. Kevin Manch!!!

Is 2008 the year of Washington proving that he will get 10 more wins?Prediction Rangers win the WEST in the year 2013!!!! Will Millstone, Vincente, Young, Cat, Laird, Bradley, Blalock still be here? No they will have moved onto greener pastures. Well with the Manure that they put out there in Arlington, Texas it probably can’t get much greener. Needless to say they will be gone. Is Hamilton that much better than Nix??????

Hamilton is superior to your beloved Laynce Nix in all facets of the game……even in a half of a season Hamilton has accomplished more than Laynce Nix who could pick up girls in the outfield but not breaking balls at the plate……Kevin Mench??? that would be great I would love another bat fanning at pitches to help cool us guys in the bleachers off

When you know the notes too sing you can sing most anything! You-Kin-Salt-Ham-Bro-Cat-Mur-Bla-Bra. And my personal favorite, Another one bites the dust, Another one bites the dust and another one down. How many games does Mr. Washington get this year????? Coca Cola went to town, Mr. Pibb shot him down, Dr. Pepper fixed him up and now he’s drinking 7 Up or at least some subsidiary of Cadbury Schwepps. Much to the delight of your favorite Soccer owner Thomas Hicks, a true name for him Hick. As in this Hick doesn’t know what he is doing. Or in where did this Hick come from. What a promising future he had only to let his lack of a mind interfere with his success. As in the Hick from French_Lick, Mr. Larry Bird, MVP evidently doesn’t stand for Most Valuable Parent, Father of the Year!!!

Its the curves in life that matter, Mr. Courtney. Straight is the gate and narrow the way, and few their are that find it. A Biblical passage i do believe. I have a funny joke. These modern day preachers are similar to Jesus in a lot of ways. There is nothing wrong with them having a security team around them to protect them. Even Jesus had 12 Disciples, who functioned as a a security team as well as their other duties. The only difference between those guys and Jesus, is that Judas was the only one who was stealing money. How many of theirs are???? Ha Ha. I dare say that Jesus and his 12 Disciples wouldn’t be let into a lot of these Churches. Ha Ha.

Josh Hamilton had a better season in the majors than Laynce Nix had at AAA, so yeah he’s a lot better and he’s younger too. Kevin Mench has SammySosa-itis aka not being able to hit right handed pitching (.212 last year.) I think we have enough back up outfielders without muddying the waters with retread spares like Mench and Nix.

Get over your crush on guys like Mench and NIx. They are gone for a reason, and bringing them back only proves that JD is n better than Hart and Mr. Melvin, which in turn means the Rangers will be forever doomed for their stupidity for gambling on former players who can not cut it or are washed up. Whats next, the return of the aging Pudge to be our startin catcher b/c he is defensivley better than Laird and Salty and was once a mega fan favorite?

