Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

* Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, where we may have to come up with our own Hall of Fame.Bar_55

* Marlon Byrd on Sammy Sosa hitting his 600th home run: "He’s got 100 to go. He’s not finished. He wants to keep playing and I told him he’s got to keep popping."

* Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo on Sosa: "I’m happy for him, no doubt about it. I’ve known him since he was 16 and watched his career progress. Pretty awesome. It’s special to him and should be special to all of us in the Rangers organization. It’s his work ethic, conditioning and preparation. That’s why he’s doing what he’s doing."

* Rangers owner Tom Hicks wasn’t at the ballpark on Wednesday to see Sosa’s 600th home run. He was at a hockey owner’s meeting where he was elected to the NHL’s board of governors.

* If you were paying attention, you know that Giants outfielder Barry Bonds hit his 600th home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates, his former team, in 2002. Jose Canseco was with Tampa Bay when he hit his 400th home run against the Oakland Athletics. Boston Red Sox first baseman Jimmie Foxx hit his 500th home run against the Philadelphia Athletics.

* In the Rangers Hall of Fame voting, Tom Grieve and Steve Buechele came the closest to getting inducted along with Rusty Greer.

* The rules of the Rangers Hall of Fame state that a player must be out of baseball for two years before being eligible. That means Juan Gonzalez and Rafael Palmeiro are up for election next year. Gonzalez had one at-bat with Cleveland in 2005. Otherwise he could have gone in this year with Greer.

* Or not.

* When Ken Griffey Jr. first signed with the Mariners at age 18 he said: ""I don’t know if I can deal with making outs. I went a whole season in Little League without making one, and I didn’t make that many in high school, either."

* Just for the heck of it: Bob Tewksbury

* Scott Eyre after watching Willie pitch against the Cubs on Thursday: "It’s really neat to see him and watch him pitch out of situations is great. It’s almost like a proud father. I’m six years older, and I think he was two when my parents divorced. I’ve been like a dad. He’s said that before — I’m not saying that. It’s really enjoyable. I hope he continues on and pitches for a long time. I know he’s worked hard in the Minor Leagues, and that’s the best part. We’ve talked about his trials and tribulations and the things he’s gone through and things he’s overcame. It’s really neat."

* The Rangers are at least curious as to why outfielder Milton Bradley was designated for assignment by the Oakland Athletics and are looking into the situation. But club officials said they are not characterizing it as "interest" yet.Biggio

* Sosa is hitting .341 with runners in scoring position. That’s tied for the highest for a single season in his career. He hit .313 in those situations in his MVP year of 1998.

* Craig Biggio is eight hits from No. 3,000. Think he can do it in three games this weekend? Think the Astros will let him? Maybe not but Rangers could see him get his 1,000th extra base hit. Only 26 players have done that and he needs two.

* If Roy Oswalt wins on Saturday, he ties Nolan Ryan with 106 career wins as an Astro, fifth best all-time.

* White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen: "I’m tired of being positive. I’m tired of being the [rah-rah] guy and ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,’ If I have to be the guy they don’t want me to be, I will be. Blame the players, too. I take the blame because I run the ballclub, but once in a while. …Every move I make is the wrong move. Why? Because they aren’t supporting me and doing the things they’re supposed to do. We have to apologize to the fans who show up to watch this thing. I’m tired of watching this, day in and day out."

* Bill Mosley was voted Most Athletic in the Commerce (Ok.) High School Class of 1949. Beat out his buddy Mickey Mantle.

* Did you see that former Rangers pitcher Doug Davis broke an 0-for-51 with a single on Tuesday for Arizona?

* You have to be a die-hard Rangers fan to follow this piece of esoterica. Outfielder Daryl Hamilton played 1,266 1/3 innings in the field with the Rangers and never made an error. What player was second with the most innings in the field for the Rangers without an error? Monty Fariss. He was the Rangers first round pick in 1988 who never made it because he had an erratic arm. But he never made an error.


We do not need Milton Bradley. We do not need to even THINK about Milton Bradley. Hopefully, there will be absolutely NO mentions of Milton Bradley again.

1. Tom Grieve should be in. 2. Love the Eyre story. 3. I didn’t think Ozzie had been a rah-rah guy. We’re not the only team to have had good players underperform this year, which I guess is a little bit comforting.

I don’t want Milton Bradley’s infantile temper tantrums in Arlington.

Good ol’ Monty Fariss. We took him 6th over all in the ’88 draft. Robin Ventura from the same OSU team went 10th to the White Sox. Would have loved to have Ventura in a Ranger uniforom, but then we’d have all missed the most replayed beat down in Ranger history.

Where have you gone, Daryl Hamilton…………

I am tired of Milton Bradley and all of his games…..

Sorry,I couldn’t resist.

