Monday Morning Manager…Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember the fifth of NovemberGuy2001

Gunpowder, treason and plot

I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, twas his intent

to blow up the King and Parliament

Three score barrels of powder below

Poor old England to overthrow

By God’s Providence he was catch’d

With a dark lantern and burning match

Guy Fawkes Night

While we are remembering the attempted overthrow of the English government, also struck by this:

The Rangers interviewed five for their manager’s job last year: Ron Washington, Manny Acta, John Russell, Trey Hillman and Don Wakamatsu. Four of those five are now managers.

2002: John Hart interviews five for the opening: Buck Showalter, DeMarlo Hale, Jim Fregosi, Buddy Bell and Terry Francona. Four of five were or became managers.

1994: Johnny Oates is hired unopposed.

1992: Kevin Kennedy wins over Rene Lachemann and Jerry Royster. Both Lachemann and Royster end up managing.

1982: Doug Rader hired over Bobby Valentine and Jim Leyland.

Just interesting all the guys that the Rangers didn’t hire. Also, in 1992, Lou Piniella was available.

1. Do you think the Rangers should go after Kerry Wood with the idea of making him a closer?

2. Could Francisco Cordero come back home and feel comfortable pitching at the Ballpark in Arlington.

3. Would you pay Sammy Sosa $7 million to be the Rangers designated hitter.

4. Who would you rather have on your team: Alex Rodriguez or Barry Bonds.

5. Hypothetical Trade Proposal of the Week: Would you do this: Edinson Volquez, Eric Hurley, Hank Blalock and Jarrod Saltalamacchia for either Johan Santana with the Twins or Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins


Let me make this easy for anyone to understand. I wouldn’t want to be misunderstood. 1. no (damaged goods) 2. No (a loser) 3. No ( too much) 4. see #3 above. Whooops that wasn’t the question…Arod doesn’t cheat! 5. No! Are you nuts?

And while I’m back…no we don’t need a new expensive center fielder…we need starting pitching (which is what we needed last spring…and you see how that turned out). If I stutterred and anyone has any doubt about my position….well…

1. If he’s willing to take an incentive laden contract – it might be worth exploring. But didn’t Ron Washington say he wants a “proven” closer when he announced his off season laundry list in September – does Wood have more saves than anyone on the current Rangers roster?

If the Rangers sign Wood for the closers job, then Washington would lose a ton of credibility in my book – and I wonder how CJ Wilson, Joaquin Benoit and Aki Otsuka would feel about that? If JD and Washington don’t want or trust any of those three to close games – why aren’t they being truthful with the players and the media about it? What happened to the being honest and upfront from this celebrated “players” manager?

2. No. (I remember the Milwaukee at Texas games last June).

3. I needed a good laugh this morning. Maybe there isn’t an internal solution, but there has to be much less expensive DH type out there via Free Agency or trade.

4. Alex – you can say what you want about his personality, his agent, and his presence in the clubhouse – the bottom line is he’s a terrifically talented baseball player.

5. Personal preference: I don’t indulge in trade talk.

And for those of us with two X chromosomes who prefer non-violent government change: on November 5 1872, suffragist Susan B. Anthony defied the law by attempting to vote for President Ulysses S. Grant. (She was convicted by a judge and fined $100 but never paid the fine.)

I’m Still trying to figure out the photo but surmise it must have something to do with Guy Fawkes Day. What that has to do with baseball, I’m not sure, but I never know what’s going on.

1. I’d take Wood but wouldn’t give him anything. I’d just get him on the team and see where that goes.

2. Nobody will ever forgive our Latin American closer because he blew a few games. But please forgive Kenny Rogers for picking on those intruding cameramen and bring him back. Oh Kenny, we love you and we are all sorry we were so mean to you. Please forgive us and pitch for us.

3. No $7 million for a Latin American DH. Save it for Kenny.

4. Alex Rodriguez

5. You’re giving up way more for Cabrera than you got for Teixeira so that doesn’t make sense. I would do Saltalamacchia, Blalock and one of those two pitchers for Santana.

1. No Kerry Wood, thanks.
2. No Cordero, thanks.

3. No Sosa, thanks.

4. No Arod or Bonds, thanks.

If I was forced to choose, I’d take Arod – EMC is right.

5. I wouldn’t do it for one year of Santana, and wouldn’t do it at all for Cabrera. I think a team closer to competing would be crazy not to consider the trade (with a window to negotiate a contract extension), but this team is too far away from competing to consider this trade. I hope JD is working on some other trades, though.