1 Babe Ruth P-1B-OF 1914-1935 .690 (.68973)

2 Ted Williams LF-RF 1939-1960 .634 (.63379)

3 Lou Gehrig 1B 1923-1939 .632 (.63242)

4 Albert Pujols 1B-3B-LF-RF 2001- .620 (.62013)

5 Jimmie Foxx 1B-3B-C 1925-1945 .609 (.60929)

6 Barry Bonds LF-CF 1986- .607 (.60689)

7 Hank Greenberg 1B-LF 1930-1947 .605 (.60505)

8 Manny Ramirez RF-LF 1993- .593 (.59280)

9 Mark McGwire 1B 1986-2001 .588 (.58817)

10 Todd Helton 1B 1997- .583 (.58344)

11 Vladimir Guerrero RF 1996- .579 (.57933)

12 Joe DiMaggio CF 1936-1951 .579 (.57880)

13 Alex Rodriguez 3B-SS 1994- .578 (.57837)

14 Rogers Hornsby 2B-SS-3B 1915-1937 .577 (.57653)

15 Larry Walker RF 1989-2005 .565 (.56522)

16 Jim Thome 1B-3B 1991- .565 (.56468)

17 Albert Belle LF-RF 1989-2000 .564 (.56381)

18 Johnny Mize 1B 1936-1953 .562 (.56201)

19 Juan Gonzalez RF-LF-CF 1989-2005 .561 (.56071)

20 Frank Thomas 1B 1990- .561 (.56054)

21 Lance Berkman 1B-OF 1999- .559 (.55909)

22 Stan Musial 1B-OF 1941-1963 .559 (.55906)

23 David Ortiz 1B 1997- .559 (.55896)

24 Willie Mays CF 1951-1973 .557 (.55749)

25 Mickey Mantle CF-LF-1B 1951-1968 .557 (.55678)

26 Hank Aaron OF-1B 1954-1976 .555 (.55451)

27 Ken Griffey, Jr. CF 1989- .553 (.55337)

28 Carlos Delgado 1B 1993- .549 (.54878)

29 Ralph Kiner LF 1946-1955 .548 (.54793)

30 Chipper Jones 3B-LF 1993- .546 (.54625)

31 Mike Piazza C 1992- .545 (.54522)

32 Hack Wilson OF 1923-1934 .545 (.54475)

33 Chuck Klein OF 1928-1944 .543 (.54302)

34 Jeff Bagwell 1B 1991-2005 .540 (.54034)

35 Duke Snider CF 1947-1964 .540 (.53973)

36 Frank Robinson OF-1B 1956-1976 .537 (.53698)

37 Jason Giambi 1B-OF 1995- .536 (.53626)

38 Al Simmons OF 1924-1944 .535 (.53488)

39 Sammy Sosa OF 1989- .534 (.53376)

40 **** Allen 1B-3B-OF 1963-1977 .534 (.53364)

