Tennessee Waltz, Day 5….Turn out the lights

The Winter Meetings are over. The always-captivating Rule 5 draft is over. Agents, scouts, general managers and all other Major League officials are headed for the door.

In four days, there was exactly one press conference that dealt with player acquisition. The Tigers and Marlins went to the podium on Wednesday to announce their blockbuster. Nobody has been up there, before or since.

Very few transactions to write about. Instead the media horde was left to write such things as:

"Expressed interest."

"Reviewing medicals records."

"If we don’t make another move I’m happy with our team."

"We’re not trading our young players."

"Hank Steinbrenner said."

"I don’t want to get too specific."

"He’s doing great. He’s working out and completely healthy."

Good night


I was just ruminating on the current malaise the Rangers find themselves in, when it hit me like a bolt from the blue: What is going on is a Josh Lewin CURSE! Yes, the Rangers verbose TV analyst plied his trade when the Detroit Tigers were on their death knell, and now, WATCH OUT! They are lights out. NOW, since he plies his trade in the Ballpark TV booth, his very presence has brought us the current Rangers horror show. EEEK! It’s the CURSE of Josh Lewin! Watch out boys and girls, it could spread. The Rangers haven’t been out of last place since he arrived. We certainly cannot blame the current state of the Rangers on our venerable Highland Park-turned Liverpool-loving Tom Hicks, so it HAS TO BE the Curse of Josh Lewin rearing its’ ugly head here in Arlington. My theory, at least….besides unceremoniously dumping Ranger Red for some putrid Ranger Blue, which has given us nothing BUT the Blues! When Josh Lewin is seen wearing a Rangers’ Red uniform from the “Glory Days”, only will the Curse go away. Does anyone agree?

**(sometimes people can be overly literal. I am saying this only as a jest….trying to spur conversations as to how we got to where we got)**

p.s….I have grown to like Josh. I’m sure he has no true curse contained in his Detroit Tiger past. If Buck Showalter led teams which won the World Series the year after he was fired from that team, then I can have my Josh “Curse” theory. I haven’t heard anything that makes more sense.

I hate to say it, but I must agree with at least part of your theory. I don’t think Mr. Lewin has anything to do with it. I think it is the curse of the blue jerseys. They will never be back to where they were until we get the red uniforms back. Just my thoughts. Can’t be any worse than anything else I have read on all the Ranger blogs lately.

I like Josh. Leave him alone! I do, however, agree that the Rangers have had the “Blues” since changing from Ranger Red.

Let’s start a push for all Ranger fans to wear RED to EVERY game. That will send a message to Hicks and JD. Fix it now!

If there is any “curse” around here, it is the curse of TOM HICKS. Ever since Hickie Baby took over, this team has been swirling around the drain.

As for Josh Lewin: I like him. I like the way he gets excited every time theres a home run – it gives you the illusion that you’re watching a game that actually means something, instead of a Ranger game.

As for our blue jerseys: I like them, too. It gives us a sense of individuality from the stupid Angels. I don’t care how sucessful they are, I DON’T want to look just like our bitter division rivals. When the Angels go back to their old blue uni’s, I will be happy to go back to Ranger Red – but not before then.

With the type of product Hicks and Company are putting on the field, we should be wearing brown? Ha Ha. I am not against us doing nothing. I want to play the young guys. The last time we went Young we got Blalock out of it and Kinsler now. Their is some talent down on the farm. It is time to bring it up and play it. We have no other choice. Teagarden and Duran, maybe Boggs. Try Davis, Metcalf Mayberry. Can Hurley, Mendoza, Volquez, be any worse than Padilla and Millwood. Those guys won less than 20 combined. Deal their salary and them out of here. When Otsuka gets healthy get rid of him. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Get a freaking plan. I like the Shelton deal, those are the types of deals we need to be making. He is still young and should win the first base job.

The color blue, per se, is not associated with losing. The Fort Worth Cats have won three consecutive championships wearing blue. When the Cats were in the Texas League eons ago they were very good as well wearing blue.

Tom Hicks opted for large free agent contracts with A-Rod and Chan Ho Ho and got burned. He then had problems with his investments.

Now he is trying to build money-making sports businesses for his family.

He may well make money, however his teams won’t be winners without Hicks being prepared to take risks in free agency once again and he will not make the BIG money that winners do.

I hate Josh Lewin. He could possibly be the most annoying play-by-play guy on TV. I know most of the time the Rangers are out of it by the 2nd inning but that guy talks about the dumbest **** in the world! Its tweedle dum and Tom Greive up in that booth. After the game in which both Greive and Looney Lewin took their shirts off I couldn’t take it anymore. Does Vin Scully do that stupid ****? I finally muted the TV and turned on Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas on the radio. My sanity has been restored and my baseball knowledge has blossomed. In Josh’s defense he is excellent as a radio football play-by-play man, maybe its because San Diego actually wins.

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