Padilla scratched

Vicente Padilla has been scratched from Tuesday’s start with a sore arm. He is not going on the disabled list but John Rheinecker is pitching tonight.


I think this is a case where padilla has not been getting it done and he has begun to bring the team morale down even lower. but i think this might do the team some good. If koronka and rheinecker can come in and give the rangers some well pitched games, then that might be enough to spark something.

Does he really have some sort of “Arm Irritation” or are they just irritated with his arm?

How many days until opening day 2008?

Could be a cop-out. He doesn’t want to pitch. I don’t know if it’s mental or not, but he knows he’s not getting the job done. I just can’t figure out if he cares. I still say send him down to the minors for a while and let him pitch without the glory of being a “big leaguer”. That might help his arm suddenly heal

Skipping a start may be the best thing for him rather his arm is irritated or not.

At this point, I think we have a better chance to win tonight without Padilla on the mound.

I’d also like to tip my cap to Clete Boyer today. At my very first tryout in Little League years and years ago, I tried out at thirdbase because of Clete. I got to meet him at an autograph signing years later. I loved the way he played thirdbase.

Amen to all the Padilla sentiment and to the Clete Boyer tribute. I was shocked to remember that his brother Ken had died so young.

As a side note for those of you old enough to remember….remember the huge trades between the Yankes and the Athletics back in the day…and they traded often. The A’s were so bad back then that we considered them the Yankee’s farm team. Boyer came from the A’s in one of those…a 12 person trade.

I’m irritated with Vicente Padilla too. I’m not irritated with his arm–he’s got a good pitching arm. The culprit is lurking deep inside his cabeza, er, head. He’s costing his teammates alot of Hit By Pitches, and naturally, they are growing tired of it. The plunkings Padilla has usually look rather “on purpose”. His command isn’t that bad. So, it costs his teammates welts and bruises, but more importantly, the plunkings show up at the worst times–when we don’t need it…when the Rangers need an out, and GADZOOKS!!! Someone is plunked and it changes the whole essence of the game. If nothing else, it wakes up the sleeping giants in the Devil Rays, Twins, Mariners, and sparks those teams to rise up, spit fire, and ignite a rally to win the game. So, good ol’ Vinny, who I love his arm, is costing his team in the end. And sometimes in the ribs, too. Maybe this situation will cause him some re-thinking his approach–BUT I’m NOT holding my breath.

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