Monday Morning Manager

Getting hard to ask good questions because some of you can’t wait until Monday morning to vent your opinions. Still, here we go…

1. Who would be the best addition to the Rangers outfield at this point: Kosuke Fukudome, Corey Patterson, Aaron Rowand or Mike Cameron?

2. What’s your take on the Milton Bradley signing?

3. Do any of these guys appeal to you: Mike Piazza, Ryan Klesko, Mike Sweeney, Darin Erstad, Luis Gonzalez, Shannon Stewart, Geoff Jenkins, Trot Nixon?

4. Who do you like at first base: Sean Casey, Ben Broussard, Mike Lamb, Frank Catalanotto, Brad Wilkerson or Chris Shelton?

5. Hypothetical Trade of the Week: Would you trade Joaquin Benoit and David Murphy to the Dodgers for outfielder Andre Ethier?


““Every man is a fool in some man’s opinion” — Spanish Proverb

1. Best addition: Aaron Rowand – Most Likely: None of them

2. Too bad for Jason Botts, I hope the Rangers find a team that will give him a fair chance, and I know that the Rangers will wind up regretting giving up on him. Hope Bradley behaves himself.

3. Piazza and Jenkins

4. Mike Lamb

5. I would do that trade in a heartbeat – don’t think the Dodgers would they can probably several more (and better) players for Either.

1. In order of my preference: Cameron, Fukudome, Rowand, Patterson.

2. Hopefully he’s healthy enough to play 100 games. Didn’t cost much so the contract is low risk and he’s a solid player.

3. Luis Gonazlez if things get desperate.

4. Wilkerson.

5. Absolutely.

1. Fukudome, Rowand.

2. I like it a lot. Finally a person with a little bit of an edge, not to mention talent. Switch hitter with pop, a bit of speed, defensive ability, gets on base, and doesn’t take losing easy – that’s what we need. It’s too bad he’ll be hurt for the first part of the season.

3. No.

4. I could live with Cat/Shelton.

5. No.

1. Factoring in cost and contract length, Fukudome and Cameron are both attractive additions in my mind.
2. Don’t like the person, but low cost and better than what we have. It could turn into draft picks a year from now, so it might be wise long-term on this team. Its just difficult to root for him which gives me mixed feelings.

3. no thanks

4. Shelton

5. I’d do that trade yesterday.

1. I would take Corey Patterson and Fukudome since our great farm system continues to be an overrated bust.

2. This guys statistics seem nothing to brag about. He seems much ado about nothing.

3. Somebody named Mike.

4. Frank Catalanotto

5. Sure, why not. Oh wait, David Murphy is the next Rusty Greer

1. Rowand. If cost and length of contract are a problem then see if we can sign Fukudome or Cameron.
2. Not overly excited. Injury and temper prone.

3. No thanks.

4. Not optomistic about any of them. Cat/Shelton platoon might be a cheap make-do.

5. No. Need strong pitching and Dodger players tend to be overrated.

1. I would want Rowand or Fukedome out of these guys and if you couldn’t get either of them. Then I would go with Patterson or Cameron. Cameron last only because he is going to miss the first 25 or so games. If there wasn’t a suspension I would rank Mike Cameron a lot higher on this list. Because he may be the best outfielder of this bunch.
2. Milton Bradley is a player I like personally because of how he plays the game of baseball hard and aggresive. I know he has had his moments when his temper has gotten him in trouble. But if he is heathly and hopefully he will be he is a good addition for the Rangers. he has a middle third of the order bat which the Rangers desperately. Bradley’s best outfield positon i would say is right field because he has a pretty strong throwing arm. In short I like that the Rangers finally have made a good signing.

3. I like Shannon Stewart or Darin Erstad the best out of these guys but if we sign ause his batny of the centerfielders mentioned above I don’t see either of them here. Jenkins, Piazza or Kelsko interest me a little bit. Geoff Jenkins first out of these guys because I think he is a better fit for this ballpark. He could thrive as a DH here I think.

4. Please no on Brad Wilkerson. I like either Sean Casey or Ben Broussard platooning with Cat and Chirs Shelton.

5. I am not against trading Beniot or David Murphy to get a better outfielder in return but I would have to say no here I don’t know enough about Andre Ethier execpt that he is a young outfielder for the Dodgers. Now I would do the that trade for Matt Kemp over Ethier. I think Kemp has more power.

1. Rowand is the only name on that list that interests me
2. That guy *****

3. Spare parts… that’s all this needs is more spare parts.

4. None of the above.

5. David Murphy IS the next Rusty Greer. Mark my words.

You can’t say ***** ?

1. Since there is not a “none of the above” option, I guess Cameron. Barring #5, a move for Josh Hamilton of the Reds or for one of my favorite Mets prospects, the team is likely done improving the OF.
2. It just cost money (no draft picks), and could get the team a couple of prospects at the ASB. Can he stay healthy or get along with RW? Not a move that gets me jazzed, but not a bad one.

3. I’ll pass, and the Rangers should, too.

4. Cat until the ASB, when he should be moved for more prospects (if not sooner). Then I guess let’s see what Shelton’s got after the ASB. Platoons on a 70 win team are a waste of time and roster spots, IMO.

5. I think this trade would be an excellent move for the Rangers, and would do it in a minute (though I’d rather it was for Fernando Martinez from the Mets). I have supported moving Benoit at his peak value ever since he signed the 2 year deal. I also agree with Eight(9)’s much earlier discussion of dealing the most highly valued (Murphy) of equal players.

However, I don’t believe the Dodgers need Murphy, and would ask for a pitching prospect in addition to Benoit. I also think that without signing Hawkins or another high profile reliever to fill Benoit’s shoes, the Rangers would likely be afraid to make this deal.