1. Depends completely on the health of Aki. If he’s going to be ready, then I like him, C.J. and Benoit in the back of the bullpen.

If Aki needs surgery and Wood is willing to take a deal with a low guaranteed amount then yes. If he want a lot of guaranteed money then, no thanks.

2. I don’t see how.

3. No. His overall numbers don’t look that bad because of his dominance against lefties, but he can no longer hit righties and 7 million is too much too pay for an aging platoon DH. I’d rather see that money go toward an extension for Kinsler.

4. I’ll say Barry just because I know he’d only be here short term. I don’t want either.

5. No thanks. I’m not interested in trading youngsters for short term fixes.

1. Wood ….. NO
2. Cordero …. **** NO

3. Sosa …. **** Shucky Darn NO

4. A-Rod or Bonds …. I am going to throw up

5, Santana, Cabrera …. Take out Volquez and sign either to a long term contract then it is a go. Do not need to rent a player.

1. I would take a shot at getting Kerry Wood. I do not know if I would automatically give him the closers job but he might do very well as a closer with that fastball of his.
2. Nope, He has some sort of mental problem pitching in our ballpark. Stay away from Cordero let him go somewhere else. I like Gagne better anyway.

3. Sosa not for 7 million a year. He was productive last year but not 7 million dollars worth of production at almost 40.

4.A-Rod hands down. Alex is a little better teammate and a much younger player. Bonds I feel is going to find it hard to find work for what he thinks he is worth in the offseason.

5. No on that trade for Miguel Cabrera. That is too much talent for a postion player. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see Miguel Cabrera in a Rangers uniform he is a great young proven hitter who can play a few different positons. I would do that trade for Johan Santana only if he signs a contract extention as part of the deal. He is lefthander and not only that he is one the top pitcher in baeball period over the last couple of years. A pitcher that is an Ace and or anchor for a pitching staff do not grow on trees. The only players I would really hate to loose in this trade are Salty and Hurley but you have to give up talent to make a trade like this work.

There is no way the Rangers are lucky enough to get a player like Johan Santana. It is a Rangers Fans dream to have a trade like this fall in there laps. Maybe in my next life any way.

1. I think they should. Give him a Gagné-kind of deal. If he shows he can still pitch, then make him the closer. That way, his value goes up and we maximize any return we can get for him in a trade. I really wouldn’t want to keep Kerry Wood long-term anyway.

2. It can be argued that he’s the second-best closer in the FA market (after Mariano Rivera). There are better places for him.

3. Nope and I can hardly see anyone else giving him that kind of money. He’s pretty much limited to the AL and he has platoon issues. Could the Twins…? Nope. They’re too cheap.

4. I’m with hefe. Bonds would only be here for 1 year. A-Rod on the other hand would be here with an 8-10yr contract. not that he would stay here for the length of the whole contract (he’d -itch his way out of here), anyway, he’d be here longer than Bonds.

5. The Twins don’t need Salty. They have Mauer and Morneau already. And Miguel Cabrera is a great hitter but he’s destined to become a DH in less than 3 years. So no. I wouldn’t do either trade.

1. Not a closer. No.

2. Could he? Yes. Should we? No.

3. I wouldn’t pay Sammy two cents to be the Rangers DH. I thought the GM said that he is not trying to find stop gaps, and seeing how Jason Botts needs to be given a full audition while Catalanotto also shares that role, why would we bring Sammy back at all?

4. That’s a good question. I’ll have to say A-Rod.

5. That is way too much and way too much at the major league level.

A combination of 3 or 4 players like: Edison Volquez, German Duran, Elvis Andrus, Kameron Loe, Luis Mendoza, Taylor Teagarden, Max Rameriz, Kasey Kiker, Travis Metcalf, Johnny Whittleman, Frankie Francisco and I would be inclined to make either trade.

1. Kerry Wood would be interesting. I love the idea of signing Kerry Wood, but I don’t think you can hand over the closer role to him. He is on the same stage as CJ Wilson and Benoit plus there is Aki. Adding Wood to the bullpen would be added depth and continuing the strength of our club.

2. Cordero is been there done that. He didn’t have overwhelming success in Arlington and I don’t think it would ever work for him to come back. He’s a good closer but not gonna happen.

3. Wow Sosa is demanding a lot for his age. The crazy thing is that he is still only asking for half of what Barry Bonds will be asking for. I’d say no though. He did great things for this club and i respect the way he handled last year, but it’s do or die time for Botts this next season and it just doesn’t make sense to sign Sosa for that much money when he would only platoon.

