Tennessee Waltz, Day 5….Turn out the lights

The Winter Meetings are over. The always-captivating Rule 5 draft is over. Agents, scouts, general managers and all other Major League officials are headed for the door.

In four days, there was exactly one press conference that dealt with player acquisition. The Tigers and Marlins went to the podium on Wednesday to announce their blockbuster. Nobody has been up there, before or since.

Very few transactions to write about. Instead the media horde was left to write such things as:

"Expressed interest."

"Reviewing medicals records."

"If we don’t make another move I’m happy with our team."

"We’re not trading our young players."

"Hank Steinbrenner said."

"I don’t want to get too specific."

"He’s doing great. He’s working out and completely healthy."

Good night


Don’t forget what we heard the Ranger’s mangager say, “Yes, my goal for next year is to come within 5 or 10 games of winning our division.”

Gee such lofty aspirations. Makes me wonder why attendance is down. Makes me wonder why the Dallas/Fort Worth media think the Ranger’s are a joke. Makes me wonder why I’m a fan of the Rangers at all. If my team’s manager 4 months before the season begins thinks he will have reached his goal by failing us with another year of a playoff drought. Go figure.

I believe there is more evidence that the Rangers’ farm system needs more work in the Rule 5 draft results. Not one Ranger farmhand was chosen. This reflects the weakness of the system at its top levels (in addition to the poor records of those teams). This also points to the need to continue to improve the minors with more prospects – like a team that was rebuilding would do. I have no earthly idea what a team that isn’t rebuilding or dedicating itself to youth like the Rangers would do.

I’m suprised we couldn’t find room on the roster to make a major league Rule 5 pick, when there were several pitchers out there to take a chance on. The Phillies took TWO pitchers. I just can’t get as excited about taking a few 27 year old AA players in the minor league portion of the draft.

Dwi – I read that the Brewers just non-tendered Kevin Mench, so he is likely about to become available as a FA. He’s there if we want him. I liked him during his time here, but I believe his time may have passed for us. If we have given up on Cruz we could bring him in, but I’d rather see Cruz get a full season here than Mench.

I have voiced my displeasure with the approach this team has taken so far this offseason, but if the team will make some big moves to continue rebuilding at the ASB I could get over my disappointment a lot easier. Please rebuild this thing. Don’t do it half-way of half-anything-else.

In the past we thought we were just a FA or two away. It looks to me we still think that – but now we’re going to wait 2 years before we add them.

What part of 65-70 wins in 2008 is not clear? Tear it ALL the way down.

Briant, you and i must be the only ones who think we should rebuild. Daniels has proven that he is good at dealing veterans for prospects. So why are Millwood and Padilla still here? Rebuilding as in the Tigers approach is THE ONLY thing that is going to save this franchise. Just how long does Hicks and the others think they can continue with their current approach? We should have hired Hillman, we didn’t. Now is the time to hire a young manager for a young club. We have to develop our own starting pitching. WE HAVE TO. Nix was non-tendered any chance he comes back here? I hear he plays Center Field and was once highly touted. I am excited about Teagarden and Duran, i think they should have a chance to earn a spot in spring training. I would pitch Mendoza, Volquez, Diamond, Hurley, Murray, McCarthy and Gabbard and try to lose 100 games. It won’t take much effort. Besides we would get a good draft pick a huge concern of alot of people around here. By the way Rule 5’s cost $50,000 and that wouldn’t be financially feasible to Hicks who is getting cruicified in England as being cheap, imagine that. How much longer must we endure? Sell the team to Cuban, Sell the team to Cuban.

Are you actually ******** that we didn’t lose any prospects to the rule 5? Would you feel better if we’d lost some talent?

If you want the franchise to succede you should be glad that Eric Hurley, German Duran, Chris Davis, Taylor Teagarden, and Elvis Andrus are all young enough to be exempt from rule 5 so that were able to protect Luis Mendoza, Max Ramirez, Armando Galarraga, Joaquin Arias, Brandon Boggs, Warner Madrigal, AJ Murray, Matt Harrison, Thomas Diamond, Kason Gabbard and Wes Littleton, any of whom might have been selected if left exposed.

Complaining about good roster management is a new one on me.

Don’t leave me out, Briant and DWI-DRE!


Briant’s not actually complaining that we didn’t lose anyone, but

a) pointing out that our newly stocked farm is not yet mature enough to be considered finished being stocked if it didn’t lose anyone; and

b) (yes) complaining that if we were truly committed to rebuilding, we would have traded at least some of our few peaking veterans in time to make room for a Rule V pick or two.

Of course, Briant, had we traded them, those we got in return might have filled even more spots on the 40-man roster.

I’m thinking of Mike Young more than anyone.