1. I’m not bowled over by any of those options.

2. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I’m sort of lukewarm about it at the moment. I’m really hoping this doesn’t mean the Rangers have given up on Jason Botts. If they have, I think they’ll regret it.

3. Maybe Erstad or Nixon.

4. I thought Wilkerson handled 1B very well last year when he was put there. But I’d be interested to see what Shelton or Lamb could do.

5. No.

1. I’ll take Kosuke Fukudome. A potential outfield of Bradley, Murphy/Byrd, and Fukudome doesn’t look too bad. Although, I don’t think he’ll sign with us. Murphy and Byrd may not be good defensively in center, but you can get by with above-average corner outfielders.

2. He’s the best outfielder we have right now. That’s all I need to know. We may have seen the last of Nelson Cruz.

3. Mike Sweeney is a class act. I can’t imagine how he managed to withstand all those years of losing in Kansas City. If he were healthy, I’d say go sign him. Other than him, I guess Luis Gonzalez would be fine if we didn’t have Botts and we weren’t rebuilding.

4. I’m fine with the Cat/Shelton arrangement. Although Shelton does have reverse splits…

5. Yes. Absolutely. The Dodgers wouldn’t do it, though. I think they would ask for Hank Blalock.

1. Fukudome, but he’ll play in Chicago instead of Arlington.

2. I agree with, as much as I dislike cocky aggressive people, our team might benefit from a player with attitude. A spot about 5 in the line-up with the potential for some juice in the bat is worth a gamble. A++

3. No

4. Lamb

5. The answers yes, what’s the question?

1) Chris Davis, rightfield.
2) Depends on the status of his rehab. On the surface, nice fill-in.

3) No.

4) Hank Blalock.

5) The Rangers have no one capable of replacing Benoit. I wouldn’t trade him. Outfield, despite the protestations of Ranger managment, is not the primary weakness of the organization. Starting pitching is, and until the staff is established, they shouldn’t consider trading solid relievers such as Benoit.

1. Best player? Rowand. Best deal? Fukudome. Best bet? Cameron. Best nothing? Patterson.

2. See

3. Sweeney if not expensive.

5. No. Love Ethier, but that’s too much. Can’t move Murph as nothing more than a sweetener until we know what we have there.

2.Great if he’s healthy.



5.In a heartbeat. I’ll take Bradley, Fukodome and Ethier in the outfield.

Hello all, first time to post but been reading for a while and watching the team since we moved to Arlington in ’97

1. None of the above. I agree the outfield is not the glaring weakness of this team

2. Doesn’t make sense that we sign a volatile personality coming off a serious knee injury and especially one that blew out his knee during a temper tantrum in the first place. I’ll take a season of Byrd over any of them. No one on this team runs out every play like he does.

3. Most of these guys are in the “if he can stay healthy” class. Piazza would be neat to see with jet stream in high gear. You might even get the roof of the porch.

4. Contrary to the opinion of many here, I’d keep Wilkerson. Only 2 AL 1B had more than 100 RBI last season, Only 4 were over 70 RBI. BW had over 60. BW was one of only 3 guys on the team with 20 or more HR (Kinsler is now the ONLY one). How about a higher Range factor at 1B than Tex? How about a .994 fielding percentage to go with it? Left-handed with the glove and only 30 years old to boot.

As many point out, his weakness is the K. Seems to me the highest paid hitting coach in baseball could do some coaching and cut those K’s in half.

Cut BW’s k’s in half and he’d probably project something like this on a full season at first:


Who here wouldn’t take that from 1B for probably 1 Mil (or less with an incentive for less than 75 k’s on the year)? Seems like the fiscally responsible choice over the others listed with more than adequate production.

BTW– If the K is how we measure a First Baseman, Nate Gold struck out three fewer times at the AAA level than BW did in the AL. So maybe Mr. Gold needs to work on cutting down the K’s next year in AAA.

5. No way you make that trade. We all are finally realizing the fruits of all the suffering Benoit put us through to arrive at an effective back of the bullpen guy and I think Murphy has a big upside.

1) The best addition to the outfield is…drum roll….no one. Didn’t Milton Bradley solve all of our problems? (Oh Sori, Oh DeRo, where are you now?) TR’s question is a good one, but I have no idea where management is: Are we blowing up this roster and having kids at every position, so we can be competitive in 2012, or do we want to fill in with accomplished veterans and begin the process of restocking the Major League team with Major League players? Anyone who knows my basic philosophy by now knows I want established, productive veterans with a mere sprinkling of youth, to inject vitality and spirit. Otherwise, we will always, always be in rebuilding mode. Liverpool-loving Tom has Alex’s excess $21 million plus our payroll is atrociously anemic based on a big market area such as FW/D/Arlington. So, I guess I vote for Cameron, because he can roam center, throw, and hit….all things our precious Botts cannot do. And that’s my short answer.

2) (I’m holding my nose): He is not getting any younger, is playing on gimpy wheels, and has a troubled past. Otherwise, it is a great signing. Besides, who else wants to come to a team trying to tread water?

3) About 2 months ago, I expressed interest in Mike Sweeney. I know he’s a sterling person, a man of faith, and can hit…and did so for the lowly Royals. I believe IF HEALTHY, he could really help us, and hit circles and circles around another player mentioned as the DH, the venerable Jason Botts. I’d say we need a guy like Mike Sweeney. He is better than Milton Bradley, and both are about the same physically I believe, but Mike Sweeney is a better fit here.