41 Earl Averill CF-OF 1929-1941 .534 (.53361)

42 Mel Ott RF-OF-3B 1926-1947 .533 (.53310)

43 Babe Herman OF-1B 1926-1945 .532 (.53186)

44 Jim Edmonds CF-OF-1B 1993- .531 (.53061)

45 Ken Williams OF 1986-1991 .530 (.53044)

46 Willie Stargell OF-1B 1962-1982 .529 (.52857)

47 Mike Schmidt 3B 1972-1989 .527 (.52730)

48 Nomar Garciaparra SS-1B 1996- .526 (.52632)

49 Chick Hafey OF 1924-1937 .526 (.52605)

50 Mo Vaughn 1B 1991-2003 .523 (.52314)

51 Magglio Ordonez RF 1997- .522 (.52226)

52 Hal Trosky 1B 1933-1946 .522 (.52160)

53 Wally Berger OF 1930-1940 .522 (.52160)

54 Gary Sheffield OF-3B 1988- .522 (.52151)

55 Harry Heilmann OF-1B 1914-1932 .520 (.52048)

56 Kevin Mitchell OF-3B 1984-1998 .520 (.51984)

57 Dan Brouthers 1B 1879-1904 .519 (.51915)

58 Charlie Keller OF 1939-1952 .518 (.51768)

59 Joe Jackson OF 1908-1920 .517 (.51737)

60 Alfonso Soriano LF-2B 1999- .517 (.51663)

61 Moises Alou OF 1990- .517 (.51660)

62 Brian Giles OF 1995- .516 (.51593)

63 Edgar Martinez 3B 1987-2004 .515 (.51546)

64 Willie McCovey 1B-OF 1959-1980 .515 (.51470)

65 Jose Canseco OF 1985-2001 .515 (.51452)

66 Rafael Palmeiro 1B-OF 1986-2005 .515 (.51451)

67 Richie Sexson 1B-OF 1997- .514 (.51441)

68 Ty Cobb OF 1905-1928 .512 (.51198)

69 Ellis Burks OF 1987-2004 .510 (.51037)

70 Eddie Mathews 3B 1952-1968 .509 (.50943)

71 Fred McGriff 1B 1986-2004 .509 (.50908)

72 Jeff Heath OF 1936-1949 .509 (.50881)

73 Harmon Killebrew 1B-3B-OF 1954-1975 .509 (.50853)

74 Scott Rolen 3B 1996- .507 (.50655)

75 Bob Johnson OF 1933-1945 .506 (.50592)

76 Bill Terry 1B 1923-1936 .506 (.50591)

77 Darryl Strawberry OF 1983-1999 .505 (.50535)

78 Ed Delahanty OF-1B-IF 1888-1903 .505 (.50513)

79 Sam Thompson OF 1885-1906 .505 (.50468)

80 Joe Medwick OF 1932-1948 .505 (.50452)

81 Jeff Kent 2B 1992- .504 (.50410)

82 Jim Rice LF 1974-1989 .502 (.50201)

83 Derrek Lee 1B 1997- .502 (.50155)

84 Tris Speaker CF 1907-1928 .500 (.50034)

85 Ryan Klesko LF-1B 1992- .500 (.50027)

86 David Justice OF 1989-2002 .500 (.50027)

87 Bobby Abreu RF 1996- .500 (.50026)

88 Jim Bottomley 1B 1922-1937 .500 (.50020)

89 J.D. Drew RF-CF 1998- .500 (.50014)

90 Troy Glaus 3B 1998- .500 (.50011)

91 Aramis Ramirez 3B 1998- .500 (.49989)

92 Goose Goslin OF 1921-1938 .500 (.49965)

93 Roy Campanella C 1948-1957 .500 (.49964)

94 Ernie Banks SS-1B 1953-1971 .500 (.49952)

95 Orlando Cepeda 1B 1958-1974 .499 (.49943)

96 Bob Horner 3B-1B 1978-1988 .499 (.49934)

97 Carlos Lee LF 1999- .499 (.49913)

98 Dante Bichette OF 1988-2001 .499 (.49882)

99 Andres Galarraga 1B 1985-2004 .499 (.49876)

100 Frank Howard OF-1B 1958-1973 .499 (.49861)

There are six SS-2B among the top 100 players (through 2007) with respect to slugging average. Namely A-rod, Rogers Hornsby, Garciaparra, Alphonso Soriano, Jeff Kent and Ernie Banks. Of course A-Rod and Soriano have shifted to 3B and OF where they likely belonged from the beginning – especially Soriano. Since this list includes both “modern” and other players it doesn’t appear that modern shortstops are the sluggers that someone claimed they are.

However to be fair perhaps “modern” only means the last five or so years. More on that later.

Forgot to add there are 32 active players in the top 100 and 33 whose careers ended before 1960.

A-Rod should never have been moved from short…any of those baseball reference websites will tell you he is a superior shortstop and it should have been jeter who moved to third base not a-rod

AlFonso Soriano surely did not belong on the keystone and his glove is much more bearable in LF.

Just wondering is this stat you posted above career slugging percentage or the players best season of slugging percentage….never heard of slugging “average” before…….

this cannot be career slugging percentage as Brian Giles can’t hit it out of the infield anymore

The stats are slugging percentage. They are for career not single season.

They can be checked on Baseball Almanac website. I only added the positions also found on same site within each player’s stats.

Rangers to play Botts at First Base??? What???? How many did he play there last year? This is what cracks me up about this “team”. He should have played their last year when those games didn’t matter. Now we are competing for a Division Title and we are going to throw him out there? I think he is being showcased to be dealt. Now we think he can play first base, he is more marketable. Don’t deal this guy. We don’t and they don’t know if he can play. I would rather find out if this guy can play rather than deal him…. History repeats itself often here, because they just don’t learn. Is Botts better than Shelton???? Aren’t Jennings and Wright the same pitcher????

