The Search for the Perfect Trade

So we know that teams are lining up to talk to the Rangers about their relief pitching and we know that general manager Jon Daniels is going to drive a hard bargain.

We know that the Dodgers have expressed interest in Mark Teixeira but he’s on the disabled list. The Dodgers have moved Nomar Garciaparra to third base and are going with top hitting prospect James Loney at first base. If he stumbles, look for the Dodgers to renew their discussions with the Rangers.Gagne

Daniels knows that pulling a deal now might disrupt the roll that the Rangers are on but he also knows that if the right offer is made, he has to take it. The Rangers are too far behind.

The Rangers want two good prospects for Gagne because they know they’ll get two draft picks as compensation if he leaves as a Type A free agent.

So who is lining up?

The Boston Red Sox desperately want setup relief. General manager Theo Epstein knows that’s huge in October and that’s their glaring weakness. They also have concerns about Jonathan Papelbon holding up. Gagne wants to close and his contract incentives are based on games finished but Boston may be the team to beat right now.

The Red Sox also love Houston’s Brad Lidge, a reminder that the Rangers don’t hold all the cards. Kansas City’s Octavio Dotel is also available.

The Yankees want Gagne and Akinori Otsuka. So do the Cleveland Indians. The Atlanta Braves need bullpen help.

Arizona wants relief help but the Diamondbacks are telling people they don’t have much money to spend. Philadelphia is a similar situation but would love to talk about Otsuka. So would the Brewers.

The Tigers have demonstrated quite eloquently this week why they need bullpen help and the Rangers have good reports about their Double A pitching.

One thing the Rangers have to understand is that teams aren’t interested in trading good young pitching so don’t look for the Yankees to offer Philip Hughes in any deal. The cost of free agent pitching has sky-rocketed and so has the risk involved so clubs are more likely to concentrate on developing their own pitching.

One source said the Rangers will likely have a better chance of getting quality position players back rather than pitching. That may make some howl but that’s the reality of the situation. That’s also why a mega-deal involving Teixeira may not be possible.

Sammy Sosa? All quiet there. The Minnesota Twins are looking for a right-handed bat but they aren’t interested in Sosa. Word is something might develop closer to the trade deadline and the Mets still seem to be the most likely team. But they’re out there looking for pitching too.

Who isn’t.


I don’t want another option for the number 3, 4, 5 rotation spots if Jon Daniels can’t get a top prospect with a high cieling I don’t think he should do a deal. If teams aren’t interested in trading good young pitching and Jon Daniels is actually driving a hard bargain, then he can tell those teams chasing the playoffs he’s not interested in talking with them, that’s of course unless he gets a position prospect with a high cieling. I think the piont is to bring in players period who have a good chance of being well above average.

The Yankee’s can clamor all they want on who they’re not going to give up, but that’s one GM who better win now so you can sit back and make them suffer. Also do the rangers tell you Boston’s the team to beat on Gagne to make the Yankee’s even more willing to do something? I know some newspaper reports get accused that the team trading the player is the one saying that a cetain team is hard after that player so they can drive the price up. Or do they tell you just so you can keep us fans interested. Why do the Rangers like to publicize which teams their talking to? In my opionion I don’t see Yankees as a fit unless they give up Phil Hughes.

In the end we have to make these clubs pay to win. Or else they can go into the playoff hunt with question marks for their bullpen and first base.

I keep reading reports on the internet and in the papers that if Texas trades Teixeira to Baltimore, they could get Bedard and Markakis in return. To me, that sounds too good to be true. Would Baltimore really be willing to give up that much for Tex? I would be shocked.
I agree with frado, if we have something another team thinks can put them over the top in the playoffs, we should make them pay big-time for it.

I hope Daniels has learned his lesson after trading away half the franchise to San Diego. No trade is a good trade unless the Rangers get precisely what they want, which I would think would be a young pitcher who could lead the rotation or at least a couple of #2 guys.

Just a thought, but has anyone noticed our record since Tex went on the DL?

No chance we get Bedard or Markakis, period, much less both. Need to be looking at Penn and Rowell and maybe another lower end prospect.

Gagne to Boston for a pitcher and either Murphy or Moss. Both guys are 1st round CF picks which could potentially stop the revolving door in CF this team has had since 1999.

The price for our relief pitching or Tex has to be young pitching. Of course that isn’t the first thing offered in return because it is so dear to MLB teams. The Rangers can’t settle for position players unless they are absolute studs (who probably are untouchable anyway).

Of Gagne, Otsuka, Benoit and Wilson, at least 2 of them should be dealt, possibly to the same team to get a lot in return. Middle relief is a gaping hole for Detroit, Boston, Oakland and NY – Lidge and Dotel have a lot of baggage compared to the Ranger guys.

If Daniels deals our relief pitchers for good (as opposed to great) position players, he will have sold the golden goose for a bag of magic beans (again!). The same can be said for Tex.

He needs to get on the phone and drive the price higher, negotiating with several competing clubs rather than waiting for offers to come flowing in. Insist on pitching or deal to their competition.

I still claim that after Tex is gone, and that IS a foregone conclusion, WHO, I repeat WHO can knock in 100 runs besides Sammy? Who do the Rangers have of competence to drive in clutch runs like Sammy can? Why on earth people do we need to trade Sammy? That makes Adam Melhuse clean-up for next year? Brad Wilkerson? I wouldn’t trade Sammy at all–chiefly because who would be feared in the clean-up slot in our lineup with Tex gone? Sammy wants to be here. He has something to prove. He has choked up with men on base and driven them in. He has been a good citizen, teammate, and is respected by all his teammates. I wish all talk of trading our most prolific batter would subside. Melhuse or Wilkerson at clean-up??? Give me a break.

Tom, I think you should have included Mahay on your list of relievers who may be dealt. Because of his age and contract status he’s much more likely to be traded than the young, very talented and highly affordable C.J. Wilson.

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