4) Please, I thought we were rid of BW, “Mr. On-Base-Percentage.” Since we traded the highly-respected Freddy Guzman for a player like Chris Shelton, seems like we should play him. None of the other guys are really going to lead us to the “promised land.” I say Shelton is somewhat interesting–he has a higher potential ceiling than Lamb, Cat, etc…

5) I hate to comment because I don’t follow the League which requires pitchers to carry a bat to the plate and swing 3 times and miss. If Andre is a “player”, why not? Is Ruben Mateo still able to suit up? How about Otis Nixon? (My, I’m sounding pretty cynical today–guess I’ve been reading too much of a famous blogger on this site).

1. Fukudome, then Rowand.
2. Great signing, a lot of upside potential in this one, little to no downside. If Wash likes him in the clubhouse that’s good enough for me. Has always seemed to be a fierce competitor, which is always good to have on your team.

3. Sweeney could be interesting if his numbers were down due to an injury, and is expected to be back at full strength. 4. I like Wilkerson here, more pop than anyone else on the list. Batting lower in the order I like a guy that can knock one out of the park. Wilk. can do that, he had decent RBI numbers last yr. Also he had a great glove at first last yr. Range factor of 10.18 and .994 pct.

5. No way I make that trade. Benoit was one of the best pitchers we had last year. He was 2nd and CJ was 1st in my opinion. They really anchored the pen, which was the strength of the team last yr. and we should not weaken it. Also Murphy could end up being a very good player. I know a lot of players look good their first 100 AB’s then the league figures out your weak spots, so I hope he can adjust. I think he has a lot of upside.

It HAS been more difficult not to be cynical here lately. I blame it on not getting to see the sun except on the weekends, and another uninspiring off-season by our team that set a goal of solidifying one or two positions, and so far has fallen one or two short.

News flash to Rangers’ Mgt: The general lack of excitement about the team (Ranger optimists excluded) is due to the team’s losing history (yes), but also its current lukewarm approach to the off-season. The team stated a goal during the off-season of adding stars (starting with multiple options in CF), and quite honestly has failed to do so, regardless whether it was financially prudent to do so or not. Fans feel let down, and I think justifyably so.

The team also stated that with payroll being lower, that it had an opportunity to take advantage of other teams’ payroll woes. This may not have been a stated goal, but it was a stated opportunity. This has also not been achieved so far.

While I can easily support adding Bradley, I do so because he doesn’t block a prospect, and at the ASB he likely brings us a prospect or two in a trade (if healthy). But the team adding second-tier FAs was specifically dismissed by Rangers Management at the beginning of the off-season as something that they were not interested in doing. (I’ll conceed the 1yr contract point.)

I could continue to ramble on, but my point is that the stated goals of this team are not being met this off-season. When an organization sets goals and fails to achieve them, it is time to do one of two things – make changes to the organization or review the organization’s current position and develop a new strategy. My friends, it is time for a new strategy.

You can’t convince me that the Rangers are committed to rebuilding by pointing to the fact that they won’t make trades involving youth. There is still much work to be done in the minors. It IS a positive step (and cause for optimism) that people who should know say the Rangers’ minor league system is greatly improved, but the upper levels of the minors are STILL very weak. This is where our current plan of waiting on youth falls short.

If we choose to follow the example of the Detroit Tigers in the 2000’s, lose 100 games for a couple of seasons, improve in 2009, and then contend regularly starting in 2010, then I can 100% support it. In fact, with a stated full COMMITTMENT to rebuilding, and no fear of losing for the short term, the team has a much greater opportunity to generate some excitement, and a much greater potential for success. No more treading water with MY, Cat, Millwood, Padilla, and others who will not get this team to the playoffs. An organization partially committed to any plan, whether it be rebuilding or incremental improvement in the off-season will NOT achieve success. By committing to a FULL teardown rebuilding, the team shows the fans that they are COMMITTED to a plan that they intend to see through. Commit to the rebuilding and sell it. Treading water while waiting on an uncertain future inspires nothing but derision.

The backlash for a full-rebuilding project would not be much greater than the current backlash or general disinterest displayed by the average metroplex sports fan. So what if we lose 15 games more than we lost last season. Giving the fans something to buy into at the ground floor has great appeal to a lot of people. Everybody’s a Cowboy fan, but we were Ranger fans before it was cool. Market it. Come join the wave.

The fans are willing to get in on the ground floor, but it takes more committment from Rangers’ Mgt and ownership than what I have seen so far. Move the veterans that aren’t part of the future and trade them to rebuild the upper levels of our minor league system. THEN you’ve got a rebuiding plan that can succeed by the stated goal of 2009 or 2010.

We could have used some baseball last season, and it didn’t work out. It’s time for a new strategy and a new slogan. Let’s tear it all the way down and get it on.

1. Aaron Rowand and Kosuke, in that order.

2. This is a very inexpansive way to upgrade the OF, which was in dire need of it. As long as Milton stays healthy, hits at least .270, and doesn’t get into any shouting matches with the fans, he should get along just fine here. Maybe he can even teach our lily-livered manager a thing or two about how to shout at umpires.

3. Eeww… scuse me, I’m going to go get some pepto-bismol…

4. Ben Broussard or Mike Lamb, platooned with Chris Shelton.

5. If we trade Benoit AND David Murphy to the Dodgers, I want Matt Kemp, not Ethier. I wouldn’t even trade Benoit for Eithier straight up. If we get rid of Joaquin, we need to get the maximum value out of him – in such a thin market of releif pitching Joaquin is a gold brick. We can’t just give him away for a silver nugget.

1. Cameron
2. Healthy—yes

3. NO

4. Brad

5. No

1) Fuku said he was going to play major league baseball, that eliminated us very quickly. Ha Ha. Patterson, he is still young enough to stick around.
2) I am all for adding players. Bradley is a player, but evidently has some issues. Everyone is saying he is the right fielder. Well what about the vaunted Nelson Cruz? The key piece, the player we wanted? The one we had to have for Cordero, Mench, and Nix. What a load of ****. If Mench is non-tendered he can play here no matter what Sullivan says. The reason Mench is gone is Buck, now Buck is gone. So go get Mench.