Botts played first base from 2000-2004. I think the front office has a pretty good grasp on how well he plays the position. I would’ve liked to have seen him play there last year, as his athletic ability lends itself to the position.

Also, we aren’t competing for a division title.

I think its a smart move.

So here is the lineup: Millstone, Gabbard, Paidilla, McCarthy, Jennings, Fuku, Loe, Rheins,Francisco,Wilson, Benoit and Guardado. Thats 12 pitchers, now for the position players, Salt, Laird, Broussard, Botts, Kinsler, Blalock,Young, Vazquez, Murphy, Hamilton, Bradley, Byrd and Catalanotto. Cruz must be gone just on the mathematics alone. I would deal Laird and Cat and keep Cruz, but that is me. By the way that spare Mench hit .267 with 8 homers and 37 RBIs in 288 AB’s last year. That puts him 2 homers behind Byrd for the current guys on the team. Would you rather have Mench or Cruz? Cruz hit .235, 9 homers with 34 RBI’s, Mench .267 8 HR’s and 37 RBI’s. Mench has hit over 25 Homers in a season twice both of those here in Texas. I am not saying the guy should start but he could be a right handed power bat off the bench. Besides we all need a Shrek.

Going positive on this today. I am really excited and encouraged that it appears that we will be sending a lot of good pitchers to AAA this year. Guys that are good enough to be considered prospects: I really like Mendoza and Murray as starters, Diamond, Mathis, Galarraga, Harrison, Rupe, Madrigal, Feldman, Littleton, and Tejada are all exciting. I believe this is the first time that we have had that many pitching prospects to draw from at the AAA Level. I hate to say it actually i really don’t, but i think that we have really turned the corner and discovered that we must be able to pull guys up from AAA. In the past we always pulled guys from AA. This is not helpful from an organizational standpoint. Now put Teagarden and Duran on the AAA team and give them 1/2 of the year. I really like both of those guys. So who is going to the outfield Kinsler or Duran?

These are the stats that i look at for pitchers, strikeouts to walks ratio: Jennings has a 60:40 split, Millstone 64:43, Paidilla 58:42, Gabbard 57:43 and Newman 55:45. So if healthy Jennings is #2 starter with the best stats. WALKS WILL KILL YOU EVERY TIME. Something we haven’t learned. Now that doesn’t look too bad except here are the best of the best and i don’t mess with the NL. Santana 81:19, Beckett 82:18 and Schilling is still at 81:19. Those guys just don’t walk people. That is why they are getting the big bucks. Hey Connor, tell those guys to pitch to the hitters, have the either strike them out or put the ball in play, but don’t walk anyone. Walks will kill you as evidence by our freaking past. Hire a freaking pitching coach. How is it that Loe can spend time in AAA with the pitching coach, not throw a pitch come back and pitch better. Hire your own freaking staff Ronald.

WOW! Way to be positive today dwidregod! Good grief do you ever have anything good to say about anything? WRITE THIS DOWN! YOU CAN’T DO A BETTER JOB THAN THE FRONT OFFICE!! If you could you would be one of them not simply a deadbeat complainer on a blog that NEVER has a valid solution just more complaints. Sorry for the rant everyone else I am just a passionate Ranger/Baseball fan who is excited for the new year. The future is bright for us here dispite what a few pessimitic people may think….that job as a Tampa Bay fan is still open for you dwidre

Give me a chance rangerfan19, does it really take a qualified person to do what has been done over there? Soriano for wilkerson, a player that everyone wanted. Well i think he be a free-agent and no one wants him. Young and Gonzalez for who that is on this roster now? Hey i could do a better job and would start by firing the HEAD COACH. At least Tampa Bay isn’t a major market and acts like it. WE ARE A MAJOR MARKET and the owner goes on the cheap every chance. That is why i doth not understand why he doesn’t go with all younger players at less money? It boggles the mind. Don’t get so angry. We stink. We will be lucky to get third place inspite of all the great moves by the boy genius. You must be strong up the middle, that means pitcher, catcher, short stop and second baseman. It also means defense. The Rangers are planning to win the west, alas the plans of mice and men….. Get a freaking strategy, does anyone on here know what that is? It is to generate enough excitement to put butts in seats to sell $12.00 parking and $6.00 plus beer. Always has been always will be as long as Hicky owns the franchise. Tell me i am wrong! The facts support otherwise. Tex gone, Pudge gone, Palmeiro gone, Gonzalez gone, Sundberg gone, Brown gone. The object is to retain players not get rid of them. It is a viscious cycle that we go round and round with.

