Kinsler on DL with stress fracture

Ian Kinsler has been put on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his left foot. He is expected to be sidelined for three weeks. More on the website


3 out of 4 infielders out now amazing and NOW the Rangers see that their farm system stinks with noone to really step up and help. Can Jason Botts play 2nd base or maybe put Wilkinson at 2nd and put Botts at first?

How long until Arias is back?

According to Scott Lucas, Arias is having his shoulder scoped and won’t return to action until late in the season if he ruturns this year at all.

What ever happened to the scrappy little pint-sized second basemen who had “spunk”? Wayne Tolleson, Jeff Frye come to mind. Seems alot of the times the fastest guys on the team (Soriano, Bump Wills, etc.) were second basemen. They could steal, were good fielders, and were rocks in the middle of the infield. I love Ian. He is a good hitter, and can steal a base. He needs to work on his fielding or concentration. Are you listening Ron? I remember you took Hank under your wing this past winter and tried to make him a better fielder..EVEN THOUGH Hank went like 60 games in a row without an error, setting a record. Hank’s problem was NOT his fielding. Can you please work with Ian? Leave Hank to mending. Ian should be your fielding focus.

That said, I mentioned above the prototype second basemen have usually been the fastest guys on the team. Mr. Tom Hicks, isn’t there any scouting in Latin America, or elsewhere, that can take a speedy guy who is sure to steal 50 bases and play decently in the field, who could simply learn to not uppercut the ball, thus utilizing his speed? I’d love to re-hire Sandy Johnson and scout, scout, scout to reload our farm system. What, Who, or What has been supervising our farm system lately? (I know the answer–this is rhetoric.) Mr. Hicks, can you please re-hire Sandy Johnson, at whatever the cost, and put him in charge of scouting, signing, developing, and analyzing the whole system. Maybe we can get lucky with the current gang in charge…but I’m NOT holding my breath.

Just for the heck of it: German Duran second baseman for the Frisco Roughriders. .321 BA, 16 HR’s, 50 R.B.I. .561 SLG, .374 OBP and a .935 OPS. Does he get called up? NO! RIDICULOUS. This guy is a player. Who do we get Relaford. Give me a break. You may as well put Hairston out there. I am telling you we aren’t going to do anything until we start trying to find players that are going to help us for the long haul., i.e. young players. We may have found one in Byrd. Cruz needs to be up here. Diaz should be playing. Botts should be, and any other guys at Frisco and Oklahoma City. Duran is better than Hulett. You can bet on that one. Hey Bingo, enough with Sandy Johnson. He aint coming here. Besides within the next 25 years, Daniels is going to be great and he will only be in his late 40’s right. He is going to grow into this job. He can’t get any worse. How is Chris Young, Soriano, Gonzalez, and Cordero doing? All great deals! Can he do any worse than those trades. I thought the Rangers wanted defense from their second baseman. Isn’t that why Soriano had to go? His defense was so bad! Why don’t we hear how bad Kinsler’s defense is? Because his salary is at the major league minimum. What Soriano was really saying to the Rangers was, I won’t play SS or Outfield here. I will play it for another team that plays in the major leagues. Soriano is missed. He obviously is a player and a team leader. I sure wish we had something to show for him. Wilkerson isn’t something that should be showed to anyone. I believe Duran played his high school baseball at Paschal High. Am i right Bingo?

Duran is not ready for the major leagues—IN MY opinion. Though, promoting a Paschal Panther can’t be a bad move, now can it?

I don’t know anything about him really, but I wish we could start scouting in Latin America for the swiftest fella, teach him to bunt and line the ball, and be adequate at second base. If Ron wants small ball, Laird is his only bunter. Oh well…bring on someone. Give Relaford a chance–he might be lightning in a bottle (or an empty uniform–we’ll have to see.)

I don’t think the “prototype” 2B has to be a base stealer. Placido Polanco comes to mind. How ’bout a guy who can hit, field, steal every now and then, bunt, and not create headlines. Just a solid, stable, hard-nosed guy that gets the job done. I don’t care if he’s from Latin America or South Africa!

For those of you think that we should “blow up” the team AND give some opportunities to the talent in the minor. . .well, here it is! Byrd, Diaz, Cruz, Metcalf, Vazquez, Relaford (the last two not so much rookies as a journeymen). Other than Cruz, who has panned out for now, were any of us talking about these guys at the beginning of the season? Nope. But they’re getting the job done for now. Frankly, the future looks bright at a couple of positions.

And when Texieria comes back (for however long that might be), and Kinsler comes back, and Blalock comes back. . .they all need to carry M.Young’s gym bag for awhile. His body’s got to be sore from carrying the team.

And a bonus to Wilkerson every time he hits a 2+ run HR. For as much as we’ve bagged on this guy over the past 1.5 years, he’s stepping up big at the opportune moments.

Burning an option on Duran right now is not very wise. Relaford is a switch-hitting version of Hairston Jr. After Relaford, Tug Hulett might be next in line. I read a story during spring training in which Washington was writing his lineup card and asked Tug Hulett if he played 2B. Hulett responded that he’d play wherever he wanted him to play.

To scrubbrushleague: Polanco is an exception. Carlos Baerga another of second basemen who could field some, hit above average. Not that fast though. I’m going to the days of Rennie Stennett, Bump Wills, Maury Wills, Dave Cash, Joe Morgan, etc., where indeed the second basemen were GENERALLY one of the fastest, if not THE fastest on the team as middle infielders. They could bunt, steal, intimidate pitchers, sacrifice, and create havoc. Latin America is chock full and I’m not limiting my scouting to only there…but GENERALLY, that is where many good and speedy infielders come from.

Lastly, I’ve been on Brad Wilkerson’s case probably more than anybody on this blog…with GOOD reason. I’m also observant enough these past few weeks, and man enough to say Brad has done a good job of hitting, and filling in at first. I don’t want to get two games where he has hit 4 homers out of perspective though. I don’t feel he is the answer to the cleanup spot after Tex leaves…not at all. I do give Brad all the credit for the success he is having now, and despite all my dumping on him (and before this latest surge, it was deserved)…he’s finally producing like JD thought he might. I give him applause and credit for working hard. I’m not holding my breath that this is the “normal” Brad, however. But for now, KUDOS to BW!!!


I love Kinsler. I think we saw glimpses of his future with the way he started the first few weeks of the season. But I love your statement:

“I thought the Rangers wanted defense from their second baseman. Isn’t that why Soriano had to go? His defense was so bad! Why don’t we hear how bad Kinsler’s defense is? Because his salary is at the major league minimum.”

In Ian’s case, that’s ok, because he’s going to have a long productive career – and his defense should get better. Shouldn’t it, Ron?

But we definitely should have gotten more for Soriano!

More thought on how ridiculous it is to see Relaford being brought up on my blog:

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