3) Stewart

4) Adrian GONZALEZ, no really let Stewart play and see if he can. Why deal for the guy if you aren’t going to play him.

5) No Murphy. This guy can play if we don’t derail him. Benoit is the most recent player we have developed, he is being mentioned as the possible closer and we want to deal him? He isn’t that old, he can pitch another 10 years. Do not deal him.

1. Kosuke Fukudome would be the ideal fit because he would add an international fan base, be a good addition to our lineup and outfield defense. I like Rowland but I would still rather have Fukudome regardless of how much either player costs.

2. Great signing because it’s a low risk deal and has the potential to be another big trade deadline trade to bring in younger talent. The only way this signing ends up being a bad one is if Bradley misses the entire season. I think he will add a little bit of an edge to him which is probably what our clubhouse needs right now. Plus we are putting a veteran presence on the team.

3. Not really… I might look at Trot Nixon but only if it was a 1 year deal with a club option.

4. Ben Broussard would be ideal but personally I would have put Salty there since we have Teagarden coming up quick in the minors and the free agent class is very weak at 1B. Then for this year we would be able to really utilize both Laird and Salty and have a better defensive catcher behind the plate. Broussard would be a good pick up and be able to play the position for a while for us.

5. Thats a tough one. Depends on what our plan is for Benoit in the bullpen. Are we putting CJ, Aki, or Benoit at the closer role. If we keep Benoit then we have a pretty decent bullpen and I like Ethier and he is going to be a good player for a long time but Murphy is a hard-nosed player who has decent potential and has quickly become a fan favorite.

Yes, Kevin Mench certainly flourished in Milwaukee once he got away from Buck Showalter…. Bring him back. Bring Kenny Rogers back….

1. Torn between Cameron and Patterson.
2. Looking at his stats I believe if nothing else he would make a very good DH, hopefully relieving us of Jason Botts, who just can’t get the job done at the Show

3. Was just looking at Stewart and can’t see why he wouldn’t be a very good addition to the OF, not to mention ofensively he is a .298/.734 OPS. Even better as possible DH than Bradley.

4. In this order: Casey, Broussard, Shelton, Cat. Whatever happened to Nate Gold?

5. They both have to be retained. Benoit is a proven talent as a long reliever, and possible closer. Murphy showed great stuff, and I would like to see if he can continue in that form, at least upto 7/31 trade deadline.

NO Mench didn’t flourish in Milwaukee, as a matter of fact he became a utility OF/ DH for the Brew Crew. And Gambler would be nothing more than a High Priced rent-a-primadonna. He sees himself as the second coming of The Rocket. Even his engines might have burned out this year.

welcome sean, and good comments on the relative value of Wilkerson to the market.

Wilkerson may not be a bad option as compared to the market. However, he has struggled while being the key player in the Sori trade, and due to expectations and injuries and whatever else, he has simply not had a very successful tour through Texas. When looking at the market he may be a relatively good choice by the numbers, but I think both parties would benefit from a fresh start.

BTW allen, pp08’s tongue is firmly in cheek in his comment.

1. Kosuke. I don’t think he will be a star, but he will be a good-defense, OBP guy and I don’t believe he represents a whole lot of risk. If he’s a more than that, great.

2. Very good low-risk deal. I only wish it were for two years.

3. Jenkins probably more than the rest. If he can stay on the field, he could provide a big bat in the middle of the lineup in our park.

4. None of the above. I’ll live with Cat/Shelton (until Davis comes along) if we can find another big outfield bat.

5. In a heart beat.

1. Rowand or Fukudome,but no more than 3 years at the most for either on. Fukudome could open up a whole new market for us.

2. I like signing Bradley. If we can deal him for a prospect or two at the deadline or get extra draft picks he is worth it. Should be solid for us this year as well.

3. No, no and no.

4. I like Broussard. Here’s another name. How about Jason Stokes as a minor league free agent? Low, low risk, does not block Davis (if he stays at 3rd). Stokes has been hurt, but a local kid with a ton of upside. Let’s see what he can do as a DH/1B at OK City. What do you guys think of Stokes?

5. Benoit, Murphy and Max Ramirez enough for Matt Kemp. I like Kemp better.

I missed watching Stokes play in high school by a year in Coppell. From what I heard, the guy could hit and he would hit them hard. He holds the state single-season home run record. 2002 Sporting News minor league player of the year.
The problem with Stokes is that he can’t stay healthy(hand, groin, and back). He’ll be 26 next season and still hasn’t made it to the majors. I’d be all for taking a flyer on him. why not?

JD make Stokes become a Ranger. I promise I am no GM, but it seems very low risk to me.

If they rebuild it they will come. Briant it won’t take much to tear it down. That is what i don’t understand about this “organization”. If you go with younger players this is going to fit right in with Hicks financially flexibility. #1 it would be cheaper, he could get rid of Young’s, Millwood’s, Padilla’s and Cat’s salaries. Just think the prospects we could possibly get for these guys. Daniels is strong when he is dealing veteran players. Not so sure about the minor league players. If we play .500 baseball next year what have we achieved? Especially if we haven’t developed any players. Bradley for Cruz isn’t going to help us long term. Is Bradley even here after next year, probably not. So lets get some long term solutions. Develop our young pitching, develop some outfielders. Cruz, Murphy, Boggs, Mahar, Mayberry should play. Duran should play, Teagarden should play, Salt should play. The goal should be to build a team that wins a world series. We aren’t going to win it without going through a rough time. If i were Caesar, i would hire Dombrowski and have him bring Leyland here. Oh wait, Hicks missed on that one too. He picked Hart instead. Obviously as is proven every year with this team, just because the owner is rich doesn’t equate to being smart. Doug Melvin said it and i believe him. He said the Rangers would never win, because they owner is not willing to totally rebuild the team. Melvin is going to have his team in the playoffs and a World Series before we decide what to do. It is ridiculuous but just goes to show you that Caesar, doesn’t listen to the American public. The British public evidently has had their way with him. How much longer before he divests himself from that hot potato?

