Daniels receives extension

The Rangers are giving general manager Jon Daniels a one-year contract extension through 2009. Daniels originally received a three-year deal through 2008 when he was hired to replace John Hart. More on the website


As many have said and written, including T.R. – this franchise desperately needs stability. Extending Jon Daniels is a step in the right direction towards that kind of stability. Whether or not you agree with Jon Daniels “plan” he ought to have the opporutnity and job security to implement it. I don’t often compliment Tom Hicks – but this time I will – good decision on this extension.

This move is all about stability. Good job, Hicks. Now JD has to step up in the next few years and prove that this show of faith was warranted.

The only justification I can gather from this is that in order to make deals that benefit the team down the road (since 2007 and 2008 are lost years) JD had to be assured that he would be around until 2009. Hicks has cast his lot with JD, trusting him to orchestrate the rebuilding of the Rangers.

Given his track record, that is a questionable decision, but what do you expect from an owner who has consistently screwed things up? Is he going to extend Wash next? Maybe give Wilkerson a long term deal? Trade Tex, Gagne and Aki for a box of donuts? Trade players to other teams and eat huge amounts of salary, ala ARod? What other brilliant moves await us?

Stay tuned. Things are still going to get worse before they start getting better.


This a good move. I agree with Marla and hefe300. A GM with no future can glut a club of all prospects just trying to save his job. Congrats JD! Fix this ship.

“Stability” seems to be the key word in the papers. Stability to me means being 4th place in a four team division and having a bare minor league system. That’s the only stability the Rangers have had since 2000. We need “improvement”, not stability.

I’d rather get a guy who could be in the front office a lifetime, a la Buzzy Bavasi, Al Campanis, etc…., SO, yes, I’m happy with JD staying a Ranger, and for a long time. Is “stability” a valid excuse in keeping him around? YES. YES. YES. The Texas Ranger history is littered with Mike Stone, Tom Grieve, Eddie Robinson, Doug Melvin, John Hart, and on and on. We MUST, at some point, have some stability..why not now? Anyone who acknowledges only JD’s shortcomings (questionable trades..to this point, at least) are the same ones who wouldn’t give Brandon McCarthy a chance, these same folks said, “Dump him in Triple-A” or some such skewed comments. These same people said, “Let’s play our youngsters, let them work through various ills on the mound at the Major League level.” Well…….these are the same folks who only look at JD’s shortcomings. I was mad as a “Wet Hornet” when Alfonso Soriano was uncerimoniously dumped and of all the awful things that could have happened, we were presented with the “gift” of Brad Wilkerson. YUCKERS!!! However, I’m over that angst towards our venerable GM, and realize the time to move on is NOW. Let some stability reign in Arlington for a change. (I DO VOTE for hiring Sandy Johnson to run our farm system, and for Fergie Jenkins to be our organizational and Major League Pitching Coach). Otherwise, I say the maintaining of the “Boy Wonder” as GM is a good thing…DESPITE some, ugh, questionable trades. Bringing Brad Wilkerson here in exchange for a stud like Soriano * * * *-ed! But, let’s move on. I pray JD can hire an Asst. GM, such as Grady Fuson, who would have a vote on trades. Otherwise, I think JD can grow in this job, despite his soccer-loving, Gold-Clubbing, and overload of signage spewed throughout a classic Ballpark…in spite of TH, JD is the man. I hope.

