Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, where we love the new Ballpark in Arlington video "I’m a Believer" with all the team mascots trying to impress the good-looking lady in the shades.

* Marlon Byrd on the Rangers: “We have to keep winning series and see where we’re at in September. We could be a dangerous team in September.”Bar_58

* Joaquin Benoit has pitched in 37 games. In two of those games he allowed ten runs in three innings. The Rangers were down four runs in one and seven in the other when he entered the game. In the other 35 games he has a 1.32 ERA.

* Jason Botts hit .200 in April, .361 in May and .360 in June. Said Rangers Minor League hitting coordinator Mike Boulanger: "The last day or two of Spring Training he added a leg kick and it took him some time to get his timing. He was either a little early on balls or a little late. He couldn’t find it. After a month he got it figured out."

* Boulanger on Frisco second baseman German Duran: "Anybody who sees him knows he can hit. It’s just a matter of him improving on his defense. He can really hit."

* Nelson Cruz is hitting .352 at Oklahoma and Boulanger said they’ve opened up his stance so he can stay square on the ball and see it better.

* The Rangers had gone eight games without an error before Gerald Laird’s throwing error in the first inning Thursday night.

* Cubs manager Lou Piniella, after he walked Ryan Zimmerman to load the bases only to have Dmitri Young hit a grand slam: "We tried to set up a double play, but the shortstop doesn’t play in the bullpen.”

* Randy Johnson, sidelined with a herniated disc in his back: "I’m basically pitching on one leg. I’m not going to be very effective that way, no matter who you are."

* What would be Happy Hour without hearing from Ozzie Guillen: "Whoever doesn’t root for me, I’m sure they’re happy right now. There are worse things that have happened in my life, and there are going to be better things to come. People that are happy about it, be careful with what you wish because I know I’m going to come out of this. I know I am.”

* Just for the heck it: Scott Fletcher

* The New York Yankees are 18-6 when Alex Rodriguez hits a home run and 21-36 when he doesn’t.Aaron

* Hank Aaron played for the Braves and they aren’t too happy about Barry Bonds in Atlanta. Said Chipper Jones, "With the cloud over Barry, it’s going to be hard for me to tell my kids and my grandkids later on in life that Barry Bonds is the home run champion. That’s not the way I feel. For us here in a Braves uniform, Hank’s always going to be the home run king. He’s always going to be the home run champ to the majority of players still playing."

* Tom Hanks turned down the lead to Field of Dreams.

* Reds infielder Brandon Phillips had an interesting take on manager Jerry Narron getting fired: "We had a good year with Jerry last year, but we had new guys come to the scene this year. He tried to adjust with the new guys this year, but it’s all about certain players. Ken Griffey and his home run chase, Josh Hamilton and his comeback season, everybody got caught up in that instead of winning. We’re happy for Josh, but we want to win. And the next thing you know, Homer Bailey’s up here. We’re a team, and everybody’s worried about three guys."

* Otis Nixon tried to steal third base 13 times for the Rangers in 1995. Most attempts of that base in club history. He was successful on all 13. He did better than Dave Nelson. He set a Rangers record by trying to steal home five times in 1974. He made it just once.

* People don’t appreciate what a unique season Nixon had that year. He set records with 23 bunt hits and 51 infield hits.

* Yes there is an NBA Encyclopedia. It was edited by Jan Hubbard, the great basketball writer during his time working for the NBA. He has been covering baseball for the Star-Telegram for the past 11/2 but is now back to covering the NBA.

* The United States, France, Spain, Chile, Peru and Egypt. The capital of those six countries are spelled the same as the last name of one current or former Major Leaguer. Surely you remember Sol Madrid and Kelly Paris.

* No Joe Oslo never made it to the Major Leagues.


A dangerous team in September? In what year, 2008, 2009, 2010? One of the few bright spots this year and he has to open his mouth. Shut up and play baseball Byrd. Now we know why Philadelphia let you go, you are delusional. A few reasons to be excited. The minor leagues aren’t as bare as we have been told. Pitching prospects, Hurley, Volquez, Mathis, Galaraga and Mendoza 37 Wins and 11 Losses, with high strikeout to walk ratios and low ERA’s in Double A Ball, We must hit on one or two of those guys to help turn it around. Hey Hicks it is about pitching and defense. Why isn’t Duran up here? Since when is defense a priority for this team? If he can hit, then he should be here. As should Botts, Cruz and Freddy Guzman. Lofton aint the future. If the Rangers could re-sign Texiera, then things would be looking up. I am really apprehensive about Daniels getting a good deal for Texiera. He doth not have a good track record. How good would Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young look right now in Rangers Blue? Benoit should be a starter. When is Tejeda, going to learn not to walk batters. Hasn’t he heard the truths of baseball. Walks will kill you. Make them put the ball in play. Don’t walk batters. We need a shortstop by the way. Move Young back to 2B his past position. Within 3 years he won’t be a shortstop and shouldn’t be now. Do we have anyone that isn’t hurt that can play this postion. Why haven’t we ever developed a Center Fielder? It was no coincidence that when we were winning in the 90’s we were strong up the middle, Pitcher, Catcher, SS, 2B and CF. You have to be strong up the middle.