Hey panther, you miss the point, you have to play to produce. Mench did not get enough playing time. Besides this guy hit 28 homers here in Texas, can play left and right field and also DH. He also will come cheap. Lets face it who have we had as outfielders since he left. The guy can play, he isn’t a huge star but is a good guy. Don’t be surprised if he is brought back? Nostradamus is not often wrong.

Yeah why would we want Mench? In 4.5 years of service he had 1806 at bats, 495 hits, 113 doubles, 80 home runs, 265 rbis for a .274. He also did not strike out that much. With stats like that he could play DH, left or right field for us. The guy can play, has proven it, he just needs playing time. We need a right handed power bat. I would take him over Sosa any day. Bring on the Mench. I still have his shirt, maybe he will get the same number. MENCH MENCH, come home my boy. Bring your brother in law mr. Podsednik with you.

Besides if we get Mench and Nix back then all we really traded was Cordero for Lee and Cruz and some draft picks. If Cruz isn’t going to play here then we gave Cordero away for draft picks. Would we be looking for a closer if we hadn’t dealt him? If it were me, i would not make trades with Melvin, he always seems to come out on top. The Gonzalez deal he made, got us Cordero and Catalanotto. He also stole Michael Young from Toronto. The bottom line is the deals he makes, make the major league team better. Not so sure about what Daniels deals do other than save money and deplete our talent base. How do you deal the #1 overall pick in the draft, the second first baseman taken first overall in the history of the draft. Was Gonzalez that terrible or did he just not get an opportunity because they were trying to win now which wsa 3 years ago? Gonzalez is going to the Hall of Fame if he stays healty. He sure would look nice as our first baseman.


2. Nice first step. I like this more than Hunter with all things considered.

3. Geoff Jenkins does. Mike Sweeney if he can pass a physical/take a NRI

4. Mike Lamb or Ben Broussard

5. put me down for Benoit and Byrd for Ethier. id like to see murphy over a full 162

2.low risk.low reward

great post briant! i’ve been trying to say the same thing for some really nailed it. c’mon mr.hicks;the next generation of rangers fans needs you to fish or cut bait.

d”god” you are delusional…. there is NO way we should bring Nix back….and Mench had plenty of opportunties and that big bald head did nothing, he was the most un-clutch hitter ever….yeah he would hit a hr 6 games in a row, then go like 35 in a row without one, and I wouldn’t exactly call him a gloveman. Get over your man crush on Mench and the past….its time to move on

BrianT, thanks for the welcome even if I was on BW’s side. Truth is that he is gone, I dont see a re-sign for him. What we seem to currently have at 1B outside of Cat is guys who are AAAA talents. Shelton is more of a windmill than BW and Gold is a statistical wash for the most part but with better power numbers, so at this point I’d campaign for a Cat/Gold platoon. Sorry to all of the Salty fans, I like him as a player but he looks lost at first…
Steve Smith, where are you now??? Made Tex a GG 1B, what could he do with Salty???

DWI was extolling the virtues of Kevin Mench a few posts ago, I’d like to take that a bit different direction…

IMO what this team seems to be lacking is CHARACHTERS not necessarily CHARACHTER.

What I am getting at is we need guys with charisma as well as talent:






… the list can go on.

We need guys like that who can give the team an identity and a spirit (sorry Mikey).

DWI… Mench is one of those guys, more of a character than anything else and that intangible may be just what we need…

CJ, you are an exception here… Please feel free to continue to shred any preconceived notions about anything that crops op along the way…

I have posted this elsewhere and sent a copy the Rangers offices as well, but it sums up my perception of how the Rangers operate and shows my disgust for same.

Why don’t the Rangers just send us fans a letter like this:

Dear Rangers Fans,

We will do everything in our power to build a team capable of winning 74-78 games a year.

We will not make our fans suffer through the pains of a season or two of a rebuilding process that could possibly make our team a division(not league) title contender in future years.

We will endeavor to sign journeyman, mediocre free-agent talent that other major-league teams have deemed no longer useful. This type of off-season acquisition will be the cornerstone building-block of our drive to be almost competitive.

It will, of course, be necessary to raise ticket prices each year to pay for the increasing price of overpaying for marginal, if not totally useless, major-league free-agents and to maintain the all important Tom Hicks bottom line.

Mr. Hicks and the Rangers organization fully understand that this lucrative, cash generating organizational blueprint would not be possible without our blindly-loyal hayseed fans. We appreciate our fans unconditional support.

We hope you enjoy another season looking up at the small-market teams in Seattle and Oakland and again waving a white flag at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Yours Sincerely,

The Texas Rangers

First we here you want to trade every veteran player and go with the kids, then you say we’ve got to bring back Mench. Mench is a clown and 30 yrs old. He and Nix could barely play while they were juiced up. Mench is a prime example of everything that has been wrong with the Rangers in the past.He was happy to lose as long as he could joke around and be a clown. We don’t need any more moves this off-season. We need to see the kids so we know what we need to do going into 2009. This year will be a complete waste of time unless we find out about Cruz, Botts, Murphy, Salty, Gabbard and Volquez.

1 & 2

SIGN NO MORE FA’S– Bradley IS Fukudome– Check the stats at year’s end. He’s our # 3 hitter (until the ASB).