4. Arod or Bonds? Neither are going to happen but if i had to choose i’d say Bonds. I know i know… people hate barry bonds and think it would be the worst signing ever. Baseball wise though it would be pretty incredible to have that bat in the middle of our lineup. It’s not going to happen but I wouldn’t be opposed to it if the Rangers had some magical thing happen in their front office that sent Bonds to Texas.

5. That’s a lot to give up. Johan Santana would be great but he is heading into free agency after next season so why I trade all that for one year. It’s basically giving up on the “plan.” No way that you can make that deal unless Santana signed an extension, which he isn’t going to do. I love the idea for trading for Miguel Cabrera, but that’s also a pretty steep price. It does put things into perspective though on what it’s going to take to get one of these guys via trade. I’d say no to both of those trades but that doesn’t mean i don’t like the idea of trading for them. I just can’t trade Salty

1. I wouldn’t promise him the job, but I’d tell him its an open competition and give him closer related incentives.

2. He could, but he wont I dont think.

3. No chance in ****.

4. A Rod

5. This is way too much. Salty is going to have to be involved in any deal like that, but with Florida when they moved Beckett they got 2 stud prospects and saved cash with Lowell moving. Min would also probably not be wanting pitching prospects as much either. Id offer them Blalock, Salty, and someone like Feliz for Santana if hed resign.

TR, you’re right, we’ve passed on an awful lot of good managers… I for one really wish Trey Hillman had got the job over Wash… but that’s old news.

1. Kerry Wood is a guy I think the Rangers should DEFINITELY sign. I’m a big Kerry Wood fan, though, so I admit bias here, but I would sign him to a 1 year contract, with incetives and an option for ’09, and send him to spring training to compete for the closers job. Personally, I think he would be a better fit in the setup role, because of his questionable durability, but I wouldn’t mind having him as our closer at all.

2. Would Billy Wagner go back to the Phillies? I loved Coco, but he did nothing but complain about the ballpark while he was here. Plus, after the way we just gave up on him and basically dumped him, I don’t think he’d sign here if we where the last team on earth.

3. NO. Sammy is out of his gourd, thinking he can demand 7 mil. from ANY team, much less ours. Plus, (as I said in a comment on the happy hour yesterday) his recent comments about us have shades of Phil Nevin, so anyone who thinks he’gonna come back here and be the clubhouse leader needs to think again. He’s just as much of a premadonna as he’s always been.

In my opinion, Sammy should not even be out there next year, he should be riding off into the sunset, leaving everyone to remember his glorious ride to 600 this year. But instead, he’s out there demanding a rediculous amount of money like he’s Barry Bonds or something.

4. Thank god neither of these scenarios looks like they’ll come true, but with Tom Hicks as our owner, never say never about anything.

But if it does happen I’d take A-rod. He would would be tough to take, but Bonds is the face of baseball evil. Everybody that’s not in San Francisco hates this guy – do we really want the rest of the baseball world to hate us?

5. Hey, that sounds like a great idea: lets dump all our top talent for one guy we’ll have for one or two years. You know, like the Chris Young or Alfonso Soriano deals. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!

I miss and his eighteen nightly informative posts. On vacation? Perhaps seeing the North Pole before it melts completely?

1. Kerry Wood? I thought the Rangers were opposed to hiring pitchers from Texas.

2. Cordero was a good closer. However it isn’t bullpen help we need. It is pitchers that start games and last six or seven innings.

3. I think Sosa will sign for less and his 90 RBI will be missed on this team. Botts isn’t the answer.

4. Hypothetical question for sure. Neither would even consider Texas.

5. No trade. The Rangers need a Santana but they will have to hope there is one in the farm system. One year of Santana will not get us to the Series or even to the playoffs unless the entire supporting cast had a “career year”.

I am encouraged by what I read regarding the Rangers’ rumored interest in Fukudome. I still believe that signing Torii for $15-16M/yr makes little sense. If the Rangers do this they would have $50M committed to 4 players in 2009 (Milwood, Padilla, MY and Hunter) – when you add this to raises for younger players, this leaves very little if anything in the budget to add players.

