Milton Bradley in…LaTroy Hawkins out

Major League officials have confirmed that the Rangers have reached an agreement with outfielder Milton Bradley on a one-year contract. The deal is pending a physical, which will likely take place sometime this week.

The Rangers are also out on LaTroy Hawkins. He is expected to sign with another team, probably the New York Yankees. Word is it will be a $3.5 million deal. Bradley gets $5 million plus incentives from the Rangers.


I kinda like this move. It’s short term and Bradley can hit. He has a positive relationship with RW. I would guess that this signals that Byrd will be in center and I don’t have a problem with that. All told this deal buys time to develop our our talent and gives us a serviceable outfielder in the interim.

I like this move for several reasons. I think that Bradley can have a real positive season because of his relationship with RW. I also like the versatility he brings to the outfield being able to play all 3 positions, and also the versatility with the bat as a switch hitter and being able to slide into that 5 spot behind Blalock and Young. Finally, it is nice to see the Rangers swoop in and get a player rather the other way around, which is what has seemed to happen this offseason.

Low risk and it’s Hicks’ money, so I can easily support this.

The only risk is that the relationship between RW and Bradley doesn’t work out. I know they have a little history, but RW is in a different role now as manager. But, I don’t see a problem – Bradley knows he’s playing for next year’s contract, and if he can stay healthy he could get us a couple of prospects at the trade deadline.

My question was going to be (when we got an outfielder and a 1B) what is JD/RW going to do with Catalanotto? So now I’m asking since it does not appear that he will be traded – what is Cat’s role? Does the team try to improve his trade value, or acknowledge his signing as a bad move and just keep him around?

Or is Cruz the next to get released, with Bradley taking his spot?

I thought we weren’t going to mess around with “fringe” FA talent. Where’s that “premier” piece we were going to add each off-season?

What happened to clubhouse chemistry? Player make-up?

Does our off-season failure to significantly improve our club mean that we have to reset our competitive date back from 2009 to 2010? Where’s that carrot? They keep moving it.

Where does that bring our projected 2008 payroll? $40M? It appears we are more interested in winning at the negotiation table than on the field

Same old, same old.

Surely the Rangers wouldn’t sign Milton Bradley….must have been a misprint and you meant the Rangers decided to dig up Omar Bradly. A deceased WW2 General would be handier than a trouble laden project who’ll blow up like a ballon when he doesn’t play as often as he want6s he wants. Daniels can you even spell starting pitching???

He’s the perfect guy to pretend we want for a couple of months, and then trade him for MORE PROSPECTS. Daniels just loves prospects, so he will pass up the chance to let the prospects he has, PLAY. Insted he signs an avg vet to block the prospects development, so get can trade him FOR MORE PROSPECTS!!! It’s a never ending cycle.

Relax, step back from the ledge… one year contract. Hello people! What prospect in the outfield is he blocking? Who is he keeping off the field that has a chance to be there for the next 3 to 4 years. No one. The Rangers are going to develop there system. It takes TIME. Stop your whimpering. Let Daniels stick with the plan that everyone thinks he does not have. You ever wonder why he was only going to give one year contracts? So that he wouldn’t block those prospects he is bringing on to develop. Simmer down people simmer down.

We could have picked up Bradley last year, but no one, including TR, wanted this guy. Milton Bradley has got game, i believe were the quotes. What has changed in 6 months? Absolutely nothing. Bradley has alot of issues. It is just a signing to create some excitement and sell some season tickets. He is still young, and if healthy is an up grade over what we have. Bradley has had problems every where he has been. What is the common denominator in every location? Bradley. I am excited though because, i can now buy a jersey with my middle name on it BRADLEY. I like that. I can get some use out of that jersey, because unlike Ranger players, i won’t be leaving and i won’t be changing my name as often as they leave our team. What is the plan? Are we playing veterans or are we playing our prospects? This CF move, looks pretty similar to the Lofton move last year, only Bradley is younger. Overall i would take Bradley over Lofton any day. Sorry Bingo.

You have to wonder about a guy who agrees in principal to return to the Padres and then all of the sudden decides to sign with the Rangers. #1 that does not seem to be too ethical. #2 What type of person chooses to play for the Rangers? Sounds dellusional to me. Ha Ha.

And last but not least. Rangers do their homework on Bradley. Well i think they said the same thing about Steve Howe, we did our homework on Steve Howe. Well how did that work out? Doesn’t seem to be too much homework being done when it isn’t financially feasible to do so. If Bradley didn’t have character issues, we wouldn’t be able to afford him. So go get the bad guys, whoever said that it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game must have been born in the United States when we stood for something. Aways back evidently. How do you blow out your knee arguing with an umpire? What a rocket scientist. I have a nick name for Bradley, for the way he blew out his knee jumping up and down. Pogo, thats the ticket. They say their are a lot of incentives in his contract. Incentives for getting along with his co-workers, not arguing with the manager, umpires, GM’s or owners, having a team first attitude, stuff like that. Seems like if we were going to do our homework on a player how about Delmon Young, who the Twins stole or the kid out of Tampa that the liberals were crying for whos Daddy went to prison as a child. The bottom line is no one on this web site would care about these characters if they couldn’t play a game. Which is ridiculous.