I was going to simply say “Cha -ching! Read the Newberg Report on the beauty of the Bradley signing,” but Jamey did that, too. It’s delicious.

As long as we don’t lose Botts or Cruz, but play them and Byrd and Murphy– I mean Ethier– each four-fifths of the time, we’ll see them all until the ASB, when we trade Cat and possibly Laird and THEN Bradley

(and if no one takes him, but he flourishes, don’t we get 2 high draft picks, as we got Beavan and Main for Carlos Lee? — And we got Cruz, AND we could have back two of the 3 we gave up in that trade for FREE, DWI-DRE, and Mlwaukee lost Cordero. They struck out. We got Cruz,Beavan and Main) I predict 39 HR from Bradley. Some for us and some for the contender we trade him to.

3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If you RE- build it, we will come! Don’t go backwards!

4. Cat at 1B vs. righties, Salt vs. lefties, when Laird catches for him, until the ASB, when we trade Cat and Laird, so Salt takes over catcher full-time and Shelton or Davis takes over 1B full-time.

5. I disagree with you, Jamey. Ethier IS whom we HOPE Murphy to be. Benoit seems a high price to pay for changing a maybe into a definite, but we only have Benoit for two years. If he really is the excellent pitcher that you and I believe him to be, and if he’s really as vital in 2010, at age 33, as he is now, and we still need an expensive reliever for our playoff runs, then let’s RE-SIGN him then. But if he can get us Ethier for the next many years– now when we won’t be great and past 2010 when we will come of age (and the Angels will be broke and aged) LET’S DO IT.


Some random comments:

1) In a tiny defense of the Ranger “brain trust”, it is true, there are no teams who publicly declare that they are “rebuilding”, due to loss of core fan support for yet another rebuilding project, and that any potential free agents would be foolish indeed to come to a team going nowhere. In this, I can fully understand JD and Liverpool Tom not commenting on the obvious……THAT SAID:

Only a couple of times in Ranger lore has a Ranger team EXCEEDED expectations, the ’74 season of Billy Martin, I believe the first Bobby Valentine’s season’s of V-Ball, and Buck’s first year not long ago. Only during The Bush/Tom Schieffer “Glory Days” with Doug Melvin and Johnny Oates did we ever smell success.

I agree with a comment above, “Where is Steve Smith?”, who tutored Tex on playing first base. These sort of guys MUST be retained.

Now, WHAT to do with our present situation. I personally don’t think the best route is putting kids at every position and hoping by grasping at straws, that somehow we can win by 2013, almost by magic.

Hicks has $21 million of Alex’s money back in Ranger coffers. We have a ridiculously low payroll for such a Major Market as FW/D/Arlington, and on the surface, it appears to this blogger that the loyal fanbase, in the face of some pretty bad baseball, have put plenty of money into the Ranger hands, plus the oncoming football team moving into the proximity, is going to make a Cash Cow of the area….My angst lies in the fact that we MUST re-stock quality baseball players at the Major League level, and are not. Not Milton Bradley. Not Sean Casey. No to Kevin Mench. We don’t need any short-term fixes any longer. We refused to even offer Andruw Jones more than 2 years on a contract. Liverpool Tom is swimming in Cash, or so it would seem. We MUST re-stock our Major League team with quality players, a la Andruw Jones-type quality, and not go on the cheap with offering only 2 years, knowing he wouldn’t sign here. Once we had the audacity to go out and sign the best player in baseball–Alex, and he came here, yes largely due to Tom’s eagerness to match Jerry Jones in the courting of “stars.” If we must overpay (in cash) for the Johan Santanas, Carlos Beltrans, etc….we NEED to. What we lack is quality players….PERIOD. Botts ain’t it folks. Maybe German Duran might develop and be a star, but we need some quality here NOW. I can see a day when Salty, Hurley, CJ, Volquez, Ian and Duran are our core, but we need some guys prior to 2013 to step up, put us back on the baseball radar with quality free agents to come, and to energize the fan base. Management, and I use the term loosely, is not going to declare a rebuilding project in progress–but that’s what we have. FINE. . . .BUT,

IF we wait for everybody in our farm system to congeal into a unit at one time, we are deluding ourselves here, and management has duped us again. Hicks needs to decide if he is Liverpool Tom, Hockey Tom, or Ranger Tom. If the Rangers are nothing more than a playtoy in his empire to him, so he can sit behind the dugout as a figurehead, well, then, that’s not for me.

I think at this point, re-stocking the Major League team with competent, reliable guys WITH CHARACTER, is the only way to get back some semblance of respect, and also to build a team that has a chance, year in, and year out. Always depending on “kids” is depending on fools gold. An analogy from Political Science 101 class: “If a candidate depends on his base of young voters to win, you can bet the other candidate with older voters will win everytime.” The young often does not show up…whereas the “seasoned/older” voters normally do their civic duty and vote.” This applies to a team whereby you have mainly veterans and the veterans have track records and generally perform/can be counted on. If we build always depending on the youth at every position, and hoping that they all will be Major League ready, we will constantly be in “R-E-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G” mode.

JD, if you are listening or ever read comments on here, do your level best to infuse the Major League team with competent, proven players and sprinkle in our “stars of the future” in the right spots. The youth provide spirit, a zeal for the game, run out ground balls, and generally throw all caution to the wind. I like that…BUT, I also like veterans. JD, I feel your boss doesn’t know a Zamboni machine from a Major League prospect. He has plenty of dollars floating around now. Please, if we ever expect to court any more “Major” free agents, please don’t go to Highland Park to his home to court them. Hire Nolan Ryan as Club President, and let Nolan talk to him. Maybe, just maybe, Nolan can resurrect this group. Hicks brought in one of his Hockey “Einsteins”, Jim Lites a couple of years ago and tried to run the Rangers like it was a New York-area Hockey team, or North Dallas-oriented enterprise. It “ain’t.” Do anything you can to get Nolan in there and energize not only the team, but the fan base, who is excruciatingly loyal. Show some loyalty back by giving us some Major League talent before 2013…

You have my permission to inquire about the Carlos Beltrans, the Scott Kazmirs, etc. I’d much rather see these veterans at the Major League level than hoping that Jason Botts might one day before 2013 “find it.”