I support a defensive improvement in CF, but if it’s all about defense then I’d rather see Coco Crisp here than Torii. Let the White Sox overpay for him. The market for CFs has lots of available players, but everyday the list of teams looking for a CF grows, so there is enough demand that none of these players is going to come cheap. If the asking price or the bidding for Crisp gets too high, let Murphy or Byrd play there. Then spend the money on Carlos Silva (avg of 193 innings pitched the last 4 years) or Jason Jennings (a potential #2 SP) – SPs who would be cheaper than Hunter, and will/can eat up some innings. The team needs to maintain some budget flexibility to sign players as they hopefully improve in 2009 and 2010.

Signing Hunter does too much damage to payroll flexibility in the future when paired with the monster contract given to MY. Get a plan and stay with it, and we could be competitive in 2010 or 2011.

I am here wolff.
1) No to injury prone, besides Benoit is the closer right?

2) Sure Buck is gone and at least we will have something to show for Juan Gonzalez other than Catman.

3) No

4) Bonds, what has he done, controversy everywhere but no smoking gun or needle. He has never been caught right? Innocent til proven guilty right? Just think how many homers he could hit here at the ballpark and he could play first base too. He will put some butts in the seats too. We have had A-Rod. At least Barry knows who his Daddy is.

5) Too much to give up. You never ever, never ever trade young pitching. Haven’t we learned our lessons yet? Darling, Terrell, Righetti, Young and many others. At this point, Volquez and Hurley have to be the top two pitching prospects on this team. We aren’t the Braves or the Red Sox. We haven’t reached the point of dealing from our minor leagues. I hope we stop dealing all of our minor leaguers.

You know, briant, I’m not so sure this Kosuke Fukudome guy would be worth the money it would take to import him here. He doesn’t have all that much pop, so unless he’s the second coming of Ichiro, I’d just as soon have Coco Crisp as him.

Currently, I think we should be more focused on Aarron Rowand than Hunter. Like you said, Torri is too expensive, and futhermore, I don’t like his attitude. Only problem is, Rowand might get expensive too – I’ve heard figures ranging from 5/50 to 6/85. I’m wondering exactly how much of a risk we’d be taking by signing Adruw Jones. There’s a guy that’s previously hit up to 50 HR’s in a season – if he does reboudn next year, that solves our cleanup hitter problem. Only problem is how bad he was this year. But the could work in our favor. He’d still be expensive, but we could use it as an excuse to sign him to a shorter 1-2 year contract. And I’d much rather have 2 years of Andruw @ 40 Mil or something than 5 years of Torri Hunter for over 75.

Do overs, go back to 1982 and hire, Jim Leyland. How many World Series would we have been in? Go back and keep Francona as bench coach under Showalter and give him the job. Go back and keep Herzog instead of hiring Martin. How many titles do we have by now? The bottom line is we have continually not hired the right people at the right time. We also have failed to retain these people when we get them. In other words we don’t have the ability to recognize when we have managers or players and we don’t keep them when we do realize it. Most of the time we don’t realize it until they have success elsewhere. So here is betting that Hillman is successful and it could have been here.

1. If the deal is right. 1 or 2 years, no more than $5Mil per.
2. The sheer though of it makes me want to burn the tickets I haven’t even bought yet.

3. Nah. Why pay $7Mil for a guy to strike out when Jason Botts will do it for $390k?

4. Are you talking about 2008 or 1993?

5. No, this team is already thin enough on experience. As much as I love both of those guys, they aren’t worth the 20% of the 2009 25-man roster.

Right on, Lonestar. I think Rowand is going to get too much to justify his signing, too. Crisp would come much cheaper. I would be on board with 2yrs+mutual option on Jones in CF, but he’s going to get offers for 5 or more years (I’ve seen one source predicting 7 years), so it’s unlikely that we’ll get him IMO. There is just an amazing amount of demand for CFs this season – lots of teams need one, and lots of teams have CFs they would like to move to the corners.

I hear you on Fukudome – there isn’t going to be a lot of power there. I don’t necessarily believe that the OF positions have to produce power, especially with Fuku’s OBP, but if you can’t make up for the shortage in power with your infield and DH, it makes the decision more difficult to sign him.

Read where Boston asked JD about our catchers, so Crisp is a possibility. Today, it’s probably the second best option for the team’s timetable and budget flexibility (the best being obtaining Fernando Martinez from the Mets).

The Rangers have just signed their manager for 2009 – Matt Walbeck.

From reading his resume’, we now have our Jason Garrett of the staff. Give him a year to experience coaching at the major league level, then hand it off to him in 2009. Those of you who have previously stated that the team needs a young, high-energy manager to go with the young team are correct. I tried to give RW a chance and feel like I have – he doesn’t get managing, and isn’t going to. I am officially starting the Walbeck for manager bandwagon.

