Warning from Toby

We do not edit or delete comments. Not going there. But do not get personal in your comments to or about other readers. Me? I could care less what you say about me. Rip me all you want. Speak your mind always on the Rangers. But don’t attack other readers. Keep your arguments rational, lucid and on-topic. Feel free to disagree but no personal attacks.

Toby is watching. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

1 Comment

“ARF!!” to Toby on that one. TR also. I wholeheartedly agree. (Let’s sign Sammy as insurance when Tex leaves–Double “ARF!!” for that one). To all of you who feel inclined to attack other bloggers, get too political, or have had way too much coffee-to the point of getting too serious about this game of baseball (Texas-style), Toby should take a bite out of the back side of your jeans, and give you a resounding “ARF!!”. Let’s keep it light fellas and gals.

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