The rest, with the possible exception of Laird, depending on our use of him, seem to be better moved at the ASB, hopefully after rebounding.

Whom do you have in mind, Briant?

To rebuilding!

And now the three. Any more out there who believe as briant, dwi and the nine? How can Washington think he is going to win 10 more games next year? Is he not watching what the Angels have done? Believe me they are not finished over there yet. Watch and wait for Tejeda and maybe Benard falling to them. Word on the street is that Washington got his you know what spanked for speaking out at the Winter Meetings. Is their trouble in paradise brewing? Is Mr. Positive on his way out the door? I personally don’t think Washington is the guy to lead a young team. In fact he probably isn’t the guy to lead a veteran team. It sounded like to me that the Owner, GM and the Manager are not on the same page. So what is new? If i were King, Young, Blalock, Cat, Padilla, Otsuka, Millwood and Laird would all be traded. Padilla, Otsuka and Blalock at All-Star break the rest could have been dealt at Winter Meetings. Baseball is ridiculous. If they want to generate some excitement about Baseball then they should have a trade deadline that forces these clubs to deal during this week. Do they do that, no they drag it out as usual with everything that they do. I am not against the Rangers getting Shelton, he is now our first baseman. I am totally against getting Gagne. Because he is going to interfere with Wilson or Benoit becoming the closer. Get some other young relief pitcher to bolster the bull pen. So far everything is appearing that we are re-building, a signing of Gagne makes me think that they are trying to win next year. What is the point of that. Our main goal is to develop players. If you develop players, then the wins will come. By the end of 2008 we should have about 3 more players. I want to see Teagarden and Duran. I think Murphy can play. We have to find out in 2008 who we need to keep and who we need to get rid of. From now on out i will just put this out there 3. 3. 3.

Lonestar come and join us and we will be 4 or Quatro. Hefe come on, Bingo the Sosa Supporter, Hooch company woman, come on down, Batty. Lets start a grass roots movement. Keep the team, move the owner, keep the team, move the owner. Did anyone else here that Hicks is getting ripped in England as being cheap? Ha Ha. Where there is smoke there is fire. The English Soccer fans reportedly came to the defense of its head coach when he spoke out about the American ownership. Supposedly they protested against Hicks/Gillett and used Gillett’s catch phrase the best a man can get with the coaches name. Hicks/Gillett backed down and did not discipline the coach. Hey it just goes to show that Hicks is a politician and backs down in the face of adversity, or at least in a situation where he stands to lose money. What do we have to do over here, to convince this guy that what he has tried in the past has not worked? Does’nt anyone else here besides us 3 realize that in order to build this franchise up we must hit rock bottom. Lets just pretend that we are an expansion franchise, are just starting out. Then what would we do, how would we go about our business? Eventhough the Rangers have been here in Texas for 30+ years, we really haven’t done anything. The biggest mistake Hicks has made is not listening to Melvin. Melvin is gone, but do what the guy wanted to do. Please! Please! Please! New Marketing Campaign Slogan: If we build it, they will come. This is going to take 2 to 3 years, maybe 4. So get to it.

Maybe ya’ll didn’t read my comment about the “curse of Tom Hicks”?

I hate the guy just as much as anybody. I agree with all of you, this team should be in rebuild mode – and it would help a lot if we could rebuild under new ownership, but unfortunately, the reality is Hicks isn’t going anywhere. So hopefully he’ll pull his head out of his giant you-know-what, and allow Jon Daniels to continue the process he’s started.

Dear Cuatro,

I’ve got nothing against the powers, per se, that be.

We differ there.

I think Washington over-managed and under-developed in the first have, much as I over-taught and under-developed in my first year of teaching.

I’ve agreed and been wrong with Daniels, and agreed and been right with him, and lately he’s done better than I would have, so I’ve appreciated his hard work.

Tom Hicks has learned a lot from his very costly mistakes, and he has invested a lot more than I have. Whether he has learned enough to STILL be willing to invest, but not necessarily yet– not to “over-manage” his general manager at a time when the best acquisition might be PATIENCE…We shall see.

We need to get through 3 more months of being “‘tween-agers” (‘tween restoring the value of those we need to trade before trading them, and heading into full-scale rebuilding) before we start our slogan, but, I like the idea of a grass-roots movement to let management know that WE HAVE that patience.

For now, we only need to trade MY, because his value is as high as it’s going to get, and his contract is not the type that people acquire in a sudden move to put their contending team over the top.

Come the All-Star Break, though, let’s start the chant:

If you RE-build it, we will come!”


…over-managed and under-developed in the first “half”, I mean.. then Wash did well.

“We need to get through 3 more months…” of the regular season, that is.

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