So, please JD, please don’t spend your resources on the Milton Bradleys and Sean Caseys. Go after someone who can play and pitch. Infuse the Major League roster with Major Leaguers, and bring up the youth as they are ready (Ian Kinsler, for example). Lastly, please don’t ever get taken again, as so many of your trades have done to milk us dry. Kason Gabbard and David Murphy for Gagne was a gem, but we haven’t seen many “gems” under your watch.

That is all for now. We expect your due diligence. Don’t trade just to make a trade. Build around core players, ONCE we can find one…and oh, by the way, Salty is an answer at First. Re-hire Steve Smith, and I think he could be a fine, fine player with Tex-like numbers someday.

Signed, a fan since 1974, when Billy Martin had a team of veterans and infused the team with a couple of rookies Jim Sundberg and Mike Hargrove. Just the right mix. THAT is the way you build a team JD.

Wow bingo… You out did yourself. Nice blog, with some very valid points. Well done.

Not to interrupt a great discussion, but Kosuke Fukudome just signed with the Cubs. Reportedly, WE actually offered him the most money, but he chose to sign with the Cubs anyway. Oh, well.

On a similar note, Aaron Rowand also signed with the Giants for 5 years/$60 million. So I guess our last hope of actually upgrading our OF is a trade for Andre Ethier.

Hey Bingo, if you want to watch a veteran team you better git a new team! My question is what player in his right mind, free agent or otherwise would want to play here. Heck probably half of the guys on the team wish they would be dealt. Texiera forced the issue, i fear that Mikey won’t be too far behind. The point is that no free agent in his right mind would sign here right now. Bradley doesn’t count because he ain’t in his right mind. No one including the admin knows what the heck they are doing. As a holder of a BBA in Management from the U of T, i have to say that all organizations have to look at themselves realistically, identify what their problems and then develop a strategy to obtain what the organizational goals. Ask questions like these: Where do we see the organization in 5 years? Who can lead us there. It is my opinion that the only organizational goal is to make money. Their is nothing wrong with that, but it is too shallow. It does nothing to inspire the employees. I personally am tired of watching us get our butts kicked all over the league. This organization should hire someone from outside the organization, like a Whitey Herzog to come in and tell us what he sees as our major problems and then how to overcome them. I personally thing we should start playing our young guys, lose 100 games but develop our players. Mench is still 30 and won’t intervere. The guy likes it here and we need a right handed power bat. We didn’t have a lot of guys who went on a 6 game hr tear last year. And 35 games would be a low number for the ones here last year. If we aren’t signing 30 year olds then why Bradley. 30 years old isn’t that old for a Baseball player. Mench can play another 10 maybe 12 years. MENCH MANCH.

Hicks proven wrong again. “It is always about the money.” Not in Texas, Hicks. Word is Texas offered the most money and was REJECTED. I am seeing a pattern. The only way we are going to get players and get them to stay is either to develop them or trade for them. Also once they were here it would be helpful if we had a winning team. TEX and Young both said at the beginning of last year that they were getting antsy and wanted to win. Young will be gone soon enough. Do you think that guy regrets re-signing here? Absolutely.

But Bingo,
It’s better to sprinkle vets (via free agency & trades, once your closer to ready) onto a team of youth than to sprinkle youth onto a team of vets.

Each is a form of gambling, but gambling with mostly youth is a win-win situation.

Losing with youth still develops players for the keeping or trading.

Losing with mostly vets is not only much more expensive; it means blowing up the team anually rather than every ten years or so.

Which also makes following home-team players impossible.

Rowand @ 5 years and 60 Million. Did we offer that and he just didn’t want to play here? Don’t you have to do that deal. All i heard was how he wanted Hunter money. Who is lying on this one? That is cheap for Rowand.

Bingo try this team: CF Bourn
2B Matsui

SS Tejada

1B Berkman

LF Lee

RF Pence

3B Wigginton

C Towles

Guess we won’t be winning the Texas boot next year. Oh well we can at least watch the Astros when they come to town. Drayton buy this team please.

1. Nobody. I think we need Cruz/Murphy/Byrd/Boggs fight for a spot alongside Dunn/Abreu and another FA or we can resign Bradley and pair him with Dunn/Abreu and Cruz/Byrd/Murphy/Boggs.

2. Love it. Cheap and he brings either a) prospects at the deadline if we are doing bad.

b) Wins if we are playing good.

c) Nothing because he is hurt, but so what, he was cheap.

A great no risk/reward scenario that leans toward reward.

3. No. We don’t need to do anything else this offseason except sign another cheap reliever along with Fukumori.

4. Shelton/Cat platoon, with Shelton getting some opportunities against righties as well.

5. Not at this point, although I do like Ethier. But not right now.

you forgot to list Houston’s terrible bullpen. Let’s see. It’s Chad Qualls and not much else after that. “And now, pitching the 8th inning…Doug Brocail!”
Who’s their No.2 starter? Wandy Rodriguez? Brandon Backe? Woody Williams?

Ok, so what if Houston wins the overhyped “Silver Boot” next year. They just finished emptying their farm system to acquire a declining Miguel Tejada and the highest 2007 draft pick they signed was a 5th rounder. Good luck!

