Main, West sign

The Rangers have signed pitcher Michael Main, the 24th overall pick from the First-Year Player Draft. He was the second of the Rangers two first-round draft picks. The Rangers also signed infielder Matt West, their second round pick from Houston Bellaire High.


Hey… they’ve already both done more for the organization than Little jon DanielsHart; let’s give them contract extensions now!

Good for Main.

Now good luck signing Beavan. How much is that dork holding out for anyway? After all, he has the nastiest slider he has ever seen.

(I’m holding up my “K” hand sign right now)

Why is everyone making such a big deal that Beavan hasn’t signed yet. How many of the top 15 picks of the draft have signed at this point?
But if the rangers don’t sign him and he goes and lights it up at a junior college do you think the team drafts him again with

the 1st overall pick next year?

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