Elijah Dukes is the name i was looking for.

And since we are using school terms how about these. Rangers fail at the fundamentals of pitching, fielding and hitting. Fooled you, you thought it would be Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Or Rangers have no lesson plan, or Rangers hitters absent. Relievers tardy, or pitchers punished, or Manager sent to the office. My personal favorite.

And last but no way in the least. Rangers repeat the grade over, due to its failure to perform at the level of their peers. Not at appropriate level, below average etc………….F

Enough already, D,

I was against Sammy Sosa’s signing because it blocked a prospect. This signing is more like Lofton’s than Sammy’s (except for the opposite attitude history).

We only had a ? last year for CF without Lofton. Now we have 2 more-promising ??’s for CF plus Milton Bradley, all to share 3 outfield spots and DH w/ Nellie and Botts. 5 for 4 spots should do it.

And we have Cat for 1B until he’s continued his torrid August-September to the point of getting swoopt up by a contender at the ASB, and hands over the reins to Shelton or Davis.

I know Milton Bradley is very sensitive to the issue of existing racism. Whether he is for quotas or “color-blindness,” or simply for fair treatment, I don’t know, but I think the Rangers at least proved themselves non-racist by simply hiring the best man they could find for manager (Even though I, too, wanted Hillman, I was AND STILL AM on board with Wash); and it doesn’t hurt that MB and Wash already have had a good working relationship.

Given these advantages to start off a very short and potentially huge contract (i.e. fundamental to the rest of Bradley’s career, and transitional for the developing Rangers), I think it’s a brilliant signing.

If all 3 of our potential outfielders (Cruz/Byrd/Murph)AND OUR DH (Botts) prove THEMSELVES MLB ready, then we can trade MB at the ASB. If not, or even if other teams fear his impact on their winning chemistry at the ASB, on the chance that he becomes an A-type FA, as Carlos Lee was, then we can get another Beavan-and-Main-like pair of draft picks for losing him next year, while he gets a chance to have his career “born again” in the Bible Belt, as Carl Everett did. (Didn’t we get Frank Francisco for Everett at that ASB?) And if one of the 3 goes backward after a whole year of development, but MB enjoys our friendly state and wants to stay, maybe he gets extended, and mentors Borbon in 2 years.

If we can get Hamilton or Ethier at a reasonable player-exchange rate, I’m still totally in favor of offering mainly vets for either of them, but Bradley essentially replaces Fukudome. Neither MB or KF takes away our need for one like them who is 4 or 5 years younger, but either, especially THIS YEAR helps us see and develop what we’ve got, AND promises to get us more at year’s end.

Anyway, now we don’t have to win the Fukudome sweepstakes, and LA and Cincy don’t have us over a barrel as we try to get their young OF’s with our vets. We’ll have a lot more (hopefully resurrected) vets to offer them once the season is 3 months underway.

By the way, I know 162 games in a year would be a first-ever for MB, but 162 games at last year’s pace IN PITCHER’S PARKS would put him on track to hit 39 home runs this season…

Welcome to the our hitter’s park, Milton.

With the help of your glove, we need you especially to make it a pitcher’s park for OUR (hopefully developing) PITCHERS.


Eight (9)

Steve Howe? Now we’re dredging up Steve Howe? Keep on whining and being miserable. Some of us actually enjoy life.

Here’s something encouraging I copied from some sad Padre fan.

“Good luck Rangers/Bradley

As a Padre fan I am sad to see Milton go. Even though he still had his “token” meltdown in San Diego, at a critical time in the playoff race, he still did more good for the team than bad. I hope he can put together a full and healthy season and I wish him the best of luck. As for the Padres… I guess another season of guys like Termel Sledge, Scott Hariston and Brady Clark who will bring no chance of a World Series and a slim chance at a playoff appearance. Fukadome??? I don’t think so!! no small market team will ever have a legitimate shot at the international player market. The front office for this team is a joke. It is one thing for a city to have the “curse” of long championship droughts!! My team will probably never win a championship.”

Just another bad signing from this team. The Rangers will be in the seller untill Tom Hicks sales the team. Its time for Tom to sale and get someone who wants to win instead of making a buck. I’ve been a fan for 32 years now and what I see going on in the MLB makes me disgusted with the Rangers. I’m not asking them to run with Jones’ (boston ny)just be legit when making bids for free agents and making trades. who have we ever had in our farm system who panned out that wouldnt be up for a trade with Santana. This organization is a joke and so is the owner

Love it..

Hicks basher’s, please just go away and don’t ya come back no mo no mo no mo no mo.

Maybe the ultimate crux of the matter is NOT that the Rangers don’t have a plan.

In fact, so far this winter, I’m beginning to think they do (but we’ll see by the ASB, at least).

Maybe the crux of the matter is that ownership/management doesn’t know if the fans have the patience to follow such a (developmental) plan if they finally adopt one.

Vote for 100% DEVELOPMENT here!

“If you RE-build it, we will come.

I’m in.