What do stability mean? Except for the trades with Philly, ALL AND I MEAN ALL OF DANIELS TRADES HAVE BEEN HORRENDOUS. What would this team look like with Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez, Danks, Cordero, Mench, Nix and Soriano on it? Tell me please. If any of us in our jobs performed the way this guy did and does then we would all have been let go. It is really a joke. Hicks is just trying to let everyone know that he is in charge, it is his team and he is going to do what he wants!!! I personally think that Daniels sealed his own fate when he picked Washington as his manager. Hillman should have been the hire. Here again bad judgement. We have to stop making choices based on the finances. Something that appears to not be happening at all. Daniels wasn’t ready to be a GM when he was hired. He isn’t ready now. He now has a track record of bad deals as long as mile. What makes any of us think that this is going to change? It ain’t gonna happen. Here is betting that Daniels doesn’t make it to his extension and is fired before he can complete his contract. Whitey Herzog where are you? The Rangers need to bring in a President of the team who can advise this “kid”. Daniels missed the boat with the critical hire of a manager. He should have never let Buck out of here. Buck could have helped him and the team. How good of a Manager is Buck looking like now? He had this group at least playing competitive baseball. I am not confident that Daniels can rebuild a team through trades with the track record that he has. Is anyone else? Is Washington gonna receive the same extension as Daniels or is Daniels gonna cut his throat and send him packing as the fall guy? How about Howe or Wakamatsu as Manager and Washington as 3B Coach? Hey Washington, Chicken Little says: The sky is falling, The sky is falling!!!!!

Just for the heck of it: R A F A E L PALMEIRO a person who denied taking steroids but tested positive for it. Just for the heck of it Nelson Norman. Just for the heck of it Mario Mendoza. Just for the heck of it Jon Matlack. Just for the heck of it: Juan Beniquez. Just for the heck of it Elliott Maddox, Larry Bittner, Jim Fregosi, Jim Bibby, Gene Clines, Nellie Briles, Gaylord Perry, Billy Hunter, the best manager we have had. Claudell Washington, Willie Horton, Oscar Gamble, Bobby Bonds, Doyle Alexander, Bert Blyleven, Richie Zisk, Kurt Bevaqua, John Grubb, Doc Medich, Steve Comer, Len Barker and last but not least Jim Sunny Sundberg.

Rangers stink and it all EMANATES from the owner and his ridiculous decisions if you want to call them decisions. I can smell the stench all the way up here in Grapevine, Texas. Good Day!

CORRECTION FROM MY ABOVE COMMENTS: “I think JD can grow in this job, despite his soccer-loving, Gold-Clubbing, and overload of signage spewed throughout a classic Ballpark.” It SHOULD read I think JD can grow in this job, despite his soccer-loving, Gold-Clubbing, and overload of signage spewed throughout the Ballpark-loving Owner, Sir Tom Hicks. I didn’t want to stick JD with this reputation–Hicks is the one I was referring to.

And this move shows beyong a doubt that Hicks does not care about winning.

More on that on my blog:


The Baltimore Orioles fire their manager and hire Andy Mc Phail. They are close to hiring Giradi as their manager. All of those moves seem to make sense. Angelos is now no longer the laughing stock of the American League. That appears to be reserved for the sorry *** Rangers. Close to 40,000 out at the park last night. This is what it is all about money. Hicks states in newspaper that the people coming out to the park are interested in the Rangers winning? It is a good thing, huh. Everytime Hicks opens his mouth he confirms what an idiot he is. Fire them all and let allah sort them out. Does anyone trust Daniels to make good deals? How much longer before mister positive is fired? God we stink. Young is quoted as saying he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuilding process? Why did he re-sign here? Is 18 million dollars a year enough to make him sleep better at night. Even the face of the Rangers doesn’t want to stay here. Ha Ha. Is Texiera really hurt or are they just trying to deal him? Did he get sent home because he can’t get along with the man? Don’t the A’s look like genui for not hiring this bufoon Washington? Give me Howe or Wakamatsu and see if they can do something positive. At least Howe has managed and won two division titles. Why did Howe come here? I am telling you, i can run this team better than these clowns. Deal them all and let Hicks sort them out. Boycott the Rangers, don’t go out there. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a game and no one showed up. Does anyone think that Hicks doesn’t want more interleague games. Cha Ching, Cha Ching.

dgod you must be the biggest whiner I have ever heard.Nothing makes you happy.If you are so mad at the Rangers go some place else.Like go to the cowgirl web site and give them advise as I am sure you can run that team also.

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