You want Drayton McLane to buy the Rangers? He reminds me of Tom Hicks the year after he signed A-Rod. Signing more free agents (Chan Ho Park vs. Kaz Matsui) and wasting away his farm system. He thinks he can get back to the World Series but even though he plays in a relatively weak division, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are not Astros anymore. One of them is “retired” and the other one is donning better pinstripes.

Thank you, Riega.


Andy seems on board.

D, You complain about not playing youth, and then you complain that we didn’t do the Rowand or Tejada deals?

I have no problem with some team within 2 years of a pennant picking either of those guys, but they make no sense for our 2011 Rangers (or Houston or SF).

D, You yourself said we need to see who’s going to help us win in in 5 years. I say 3 – 5 years. Either way, how do Rowand or Tejada help in that case? Houston is now a Minor League wasteland, and for what? … to win 82 games instead of 76 games next year? And then have no money and an aging SS when they need to re-build.

Welcome to the RE-BUILDERS, andy & smz!

I am sure Young regrets signing but everytime he goes to the bank he feels better. Money cures all right digod? Signing bradley will really cure our problem. There are reasons teams let personel go.I believe bradley has been let go several times. Wonder what is up with that?

Mench mench mench. So he hit 6 hr. I remember a guy name Hostletter. He hit HR at the start but guess what? If mench hasn’t done it by now he doesn’t deserve to come back. Nix Nix Nix. He looks like Botts. Slow & big. Both have made up their mind to swing while the pitcher is in his wind up.

I’m ready for the season to start. It is going to be interesting to see how all of the high priced FA work out. We are going to be glad some of them are not playing for us.

Before you talk smack about the Astro’s you might want to remember “They have won a few play-off series” unlike our Rangers and their owner does spend money on veteran leaders.

You continue to talk about building a core and then adding veterans. I think as Bingo and I and others point out time and time again is that we had that 4 years ago, 3 years ago. Now we have 6 positions up for grabs.

We watch day after day as players stiff the Rangers for a legitimate baseball team while we sit in here talking about going young.

Okay, we go young, and as Bingo says in 2013 our players develop and guess what? They will bale and go elsewhere for less money. Until there is a fundamental change in philosophy that says we will spend and retain and sign high quality baseball players.

If we don’t retain our stars once they develop, you are always rebuilding. Do we need to name names?

We’ve never developed more than one pitcher and especially that combined with more than one hitter at a time.

Tex Blalock and MY never had pitching behind them.

Davis, Kinsler, Cruz, Andrus, Teagarden and Salty will.

This really is a special opportunity.

We’ve never done this in 31 years.

We still haven’t “done it.” For the next 2 years we have to continue what we started in ’07.

More than any other player, we need patience.

(Although we just got Broussard, so there goes Botts, with whom we were LATE more than impatient.

I’m okay with Broussard, given his opportunity to consult with Rudy, tap into his potential, and get traded when it’s convenient and can bring prospects, or a starter as part of a package.

I’m just sad we didn’t give Botts a full year. He’ll be solid for someone in 2 years, and possibly great in 4, although for now, he, like Kinsler, must learn how to hit MLB right-handed pitching.)

Dwidegoofball you proved again your lack of baseball acumen. You want no part of Drayton McClain.
1. Pence will lead off or hit second, Tejada will hit 5th, he has no speed to hit 2nd.

2. WHy the heck would you want Drayton McClain? Throw money away on a 2nd baseman with limited on base skills? Or how about trading your entire young pitching prospects for a meager 4th starter (see Jennings, Jason) or how about trade what you have left for pitching for a porr defensive shortstop who has seen his numbers on the offensive side decline marketedly since steriod allegations came out against him. Great Idea!!

I def cant stand Hicks, but McClain is no better. Fire your proven manager when you can’t even field him an average team or give him any resemblence of a bullpen? No thanks, go back to managing business dwidedumb

Name-calling makes your fine argument against McLane no stronger.

This isn’t war. It’s leisure. The golden rule still holds.


I just read that we non-tendered Aki. I thought that we were planning to make our bullpen better. We are letting one of our best pitchers walk because we are afraid to take a risk. Didn’t we take a risk with Gagne? That worked out pretty well. Aren’t we taking a risk with Bradley. Is this because Aki recommended that Fukudome sign with the Pads? How much do you want to bet that Aki is healthy and pitching in San Diego in 2008? JD must feel awfully secure in his job. So now what do we have in exchange for Adrian Gonzales and Chris Young? NOTHING. Nice work.

“… You got nothin’, you got nothin to lose. You’re invisible. You got no secrets to conceal. How does it feel…to be out on your own… with no direction home… like a complete unknown… like a rollin’ stone?”


I believe that song starts out, once upon a time, you looked so fine, didn’t you? We have never looked so fine. I want to play the youngsters it is the only way. It is our unstated philosophy. I don’t have a problem with Brossard. I have a problem trading Soriano for Wilkerson and Galarraga. I have a problem with dealing Gonzalez and Young for Eaton and Otsuka and then letting Otsuka walk. TR justified the San Diego deal by putting Otsuka out front. Well what is supporting you now. Those two trades have to be the two worst deals in baseball ever. We had Eaton for 1/2 of a season and Otsuka for 1 1/2. We are going to get nothing for Otsuka. Now we have Arias who is hurt and Galaragga. Wow! I am not an Astros fan, or a Drayton fan. I am just tired of Hicks. We are never going to contend here unless we develop our own players. What happened with Cruz? AAA bound i guess. Botts AAA bound. What a joke. Washington and Daniels must prove that Washington can manage to save their careers. That is what it should be about two individuals and not the organization as a whole. It has been this way with us for years and evidently will never change so you may as well forget about re-building.

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