Selig just give a 3 year extension until 2012??? What a joke. This guy presided over the Steroids controversy and keeps his job. Forget even that, he doesn’t have enough leadership abilitiy to put that issue to rest. It will not die, because of his lack of leadership. Don’t the owners know that all they have to do is get a new commissioner a real one and let him clean up the league. Does anyone else here believe that any other head other than the president himself who aint’ doing too well, i might add could keep their job under these conditions. It is a joke and just goes to show you that he is one of the owners and a puppet!!!! Unreal. The only thing more unreal is depending on 29 wins from Paidwella and Millstone!!!!


I’m sorry I fell off the face of the earth after New Year’s. I never know when life will afford this leisure.

Even though our disagreement over MY doesn’t really fit in this thread, I appreciate your research.


2 of the top 50 all-time slugging % leaders are current shortstops. Only one other SS in the history of baseball. If I wanted to exaggerate stats, I’d say that “There have been twice as many Top 50 Slugging shortstops in the last 15 years, as there have been in all 110 years before them.”

But instead I’ll admit I am surprised that the # of SS in the top 50 has not more than “doubled” in the last 15 years.

I’m playing.

But really…

Can you list the all-time top 100 in OPS? That is really what we’re after in our concern over MY.

And it’s not even MY’s CAREER OPS I’m concerned about. It’s his current and future OPS!

Let me first say I am not a Jeter fan (He’s a Yankee), and I’m a BIG Michael Young fan, and always will be.

Now, if you look at Jeter’s career, and connect the OPS dots, you see a long, HIGH PLATEAU,…

12 full-time years in which he has hit more than .56 BELOW his CAREER OPS of .850 only ONCE, and those same 12 full-time years in which he has hit more than .50 ABOVE that CAREER OPS of .850 only ONCE.

He’s an OPS machine, from whom you’ll get your .850 OPS EVERY YEAR, give OR take .28 annually.

Now, even though MY is only 2 years younger, than Jeter,…

If you look at Michael Young’s career, on the other hand, and connect the OPS dots, you see a STEEP MOUNTAIN, half the width of Jeter’s “plateau”…

6 full-time years in which he has hit .105 below, then only .10 below, then .41 above, then .103 above, then only .20 above, and finally .11 below his CAREER OPS of .795.

From year to year, that’s a progression from 2002-2005 of + 95, +51 more, +62 more, a 2005 peak, and then a regression from 2005-2007 of -83 and then -31 more.

He’s now a singles machine.

He’s still very, good, and smart. He even grounds out and flies out productively.

From him we’ll get our .795 OPS EVERY YEAR, … (don’t give, but) take .49 annually.

He’s a great player and a great influence, but his value is depreciating faster than we are rebuilding.

He’s also a great, though not typical, DH. So when he’s pushed by Duran and Andrus, at least we’ve got a 14-million-per-year plan, once his full no-trade clause has kicked in.

The post above wasn’t about Michael Young it was aimed at your contention that modern shortstops and second basemen are expected to have high slugging percentages.

Here are the top 100 career OPS leaders. I included the years played and position only for those players that were not on the Slugging percentage list posted above.