Let’s don’t get to caught up in the Rangers recent play. It’s great to see and fun to watch but it’s time to go young and trade the veterans that are not part of the future(Sosa, Lofton, Wilkerson) and trade Tex since he will not re-sign in a couple of years. I only trade Gagne for a top pitching prospect or top OF prospect. As soon as Tex is traded bring Nate Gold up and see what he has. Trade Sosa for anything and get Botts in here now and it looks like Cruz is ready for another shot. Next years team should be Gold, Kinsler, Blalock, Young, Laird, Botts, Byrd, Cruz and Torii Hunter and have Mayberry in AAA getting ready to replace Cruz or Bryd. I try everthing I can to trade Tex to the Yankees for Hughes. Throw in Tejeda and Otsuka and get one or two more of their prospects and finish out this year with a rotation of Millwood, McCarthy, Loe, Hughes and Hurley(sept call up) and trade Padilla for whatever you can get. The bullpen would still be strong especially if you keep Gagne and keep Cat as a bat off the bench along with Mellhuse and Hairston. To me your going young and seeing what you have but still should have a competitive team if like the pitching holds up like always.

TR, thanks for those notes about the Minor League hitting. Is it too early to place judgment on Mayberry’s AA numbers? It’s just 66 ABs, but he’s obviously turning some heads…

The travesty of Aaron’s setting of the all time home run record was the stupid looking softball uniform the Braves wore during those years. Probably the worst looking Braves uniform ever and one of the worst looks in baseball history.

But Dave Nelson is still the answer to this question: Who was the first (only?) Ranger to steal second, third and home in one inning?

This team has had an incredible hot streak……………………………and is still 16 games back. The only way they will be dangerous in September is as a spoiler.

How does Guillen keep his job? He is always saying stupid things to the press. Why don’t the White Sox just get rid of him? I am tired of seeing and hearing his act. I am sure his players are too. Asta La Vista, Baby! You will get your wish soon, i am sure. Danks and Masset for McCarthy looks like a worse deal now. Just wait til Danks gets his confidence and realizes he belongs in the majors. Right now he is just feeling his way. He is going to be a stud. McCarthy is just going to look like Alfred E. Newman. Daniels, you never, never ever trade young pitching, Chris Young either. How is this for a rotation, Danks, Young, Rogers, Millwood and Loe. Me thinks we would be closer to the top of the Division. How about these guys in your lineup. CF Matthews
2B Young

LF Soriano

RF Texiera

3B Blalock

1B Gonzalez

DH Hafner

C Rodriguez

SS Anyone but Young

Do you think we would be winning some games and going to the playoffs with that lineup? Rodriguez and Hafner are Harts mistakes. The rest belong to Daniels.

In responce to :
Now it takes time to get to the bigs lets not forget Duran is only 23… and mayberry is 23 also I think now the team is hot yes now I think what Byrd is saying is that we could be spoilers.. I look at this team as the guys from Major League ragtag ball, now as for your “line up” goes salaries

Young -2007 Texas Rangers$3,575,000

Soriano-2007 Salary: $10,000,000


Teixeria-2007 Salary: $9,000,000


Hafner 2007 Salary: $4,050,000


mlb avarage-$3M

then add pitchers you have a yankees type price no way you can keep all these guys….


I’ve mentioned in the last two blogs, that guys like Otis Nixon, Tom Goodwin, Mickey Rivers, etc. could make such a difference in Ron’s “small ball” scenario. These guys bunted, squeezed, ran down everything in the outfield, perturbed the pitchers into mistakes, stole bases, and DID NOT UPPERCUT the ball, so they could beat out grounders and hit the ball over the head of infielders or in the gaps. Ah, yes, I remember “The Roadrunner”, Ralph Garr, and what a terror he was at doing exactly these things I mentioned. I still wonder why the scouts (and dwiregod, I am still going to trumpet former Ranger farm director Sandy Johnson’s name outloud because he was the best we’ve had–bar none). Why can’t we find the fastest guy available in Latin America or this country, teach him to bunt, and be a real threat on the bases. You can’t learn speed, and if we could find the absolutely fastest guy around (Ron LeFlore was discovered in prison ball!), we could really have something for the next 12 or so years in Center Field. I believe Ralph Garr either with the White Sox or the Braves hit .344 and stole about 60 bases one season. He wasn’t a flash in the pan, either. Ahhh, I long for the days of a center fielder, second basemen, etc. who can do these things. It’s a shame Kenny Lofton is 40.

Just for the heckuvit: Dwayne Henry

Just for the heckuvit_2: Tommy Dunbar

Go Rangers!

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