Hey can Milton play Center Field? If he can then go get him. He is right up the Rangers alley. Claim him. I don’t see too many other centerfielders out there. We also need outfielders. So we better get some and get them quick. I think he is under 30 years old. Wouldn’t Washington know something about this guy? Since he was in Oakland last year. Washington goes to the All-Star game? What a joke! Hey Washington, you better start putting out feelers for major league coaching jobs, Daniels is going to get rid of you and quick. How about Mike Hargrove here in Arlington? The guy can manage and is from Perryton, Texas. I think Grover has always wanted to come back to Arlington. What a player he was and boy could he work a count and the pitcher. Keep Washington at bay, by keeping him in the bay where he belongs. God he stinks. What a players manager he is, and a defensive minded coach. These are his strengths? If his strengths are weaknesses, then how much worse are his weaknesses. Goodbye Texiera, it was good to know you. Nostradamus sees a MVP award in your future, maybe more than one. Rumor has it Daniels has traded you for a bag of majic beans. John and the Beanstalk. Fee, Fie, Foe Fum, i smell the blood of an englishman. I am interested in seeing how Daniels is going to fire Washington, and what type of spin he is going to put on it. Does he admit that he made a mistake and goes out and hires Hillman? We want Hillman, We want Hillman, We want Hillman! The guy won and is winning in Japan. Do you think he knows a little bit about fundamental baseball and how to communicate with his players? Re-build, youth movement, youth movement. Trade Young, he doesn’t want to be a part of a youth movement. Sounds like A-Rod to me, doesn’t it. Trade them all and let allah sort them out. Where and why isn’t Botts up here? It never ceases to amaze me how poorly ran this organization is. All is well in the kingdom, because the Rangers are averaging over 38,000 this week. Wait til Tampa Bay comes here. I find it quite embarassing to watch a “home” game and look up in the stands and see the opponents Cub blue as the majority of the crowd. Go Cubs, Go Cubs. Same thing goes for Detroit, NY and Boston. Does anyone think these types of things happen anywhere else. You could get killed in Yankee stadium if you wore Red Sox colors in the house that Ruth built. And vice versa in Boston and Detroit. This is the major problem with the Rangers, their are no rivalries and no competitive desire to do better.

How bout Gagne for Grady Sizemore!!! Anyone else?

Ok, just the facts man. 29 year old switch hitter available. .373 OBP and a .446 SLG with a BA of .292 for a combined .819. He is a player, can be a bad teammate. Claim Bradley, claim Bradley. Hey, lets face it we ain’t a team anyway. Go get him Jon Boy, he can’t hurt. Does anyone remember when Jimmy Johnson took over the Cowboys and just started trying to get talented players in here by any means necessary? Why aren’t the Rangers doing this. Don’t tell me this guy has an attitude. “Attitude reflect leadership” or lack thereof. Besides Washington is a “players manager” right??? This is his strength right? We have got to start getting talent on this “team” Bradley can play CF, LF or RF. He probably wants to play CF and that is probably what the problem is. We aren’t in any postion of refusing to acquire players because of minor issues. Besides the only remaining “team” sport is Football. All other games aren’t team games they are a group of individuals chasing their own stats and glory. Am i wrong or am i just a whiner as Batty says? To me now is the time to whine. We **** and no one seems to be interested in doing anything about it. Daniels says oh we probably don’t need to acquire veteran free agents. Duh, Melvin told Hicks to re-build years ago, Hicks wanted nothing of it. Call it the Melvin model. Of course, Daniels doesn’t have the skills that Melvin has. You know the ability to make shrewd deals. So far Daniels has been fleeced on all deals other than Padilla and Tejeda. Maybe he should just make deals with the Phillies. That seems to work out ok for him. Hicks blunders, originally thinks he would make a good baseball owner, fires Melvin, hires Hart and Fuson instead of Dombroski, (Dombroski has re-built the Tigers and gone to a World Series), promises Fuson the GM job, but fails to promote him. Gets rid of Fuson. Pays A-Rod $250 million, pays A-Rod to leave, Pays Hart to stay. Hires teenager for Fantasy GM job. Extends Teenager who will soon be an adult. All the while he makes millions, because people still go out to the park to watch a baseball game.

It ain’t about winning, is it Hickey boy. By the way your Dr. Pepper has way too much sugar in it!! And what has happened to the 7UP?

Okay, I can’t help myself:

The Rangers don’t need the “Aggravation” -of Milton Bradley – it’s like rolling the dice for a “Yahtzee” – you are more likely to wind up in a “Mousetrap”. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect (or spend) $200.00 or the Rangers will be “Sorry”.

That was awesome. Thank you.

How about “Operation” another Milton Bradley Game. That is what this team needs. It sure doesn’t have a heart. The best of the best is Milton Bradleys got game. Milton Bradley has brought his games to the world, so why not have a little “game” here in Texas. “YOU COULD USE SOME BASEBALL!”

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, they go together in the good old U.S.A. Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. You could use some $12.00 parking, $6.00 Beers, $4.00 Bags of Peanuts, $4.50 Nachos and alot of Pepcid after watching the Rangers as a spectator in your own hometown. Go Cubs, Go Yankees, Go Red Sox. Is Arlington, Texas really the home of the Rangers or the Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox?