Look out RW, your leash just got shorter.

Might want to distance yourself from the Anti-Catholic Holiday there T.R., just think of the outrage if you were a national media man

And I am offically jumping on the Walbeck for manager bandwagon. Like you say, give Wally a year to get comfortable, and then he and Ron Wash can swap jobs. Ron would probably be much happier over on the 3rd base line anyway, where he won’t have to do all those mundane things like manage his lineup card, decide when to make the call to the bullpen, give the signs.. you know, MANAGE.

Wow I never would have predicted that I’d start seeing lets hire Wally chants in November. Seriously? Wally will be a good coach for this club, but Wash turned around an awful start to the season and finished pretty well from July on. Give Wash another season before we start chanting for Wally or anyone else for that matter. The thing we should be focused on right now is how do we improve our club and who is the answer in Center and what are we going to do with Laird. Do we trade Blalock? Who is our closer next season? Manager right now is not and should not be high on the rangers priorities lists.

You’re right of course, sky, on what the focus should be for now.

The manager bandwagon should be in the background at this time, and it will be – I’m just making a statement of position, and interested in the opinions of others in this area.

1) No to injury-plagued Kerry Wood. The least of our troubles lie in the bullpen. Spend the money elsewhere.

2) No to Cordero back in Arlington. Too many blown saves, and too many boos and catcalls–will most assuredly not draw Coco back here-nor should it. His confidence was obviously blown here.

3) As many know, I like the guy, Sammy Sosa, very much. For $7Million, in today’s market, for a guy who will drive in 100 RBI’s, and actually choke-up with men on base (LIKE NO OTHERS ON THE TEAM ARE WILLING TO DO), you might say, yes, I’d sign Sammy. How many other guys who could produce the same numbers would want that relatively putrid amount of money? Answer: No one. Sign Sammy and let him hit against lefties and righties. There isn’t anyone else better on this team (now that Tex is gone) who can drive in as many runs. The guy drove in 92 runs when supposedly washed up, out of the game a year, and platooned halfway into the season, and STILL drove in almost 100 runs. We’d be crazy to not sign him. (So, we probably won’t)

4) I’d rather have neither from a personal standpoint. YUCKY personalities for them both…however, Alex is a stud. Bonds is…well, this is a family blog. (What family, I’m not sure). No to Bonds AND to Alex. From a purely numbers perspective, I’d much rather have Alex. Saying that…JD, don’t you go getting any brainy ideas.

5) No way Jose! To trade such future for one star now–that puts us back in the bad old days.

To the Good Folks out there in Blog-land: Jason Botts as DH is a tremendous joke. He has not proven ONE thing in 2 terms with the local team. Sosa did prove he can drive in runs. Botts isn’t fit to lace up Sosa’s cleats.

I’m not saying Sammy is the permanent answer, I’m saying comparing Sosa to Botts is ludicrous if you look at production. The numbers speak for themselves. I’m with r-wolff, Botts AIN’T the answer at DH. If JD wants to go on the cheap, and use Botts at DH, I think he’s throwing up his hands to the season. With no competent run producers besides Michael, Ian and Marlon, we are deluding ourselves to go with the 27-year old Rookie who has proven absolutely nothing in his 2 debuts with the Rangers.

Rumor has it the Rangers are interested in Coco Puffs out of Boston. Boston reportedly is interested in our catchers. Just as long as it isnt Teagarden or Saltalamacchia i am all for it. How about Laird and some Double A or single A pitcher for some Coco. Coco is done up there in Boston and they want him out so lets do it. We will still need some right handed power though in the outfield. So sign Mr. Hunter and play him in right field, it is probably his future anyway. If Coco comes here is Fruity Pebbles far behin d? Or is Fruity already here? And now for some corrections for MR. TR. I believe Mr. Wakamatsu, left the Rangers for a job as Bench Coach in Oakland, not as a Third Base Coach. How many days til the All-Star Break in 2008? Here is betting that Wash is gone by then. At least it seems now that the Rangers are starting to make organizational moves with an eye towards the future. Why have we never developed our own managers? We have 5 or 6 minor league teams and need to start hiring some young managers and coaches and try to develop these people into professional Baseball Coaches and Managers. We should have a AAA, and AA guys that are on the cusp of becoming major league coaches and managers. Walbeck came here with an eye on the managing job and i wonder how comfortable Mr. Washington is with this hire?