Babe Ruth 1.164 (.16364) 1

Ted Williams 1.116 (.11550) 2

Lou Gehrig 1.080 (.07977) 3

Barry Bonds 1.051 (.05118) 4

Albert Pujols 1.040 (.04017) 5

Jimmie Foxx 1.038 (.03757) 6

Hank Greenberg 1.017 (.01686) 7

Todd Helton 1.014 (.01383) 8

Rogers Hornsby 1.010 (.01027) 9

Manny Ramirez 1.002 (.00226) 10

Mark McGwire 0.982 (.98232) 11

Frank Thomas 0.982 (.98170) 12

Mickey Mantle 0.977 (.97729) 13

Joe DiMaggio 0.977 (.97713) 14

Stan Musial 0.976 (.97572) 15

Jim Thome 0.974 (.97366) 16

Lance Berkman 0.971 (.97130) 17

Vladimir Guerrero 0.970 (.97029) 18

Alex Rodriguez 0.967 (.96722) 19

Larry Walker 0.965 (.96545) 20

Johnny Mize 0.959 (.95909) 21

Chipper Jones 0.950 (.94969) 22

Jeff Bagwell 0.948 (.94795) 23

Jason Giambi 0.947 (.94728) 24

Mel Ott 0.947 (.94707) 25

Ralph Kiner 0.946 (.94589) 26

Ty Cobb 0.945 (.94495) 27

Dan Brouthers 0.942 (.94248) 28

David Ortiz 0.942 (.94246) 29

Willie Mays 0.941 (.94138) 30

Joe Jackson 0.940 (.94010) 31

Hack Wilson 0.940 (.93987) 32

Carlos Delgado 0.935 (.93471) 33

Albert Belle 0.933 (.93328) 34

Edgar Martinez 0.933 (.93326) 35

Harry Heilmann 0.930 (.93002) 36

Hank Aaron 0.928 (.92846) 37

Earl Averill 0.928 (.92830) 38

Tris Speaker 0.928 (.92829) 39

Charlie Keller 0.928 (.92758) 40

Ken Griffey, Jr. 0.927 (.92712) 41

Frank Robinson 0.926 (.92594) 42

Ken Williams 0.924 (.92377) 43

Chuck Klein 0.922 (.92180) 44

Mike Piazza 0.922 (.92172) 45

Brian Giles 0.920 (.92041) 46

Duke Snider 0.919 (.91945) 47

Gary Sheffield 0.918 (.91839) 48

Ed Delahanty 0.917 (.91652) 49

Babe Herman 0.915 (.91481) 50

Al Simmons 0.915 (.91472) 51

**** Allen 0.912 (.91171) 52

Jim Edmonds 0.910 (.90962) 53

Bobby Abreu 0.908 (.90833) 54

Mike Schmidt 0.908 (.90755) 55

Mo Vaughn 0.906 (.90582) 56

Juan Gonzalez 0.904 (.90392) 57

Bob Johnson 0.899 (.89874) 58

Bill Terry 0.899 (.89866) 59

Chick Hafey 0.898 (.89802) 60

Mickey Cochrane C 1925-1937 0.897 (.89701) 61

Magglio Ordonez 0.893 (.89275) 62

Hal Trosky 0.892 (.89245) 63

J.D. Drew 0.890 (.89034) 64

Nomar Garciaparra 0.890 (.89032) 65

Willie McCovey 0.889 (.88915) 66

Willie Stargell 0.889 (.88867) 67

Sam Thompson 0.888 (.88824) 68

Billy Hamilton OF 1888-1901 0.887 (.88723) 69

Goose Goslin 0.887 (.88671) 70

Fred McGriff 0.886 (.88600) 71

Moises Alou 0.886 (.88577) 72

Eddie Mathews 0.885 (.88549) 73

Rafael Palmeiro 0.885 (.88522) 74

Harmon Killebrew 0.884 (.88418) 75

Charlie Gehringer 2B 1924-1942 0.884 (.88410) 76

Tim Salmon RF 1992-2006 0.884 (.88362) 77

Roger Connor 1B 1880-1897 0.883 (.88300) 78

Jackie Robinson 2B-3B-1B 1947-1956 0.883 (.88257) 79

Pete Browning OF 1882-1894 0.882 (.88155) 80

Wally Berger 0.881 (.88054) 81

Will Clark 1B 1986-2000 0.880 (.88014) 82

Kevin Mitchell 0.880 (.88008) 83

Dolph Camilli 1B 1933-1945 0.880 (.87996) 84

Riggs Stephenson OF-2B 1921-1934 0.880 (.87966) 85

Al Rosen 3B 1947-1956 0.879 (.87923) 86

Jeff Heath 0.879 (.87885) 87

Scott Rolen 0.878 (.87824) 88

David Justice 0.878 (.87784) 89

Paul Waner RF 1926-1945 0.878 (.87774) 90

Sammy Sosa 0.878 (.87752) 91

Larry Doby CF-OF 1947-1959 0.876 (.87595) 92

John McGraw 3B-SS 1891-1906 0.875 (.87549) 93

Jack Fournier 1B 1912-1927 0.875 (.87538) 94