Milton Bradley is no better a hitter than Sammy. Some here think that Sammy “blocked” a spot for Botts. Botts couldn’t hit his weight when Sammy was benched, and Sammy still hit over 20+ HR’s and would have driven in around 120, based on his AB’s over a whole season–even figuring him batting against righties.

Moving to Milton Bradley, where are the people who think this short-term (1 yr.) fix is “blocking” (HEAVEN FORBID) Botts this time?

I think we are pathetic, and I’d rather have Kenny Lofton and Sammy Sosa at their ages performing, than enduring Jason Botts and Milton Bradley. This is my opinion, and I’m sure others will have theirs.

If we ONLY had a vision, and we really don’t based on Milton Bradley and a passing interest in Andruw Jones for a 4-yr. deal (someone who can field and can hit also)…but NO, we only attract the players anymore via free agency who are has-beens and never was-es. It wasn’t too long ago when we enticed Alex Rodriguez here (yes, it was about the money also–but we did snag him over all the other Major League teams).

I’ll give Jon Daniels credit for one thing: IF maybe Bradley can get his head screwed on right, and get over physical problems, and maybe, just maybe he can outhit Sammy Sosa. Maybe. I’m over Sammy, but if we ditch guys like Lofton and Sammy who could actually perform, we should have blown it up and started over fresh with Nate Gold, Mayberry, etc. Still talking like Cat is going to work out at first is really, really a leap of faith. He will be serviceable, but now that the mighty Chris Shelton is here, where does Cat play?

Does signing Milton Bradley mean the end of the human windmill known as BW? A question to ponder.

By the way, is Liverpool Tom ever going to divest himself of the baseball operation and let Nolan Ryan take over as President? It would be a good thing for baseball and all mankind. Luv ya’ Tom! Go Liverpool!

Wow, Bingo!

We were simultaneous polar opposites!

But after Alexander the great (your position) came from afar to meet Diogenes, living “in a barrell” according to subsidiarity (my position),…

and Alexander offered him anything at all that he so wished, and Diogenes replied, “That you move a little to the side, as you are blocking my sun”…

and Alexander’s whole entourage laughed, Alexander corrected them, saying “You laugh, but I tell you, if I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes!”

So, Bingo, maybe in our extreme differences of particular Ranger opinion, we’re actually closer in our philosophy of general managing than most.

You even said

“but if we ditch guys like Lofton and Sammy who could actually perform, we should have blown it up and started over fresh with Nate Gold, Mayberry, etc.”

My talk of Cat, even above, is clearly part of this plan of RESURRECTING the value of our tradable vets (Millwood, Padilla, Cat, maybe Hank, although he’s young enough…) before trading them at the ASB for prospects as part of that bigger plan of YES, “blowing it up– Careful, timely Constructive Demolition.

The crux, though

“that ownership/management doesn’t know if the fans have the patience to follow such a (developmental) plan”

means those in Management have to perk our interest in the meantime, as business have to do anytime construction is making their storefront’s landscape unsightly.

If you knew this signing was yet another part of a methodical “Blowing it up,” as Cordero/Mench for Cruz/Lee proved to be 2 years ago, and signing Gagne proved to serve us last year (even before the plan was underway), — if we really are rebuilding this time– …


The 2 whose value we don’t need to resurrect, MY and Benoit, COULD serve us well through 2010, but probably won’t be playoff caliber by then, so THEM I think we have to be willing to trade NOW.


hey eight-g’s: I have come full-circle with this group. I’ve gone from wanting to have a veteran-laden team (one proven with positions stable, and people productive in them, a la Lofton, etc…to just now wanting to blow it up. I usually am proactive, and have gone to reactive, as management seems to be shuffling right along or fiddling while Arlington is burning, a la Nero….actually, Arlington is way past burning, it’s TOAST!

Our beloved Rangers have gone down since Buck’s initial year, where we could sign impact free agents who actually wanted to come here, instead of the board game king, Milton Bradley. We had a veteran-oriented team with some impact guys just on their way up. Now….I’m not sure I could put words on what we have on the field (compared to trustworthy veterans at most positions and plugging in a rookie or Free Agent here and there).

I still believe in Veterans and a select small sprinkling of rookies over the other way around. Oh well, I feel the best free agent we can come by any more is the venerable Uncle Miltie.

I guess I’m in, eight-g’s.

1836, i heard that was a fear of the Quakers, that somehow, somewhere, their may be people who are happy. Ha Ha, i am happy and i want my team to do well, but alas it isn’t in the cards, so i am sad. I just think we should be developing our young talent. You like Rangers Management lack the patience and endurance to fight through adversity. Bradley signs, well if he is playing right field then where is Cruz playing? AAA that is where. This guy is 27 freaking years old, he needs to play everyday. If he takes the next step then the organization benefits and you have a right handed power bat. It is apparent that he isn’t going to get the chance to take the next step, this just puts us further behind. So i am mad too eddie, because it is this perpetual viscious cycle that we keep repeating. Those who fail to study the past are doomed to repeat it. So do your homework Rangers, see the error of your ways. Stop trying to put a contender on the field next year, the Angels are going to kill us. If you wanted to compete next year then you should have kept Tex until ASB in 2008.

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