Actually, I took a gander a Crisp’s stats, and he only hit .268 this year, with a somewhat dismal .325 OBP and a .707 OPS. After looking at that, I don’t think Coco would be that sweet to have here after all, and I REALLY don’t think he’s worth expending any prospects on.

If the Royals are still interested in dealing David DeJesus, I would be more inlcined to look into that. DeJesus is a year younger, with a higher OBP, and strikes out less.

Your suggeation of trading Laird and prospects to the Red Sox for Crisp would be a great deal for the Red Sox.

In effect that deal would let the Red Sox recoup for the Gagne deal.

The Rangers have a number of catching prospects. However none of them are ready to step in at the major league level to replace Laird. Salty included. He has trouble throwing to second base during a game.

No to Wood, No to Cordero. Aki (if healthy) should get the job. Otherwise, Wilson is a more practical alternative.
Some team is going to pay Sammy 4 to 5 million next year. He deserves it, and that team should be the Rangers.

No matter what you think of ARod, he is a better choice than Bonds.

The Rangers would be ill-advised to make either of those trades. It’s too high of a price for a rent-a-pitcher or a great hitter who is a liability as an infielder.

By the way, while we are all salivating at the prospect of paying a Gary Matthews’ ranson to get Tori Hunter to play center field in Arlington, I think that we should look at another Twin. Carlos Silva is a decent Free Agent pitcher. He won 13 games last year (lost 14) but you’ve got to love his 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio. Of course, the main reason to sign him is that in the near future we could have (Thomas) Diamond, (Nate) Gold and Silva all on the same team.

I have a sneaky suspicion that if the Red Sox are talking to us it is probably about Mr. Blalock. Alot of teams covet this guy. I don’t know why. He cant hit left handed pitching, doesn’t work the count, strikes out too much, swings for the fences too often and is very FRAGILE as in injury prone.

I am not against the Rangers re-signing Mr. Cork/Steroid. Offer him a 1.5 million base with incentives that could go up to 3 million. Take it or leave it. That is a more than fair offer. 7 million a year is a joke and will not happen. Every year we fail to address our pitching needs. Hey guys nothing is going to change over there unless you improve your starting pitching, either through trade of free-agency or minor leaguers developing. So address the freaking starting pitching please. It really doesn’t matter who the CF, 1B or any other position player is if after the first inning you are down by 10 runs. Does anyone else agree? Hunter ain’t coming here, unless we overpay, so move on. Now is not the time to overpay. 2 to 3 years from now will be the time to overpay when we are on the cusp. Is anyone going to pay Andruw JONES what he thinks he is worth? I doubt it. TEX will reup there as Bobby Cox and the Braves dump Mr. Andruw Jones. Unlike us they have someone to replace Mr. Jones already on the team. HOW ABOUT MR. Anthony WEBSTER AA CF, is CRISP that much better than him? Why don’t we hear about Webster?

Webster got on base at a lower rate in the Texas league that Crisp did in the Amercian League, so, yeah Crisp is that mush better. Webster barely hit enough to justify starting ’08 at Oklahoma let alone being handed the starting center field job on a major league club.

hey mniblick, maybe we should trade for Bronson Arroyo as well. Sorry. That was lame.

Anthony Webster has fallen behind Brandon Boggs right now. How about Francisco and Laird for Coco Crisp? Too Much? If Laird goes to Boston, he’d immediately become Jason Varitek’s backup. That’s what hitting worse than Brad Ausmus gets you.

I wouldn’t be upset with Francisco and Laird for Crisp. That way we’re set in center for 2 years and hopefully Bourbon or Boggs is ready by then. The better question might be are they intersted in Francisco? They’ve show interest in Kam Loe in the past.

Websters stats, 114 hits in 411 at bats for a .277 BA, 25 doubles, 3 triples, 8 home runs, 39 RBI’s, 21 BB and 55 K’s along with 30 Stolen Bases in 105 games. I will take that at the major league level from my Center Fielder of the future if he can play defense. Besides add a little HGH and or Steroids and this guy hits more homers and has a few more hits. When Lance NIX had these same numbers he was touted as the next coming. Well why not Mr. Webster?

Laynce Nix put up an on-base plus slugging% of .831 at Frisco at the age of 22. Webster: .731 at the age of 24. Not hardly in the same league prospect wise. AND, to reiterate what riega said, Brandon Boggs is the much better centerfield prospect. That’s why when they were both in the lineup this year Boggs actually PLAYED center and Webster slid over to a corner OF spot.

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