Ellis Burks 0.874 (.87369) 95

Tommy Henrich RF-1B 1937-1950 0.873 (.87314) 96

Ryan Klesko 0.870 (.87035) 97

Jim Bottomley 0.869 (.86948) 98

Derrek Lee 0.869 (.86891) 99

Bill Dickey C 1928-1946 0.868 (.86811) 100

Kent, Soriano and Banks are not on this list. A-rod, Rogers Hornsby and Garciaparra are on this list. Bad news for your side of the argument Charlie Gehringer and Jackie Robinson (both middle infielders) are on the list. In fact there are 17 on this list that were not on the Slugging list. Only two, Tim Salmon and Will Clark, are recent players. The others played before 1960.


About Michael Young discussion I posted the following on January 1. I think you missed it.


If you want to belittle me for what I said at least don’t misquote me. I stated that for the 2001-2007 seasons (when Young played in the ML) that there was no significant statistical difference in their slugging pct and that the difference in OPS (and On Base Pct) was do to Jeter being walked and HBP significantly more times than Young. BB and HBP are the equivalent of singles not extra bases. Your rap on Young was that too many of his hits were singles. The difference between Jeter and Young over the 2001-2007 time frame for OPS, OBP and slugging pct are Jeter gets more “singles”.

It is true Young has went down in slugging pct for three consecutive years. It is also true as I stated and you ignored that after his peak year in 1999 that Jeter went down in slugging pct and has never achieved that level again. However he has been very effective for the Yankees for the eight years since 1999. Playing all rookies in hopes of rebounding is dumb. the Rangers need Young at SS.

One other point about how modern shortstops are suppose to have high slugging pct. I agree the HR numbers I quoted by position did not prove modern SS are NOT super sluggers. However the statistics were for 1876-2007, they didn’t end with 1976.

More on the modern SS “sluggers” later.


That was it. “Belittle.” I was surprised around New Year’s to read that, and felt bad for not replying sooner. I didn’t mean to belittle you at all. God knows I’m little. I’d best not waste my days belittling.

I only meant to disagree with your point, and in no way meant to argue “ad hominem.”

I respect you. I disagree with you. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

You’re right about this: from age 25-28, Jeter’s OPS sank in 3 consecutive years, a total of .196 points(from his career high, .990 to his 2nd lowest ever, .794,i.e. MY’s career average); and from age 29-33, Jeter has bounced back remarkably, maintaining his .850 OPS with great regularity.

Similarly according to you, very differently according to me, from age 28-30 Michael Young’s OPS has sunk in 2 consecutive years a total of .124 points(from his career high .898 to .784).

From age 31 to age 37, he, too, we both hope, will bounce back remarkably.

It’s just the steep shape of his career trend and the size, length and terms of his contract that make me think trading him now could help us more in 2010 than waiting to see which of us was right in ’08.

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