I wonder if Milton Bradley even want to set foot aboard with sinking “Battleship?”

Alright, I’m out. Sorry.

Just for the heck of it: Ted Arendale Ford!!! Hovering over Arlington, Stadium, i mean Turnpike Stadium. Does anyone else remember? Does anyone else remember Crazy Ray walking around the stadium in his top hat and top coat with the faucet coming from the hat! I think they were calling him whistler, because of all the whistling he was doing. Just for the heck of it: Larry Parrish, my favorite Ranger just behind Pudge. Is Pudge still playing, i remember someone in Rangers Management saying he was only going to catch another 3 to 4 years. I think that was about 10 to 12 years ago. Is he still active? He must be done. Oh wait he is still catching in Detroit and might well, i may add.

I know it’s tough getting all these outfielders their fair share of playing time, but does it seem like Victor Diaz gets a an inordinate amount of days off after a game in which he’s homered? I think he’s running about 50/50 as far as being in the lineup the day after a home run.
How’s he, a guy trying to win an everyday spot, supposed to get on any sort of hot streak when he performs well one day then rides pine then next day?

dgod now I remember you! You were the parent of the little boy on my sons little league team. The guy that could not enjoy the game because his team didn’t win all the time.You want Bradley and then say trade Young.Are you stupid or been standing out in the sun too long directing traffic? What is wrong with making money? You have to make money to be able to go out and get some of the clowns you want. And you are still a whiner, nothing pleases you even when the Rangers win. I notice you never say anything when they win. Always beating your chest about how bad they are.

BTW you need to change your e-mail address to dwhiner,would fit your personality better.

My comments revolve around Sammy. When the topic of signing him (cheaply) arose, I was one of maybe 2 bloggers who thought it was a great idea. Most bloggers here felt Sammy would clog up the works for Nelson Cruz, Jason Botts, or Frank Catalanotto….BUT, I think Sammy should achieve what I had predicted: .280, 30, 80. He probably will surpass the RBI totals, and hit 100, based on his current pace. He seems to be an RBI machine; alot of it by choking up with men on base and trying to put the ball in play. I think we should sign Sammy to a 3 yr-contract. Let’s face it, Tex is leaving. Who else that we have can knock in 100 RBI’s? There will be a huge RBI hole at clean-up or 5th when Tex leaves, so we’d better prepare now…Sammy would still be relatively cheap. He likes it here. We need a big bat. I’m convinced after watching about a third of the season that he still is the real deal. With Tex gone, or probably traded, I vote for retaining Sammy as DH. This would not block Jason Botts’ progress, or Nelson Cruz development. Sammy has been a model citizen, and hit too. JD—we need Sammy…..

Winning 6 out of the last 8, I think is a blip. I don’t think we can maintain this..although it has been NICE FOR A CHANGE! I certainly hope we don’t make a little run, and we end up with a slightly above .500 record the rest of the year, which would be giving the fan’s more false hopes, and fool management into thinking, “We are only one or two pieces away from winning it all.” This is Fool’s Gold–I hope we don’t get ****** into this myth. We definitely are not title contenders. We need a pretty large overhaul. A mass exodus? Probably not–just getting shed of rotten wood and expendable pieces. I would keep BOTH Aki and Gagne. Sammy, too. We will need SOME competent relief pitchers and a big RBI guy. These guys will be relatively cheap too.

Just for the heckuvit: Larvell Blanks.

Just for the heckuvit_2: Bruce Hurst

Just for the heckuvit_3: Paul Lindblad

Just for the heckuvit_4: Nelson Briles

Just for the heckuvit_5: Eric Soderholm

Batts, I am glad we have won 6 out of the last 8. It is always a good thing to win. However, we also hit 16 homers over the course of those wins. Those homers played a large part in this win streak. I thought we were trying to get away from Earl Weaver Baseball, an over reliance on the 3 run homer? I would personally like to see us lose every game this year if it would force the Rangers ownership to re-assess our situation, recognize we are a very bad team and then take the proper course of REBUILDING with a youth movement. It other words we would take two steps back in order to win in the future. I would offer Texiera a deal similar to what Wells got up there in Toronto, if he would accept that it would a positive step and he could be a large part of our re-building. I want to make money and don’t mind Hicks making money, i am a capitalist and an American who strongly believe in these things. You know freedom of speech and all, however, I feel that this is Hicks primary focus, the money. Does anyone else out there feel this way? I will take Jerry Jones approach to management of a team. No matter what Jones does, everyone knows that he is going to do what it takes to acquire the best talent. Somewhere along the line Hicks has lost that if he ever had it in the first place. I just feel that Hicks isn’t listening to the fans and merely wants to maintain status quo as long as it results in more money in his pockets then it is fine with him.

A question for TR.

What is your assessment of how the White Sox got so bad so fast after winning the World Series in 2005?

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