Otsuka on DL

The Rangers have placed Akinori Otsuka on the disabled list and called up Scott Feldman from Triple A. Otsuka still has inflammation but nothing structurally wrong. More on the website


So much for his trade value.

Great, now we have to continue to listen how Daniels made such a good deal with the Padres because he got Otsuka. I was looking forward to Otsuka being dealt, so we would have nothing to show for dealing Young and Gonzalez. This is the deal that is really killing us. Both Young and Gonzalez would fit in real nice right about now. The Rangers Management, and i use the term management loosely, never has a plan and never sticks to a plan. For example, did or didn’t they know that Tex was a Boras client? Did or didn’t they know that their was a strong possibility that Tex would go to free-agency? History shows, that is all they rant about Boras. So we all know this. Then why do you trade the first pick in the draft when within 2 years you would think you would need a prototypical first baseman? This is what is driving me crazy!!!! They did Gonzalez and Young a favor, when they dealt them to San Diego. What favors did they get in return and how was the franchise helped? Zero, nada, nothing.

Keep all of our pitchers, except Padilla and deal Tex, Cat, Lofton, Wilkerson and Sosa. Don’t deal any of our prospects. But you better get the motherload for Texiera. Daniels has a tough road to hoe. For Sale: 27 year old, switch hitting,all-star, potential free agent. Ability to play first base, third base or left or right field. 30 plus homers per year, 100 RBI’s and .290 to .300 avg. Wants to be paid, just as other top level players and wants to be associated with a winning organization. Not too much to ask. Can be talkative when he gets frustrated. Any takers?

My whole point is we have got to start making decisions based on the long term. Not just one year. If we would have thought about what we were doing. We would have never have dealt Young and Gonzalez for Eaton and Otsuka. Eaton told us up front that he wasn’t going to stay here. He didn’t want to pitch in Arlington, Texas, the shooting gallery, because he knew it was going to cost him money. He was also hurt. Both Young and Gonzalez, had way too much potential and upside to be dealt. Now we are seeing what they can do. We would have been better off to keep those guys. Daniels stop dealing our pitching and our prospects. You better get something for Texiera, or you are going to be gone. The word i am looking for is CRUCIAL!

dgod you are going to have to back up and take a deep breath or you are going to bust a blood vessel. Like you said there are more important things going on in the world that a baseball game. What is the standing of the team that the great a-rod is on? It is the matching of players reather than one individual player. DO NOT TRADE TEX. Keep him and get the draft choice. When these guys are chasing the money they always play better. Make them play better for us.

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